Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Whose it going to be?

For those who didn't read my A/N Micky Murda was Sebastian. He would kill another man for just looking at Dani. It was all Roleplay baby!😏

Danica's POV

I look up to Sebastian and he smirks. Before storming up to me and snatching my phone out of my hand. "Whose it gonna be Muñeca?" I bite my bottom lip. Batting my lashes at him. He got his top off and his sexy abs are on display. His slacks undone. Fuck did God bless Cassie and Kaden.

"I don't know Miki murder looked damn fine in his preppy sweater and slack. MmM." I let out and exaggerated moan. Sebastian growls as he storms up to me and wraps his hands around my throat.

"Is that fucking so? And how did he fuck you?" I get up on the bed on my knees and get in his face my blue eyes meeting his greens. I lick the side of his face and move my mouth to his ear.

"He wasn't bad." He grabs me by my hair and pulls me off the bed and shoved me on my knees.

"Pull my fucking pants down and suck!"

I pull his pants and boxers down his muscled legs and watch his beautiful blessed manhood spring out and hit his belly. Beads of pre-cum at the head. I look up at him through my lashes and swirl my tongue around his head. He lets out a hiss a fist my hair roughly causing a searing pain in my scalp. "Don't fucking test me slut!" Fucking hell why did that just make me wet. "Open!" He growls. I open my mouth and he slide his cock in. He starts thrusting his hips hitting the back of my throat. I moan around him feeling my lower lips clench.

His grunts get louder as he picks up his pace and fucking my mouth. I gently use my teeth to scrape against the underside of his cock looking at him in the eyes. He pull himself out of me and pulls me up by my hair. "Were you about to bite me?" He ask in a dark tone that sent shivers down my spine. I shrug a shoulder and shove him hard.

He man handles me and toss me on the bed. I go to get up but he uses his body weight to hold me down. He spreads my legs and rams himself inside of me, causing pain in my lower region from the blunt intrusion. I cry out in pain and pleasure as he wraps his large hand around my slender neck.

"Don't push me baby girl!" He growls out. He begins to move, his thrust rough hard and punishing. "You like this dirty slut" he bites out. His pelvis slamming in to mines. I can't respond the pleasure so good I'm crying his name. I use what little strength and coordination that I have and flip is nearly falling off the bed. Sebastian grabs my hips to save me and I rotate them. "Umm I don't know Crystal kinda did it better." He taunts. I dig my nails in to his chest and begin bouncing on him and rotating my hips. His grunt getting louder.

I feel him twitch inside me and I know he's close so I slow my movements and go back to just rotating my hips. He growl and flips us again. He flips me so I'm on my stomach and pulls my ass in the air. He rubs my globes before bringing his hand down hard. "You're going to keep teasing me?" He ask. I moan out in response so he slaps my ass again. My walls clench and I push my ass back more. He slaps me again but slams in to me right after.

He bring his hand back to my throat and starts is punishing torture. The only sounds are my screams his grunts and our body's slapping against each other. I can feel myself getting close clenching around him. He calls my name and I know he's close. He slaps my ass again and I come undone screaming Papi.

End of mature content

Just then there's a knock on our door as we hear the group yell. "Keep it the fuck down PAPI y'all are disrupting the whole floor!" We can't help but laugh at the idiots. Sebastian makes no move to get off me. He's now laying on my stomach placing kisses on my belly he looks up at me.

"I'm getting you pregnant again. There's no better claim then you carrying my seed. Show everyone I fucked you so good I filled you with a child." I giggle and slap him.

"No more til Sky is older." He doesn't respond he just lays his head on me and falls to sleep Asshole. It was kinda fun role playing at the club. At first I was weirded out about it but I think this trip will be good to have that kind of fun with him.


Sebastian ended up waking two hours after he passed out and fucked me in to the sunrise. When we finally got up the next day we were late to brunch with the group. It turns out so was Sasha and Cain. Can't wait to get her talking about that. We ended up going to the casino and ate. We went back to our rooms and took naps before our fun tonight.

We're going to a strip club and we pretty much brought the place out so it's just our group for the night. They guys also have their own plans for the night and I'm so excited. I cannot wait.

Today we are wearing flannels. Us girls got flannel like dresses but we have to wear booty shorts with them. It's only mid thigh length and has a long split. There's a string in the front that holds the dress together but it has my now decent sides boobs on display. Mine is blue, Sasha's is red, Dee is blue and purple and Kiras is black. Ollie has on a flannel shirt and black jeans. I think we are definitely squad goals. My hair is up and makeup light. I walk out the door and meet everyone in the hall.

We all gush about how damn fine we look then head out. I have a feeling tonight's going to be interesting and if Sebastian and Cain stalk our trackers they will get to us before we can have any real fun so we better hurry.


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