Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Oh shit

Danica's POV

I am furious as I look at Sebastian and his group standing there with their luggage in hand,and big smiles on their faces. I yell at them and cuss them out but it seems my words are falling on deaf ears so I storm off to the elevator. The group follows behind and all head to their rooms when we reach the 3rd floor. We all are next to each other pretty much.

I don't even get to enjoy the view as I already got my phone in my hand.

"Cassie? Can you please tell your stalker son to take his ass to Cancun like he was suppose to." I whine. She laughs at me.

"No can do baby doll. He loves you and he wants to keep you safe. Welcome to the life of being loved." I let out a frustrated growl and drop on the bed. I feel his weight crash down on me and I feel like I'm being crushed.

"Don't be mad at me! I wanted to come here anyways. Gamble, they have zip lines, the strip clubs are Eve- ouch DANI THAT HURT."

"Talk about strippers again I dare you. Fine we sleep in the same room and that's it stay away from us. I'm not kidding Sebastian! AND NO SEX. I don't fucking know you do you under stand me." I growl. His eyes widen and he nods. I shove him off of me and head to the shower. When I get in I lock it knowing it won't keep him out.

He manages to make his way in after 15 minutes. I skip out as he gets in causing him to whine. I leave my hair down and put on the gold sleeveless backless dress Dee and Ollie got me. Sash has the same on in silver. I hear a knock on my room door and slip out when I see the girls and Ollie. We're heading to bar. We're supposed to all be going together but Dee wanted to ditch the guys. She's new so she doesn't know but she will. They'll be there by the time we get our first drink.

We go to an underground speakeasy. When we get there sash rushes to the bar. It a little busy very loud and buzzing with life. The music is upbeat and I can't help but move my body. I ask sash how she's doing, she and Cain got stuck sharing a room and she has been a nervous wreck since.

When we get to the table as predicted a very angry Sebastian and misfits walk up to us. Sasha thrust some shots in mr grumpy hands we all toast and begin the drinking fun. I down a few shots and sip on my margarita as I admire Sebastian from my spot. He dressed differently today. He has on black slack and a preppy sweater on.

After my 5 shots and margarita I'm feeling myself. I see Sebastian is ignoring me and Sasha has disappeared. Dee and Ollie are on the dance floor so I go to join them. I dance my way through the crowded dance floor and after getting only a quarter of the way in but they're still to far. Saying fuck it I stay in my place and move my body to the music putting my hand in my hair as I sway my body to the beat.

I feel someone's hands on my hips and I try to turn but his grip tightens. "That a short fucking dress baby! Does your Fiancé know his girl is here shaking this tight ass in that short dress?" He huskily says in my ear grabbing my ass. A moan escapes me as I grind hard on him, feeling his hardness through his pants. "What's your name sweetness?" Hmm. Fuck it.

"My name is Crystal and yours?" I reply seductively.

"My friends call me Miki murder." I let out a drunk induced giggle.

"Miki murder?"

"Yea because I'm Miki and I will murder your pussy." he says. I let another moan and pull away. His brows pull together in confusion. I look at him up and down then wink and walk away. I feel him grab my hand and spin me.

"If I were you Miki murder I'd be careful. My fiancé is around here somewhere and he doesn't like other men flirting with his girl." I say with a smirk. My whole body doesn't even feel like I have any control as I go to walk away again.

"Well it will be worth it if I can bury myself in you." I can't take it my hormones get the better of me and I allow him to pull me in to the ladies room. He kick all the woman out and locks the door. Wasting no time he storms up to me and lift me on the counter getting between my legs. I look in to his green eyes and pull him to me kissing him roughly. He slide his hands up my side and I palm him through his slacks.

Tingles spread in every spot he touches and I'm done with the games. I fumble with the button of his pants pulling them down and he slides my panties off. He positions himself and ease his way in me. I throw my head back letting out a moan. He bring his mouth down to my neck as he begins to move.

You would think after having a kid I'd be able to take him like nothing but fuck is he so big. I push his head back scratching his forearm. "No evidence remember! My fiancé will kill you." He growls thrust becoming more rough. I squeeze my bare legs around him pulling him closer. He grabs my hand thats scratching in to his arm.

"Tsk tsk can't let my fiancée see these! I'm only fucking you because she won't fuck me got it bitch!" This mother fucker. I bring my lips to his and bite. He growls and bites down on my nipple. I yelp and pull his head back to me.

"No" I growl and he smirks bringing his mouth to mine sucking on my tongue. I grind my hips against him and he grabs my hips. He spins me and faces Me to the mirror. "Hurry theres gonna be a fucking line.... We're gonna get busted!" He slams in to me from behind staring into my eyes through the mirror. He pulls my hair with one hand and grips the counter with the other. He begins to pound into to me. The sound of my ass bouncing off him turning me on more.

I bring my hand down to my clit feeling myself get close. He bring his talented mouth to my neck and I clench around him screaming out his name. He let his warm jet off inside of Me.

End of mature content

Fuck it too drunk to care. I'll deal with it tomorrow. "Fuck I'm walking out first you give it a few!" He says. I nod my head. "By the way I'm available tonight for when your fiancé finds out about us. Don't hesitate to come to my room." He says with a wink, then walks out of the bathroom not giving me a chance to reply.

I wait 15 minutes before walking out. When I get back to the group I see Sebastian standing still just talking to the guys. I roll my eyes I hate him grrr. I order two more rounds of shots and join sash on the dance floor. By the end of the night the guys are carrying us out of the bar. I make Sebastian stop for some food from there we head back to the room.

When we get in he takes my Mc Donald's bag away from me and puts his knife to the fabric of my dress cutting it clean off my body, then he shoves me to the bed. My eyes widen as I stare at him in disbelief. "Where the fuck where you? And why was there a fucking man walking out not too long before you?" Oh shit! "Won't fuck me but fucking random dudes in the bathroom? Go take your ass to his room." He growls with a smirk pulling out his phone he looks at me. My phone then buzz with a new message.

Unknown: Alway up for another round 😏😉

What am I going to do with this man.


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