Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Not my kind of strip club

Sebastian's POV

Last night was fucking amazing. I love that Dani thinks she's in charge. She really thinks I'm not going to fuck her while we're here. She's fucking crazy. Especially with the dress she wore, she's lucky her ass didn't get spanked. The easy access how I was able to slide in to her warm tight Channel. Fuck I got to stop thinking about her. Me having a hard on right now is not appropriate.

I'm wearing a black button down open with a white under shirt, the shirt is tucked in to a pair of dark blue ripped jean. I comb my figures through hair looking at my reflection in Sasha and Cains Mirror in their room.

I think coming in here was a mistake. It's pretty evident what the fuck happen here. The sheets are ruffles, my sisters ripped clothes and underwear scattered all around. He's wearing a white button down with a black under shirt with washed blue jeans. I'm glad to see him and and Sasha are at least working together right now.

I swear, if after this trip my twin ends up ghosting him, I'm gonna drag her ass out of the house and lock them in the basement. They need to work this shit out. I know she won't admit it out loud but she has been miserable without him. There's a knock on the door Cain opens and Ryder, Jameson, Jose, and Tyler walk in.

"Strip club tonight mother fuckers!" Jose shouts. Cain is the first one to respond.

"Hard pass!"

"Come on stop being such a pussy." Tyler taunts.

"Nah I'm with him on that! I like fucking my woman thank you very much."

"Yea, I'm just going to a bar." Cain says.

"What kind of fucking bachelor party is this. The girls are probably at a strip club right now." Just as he say that my cell phone and Cains cell phone pings. I look down to see Diamonds number. It's a picture message.

"We're going to the fucking strip club!" I snarl. Squeezing my phone in my hand on the verge of breaking it in two. There was a chain of pictures of a man on his knees between my woman's legs! She's wants to play? Game on baby!

Cain and Ryder seem to be in the same pissed off state as me while the other 3 imbeciles smile and laugh oblivious to the situation. We sit in our Uber on our way to the club. Every minute that passes that we are not there the madder I become. My leg bounces in anticipation and so does Ryders and Cains.

"What the fuck why are y'all so damn restless? We about to see some titties and fat asses loosen up!" Jameson says. They think we're going to a strip club for us! They're about to be real disappointed. We pull up to a place called Hunk mansion and I watch as Jameson, Jose and Tyler's faces fall. I have to stifle my laugh when Tyler's face morphed in to pure disgust.

"This is not the kinda strip club I had in mind!" He shouts. We pay him no mind as we rush in to the establishment and scare the security so bad he piss himself. When we make our way to the main floor I nearly black out in rage. Dani is in a short ass dress with her tits on display, twerking in front of the asshole who had his head between her legs.

I storm up to them and grab her by her arm pulling her towards me. When her body meets my chest she looks up at me through her lashes. "¿Quién eres tu?" *Who are you?* She says biting her bottom lip. Fuck! No I'm pissed.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I growl.

"Im showing them the right way to dance." She says smiling up at me her bright white Colgate worthy smile. She's got a light sheen of sweat covering her exposed body. I grab her hand and pull her to the stage as Cain and Ryder do the same with Sash and Kira. We know the whole last dance to magic mike xl the last scene. We practiced and mastered it after a week.

We set the girls down on chairs and Dee handles the music. Once it starts we give the girls a show of a life time grinding and getting her hot and bothered. When the routine is over the male strippers walk up to us and we all sit around a table talking and having some drinks.

I have Dani leaning on me while I keep a possessive arm wrapped around her, her head leaned on my shoulder. I see Cain grab Sasha and leave. I look back down at my queen to see right down the opening of her dress. Her perky tits plump and begging for attention. My jeans become uncomfortably tight and I need to be inside her now. I grab her hand and pull her out of the club and catch a cab.

We head straight to the hotel when we arrive the minute we step in the elevator there's a few other people getting in. I stand behind Dani and run my hand up her inner thighs. She tense and uses her ass to push me back but I don't budge I bring my hand to the junction between her legs and rub her through her boy shorts. She so soaked I feel her wetness through her shorts. The elevator dings announcing our stop so I grab her arm and drag her out.


Danica's POV

I can't believe he was rubbing me in the fucking elevator. When we got to our floor I can't even count how many times I tripped over my feet as Sebastian dragged me through the halls. He opens our room door flinging me inside. I make my way to the king sized bed and stand in front of it bending over giving Sebastian a nice view while undoing my shoes.

My arm is yanked and pulled behind me, as, is my other. I try to get up but Sebastian growls shoving me back down. I feel the plastic of the zip ties binding my hands behind me. I try to get up again but he won't let me. "You will refer to me as Master do you fucking got it?" He snarls.

"You ain't my fucking master though! You don't tell me wha- oooowwww fuck!" Im cut off by his hand sending a powerful slap to my covered ass.

I stand to my full height and glare at him. He looks so delicious in his open black button down and white undershirt. My eyes roam his body my panties pointless. Master he said! Yes MASTER! He storms up to me using his knife he slices the dress I'm wearing clean off. Leaving my upper body bare nipples hardening from the cool air. He drops the knife and hooks his thumbs on the waist band of my shorts and panties yanking them clean off. He shove me on the bed his eyes taking over my body turning me on even more.

He takes his button down off tossing it to the side, next is his under shirt. He's giving me a private show. He's all mine. I want to touch myself give him a reason to hurry. I pull my arms but the zip ties dig in to my skin.


He finally drags his pants and boxers down giving me the view I wanted. I bite my lip in anticipation as he makes his way to the night stand. My eyes trained on his every move. He digs in to the ice bucket putting the ice in his mouth. He makes his way over to me and spreads my legs. "I don't want to hear you make a noise got it? You let a single moan slip and I stop ¿comprender? All I want to hear out of your mouth is yes master got it? *understand*

"Si maestro" *yes master* I say with attitude. He gets between my legs and brings his hand down on my bare core. My back arch's as I try to hold back my moan.

He separates my legs getting between them. "So fucking wet baby doll." He says. He brings his head down dragging his tongue down my slit. He brings his tongue along with the ice to my clit; the coldness from the ice and his tongue driving me crazy. My chest is rising and falling so fast my toes curling. I bite my lip trying my hardest not to moan I feel like I'm going to loose it.

He slips in two fingers and I clench letting a squeal. He pulls his mouth away slapping my core, as he thrust his fingers in me. I squeeze my eyes shut fisting the blankets behind me. "Don't you dare fucking cum without my permission." He growls picking up the pace of his fingers. "If you do I will whip your ass red. You got it."

I don't risk saying anything knowing a moan will slip. I just nod my head. He brings his tongue back to my clit sucking and flicking it. He hooks his finger hitting my spot. "Please! ¿Por favor? Please maestro, can I cum." I beg tears coming down my face. Between the need to cum and holding back my moan I'm gonna lose it. My whole body shakes as he adds a third finger. I'm trying so hard but I'm not going to last.

"Maestro" I cry out. He bites down on my clit and I've lost. My pussy clenchs around his fingers. He lifts his head and shouts.

"Cum slut!" And like that I squirt for the first time my body shakes in euphoria. Waves and waves of pleasure coursing through me. I cry out his name as I come down but before I can catch my breath he turns me side ways and slams in to me sitting on his knees. I bury my head in to the bed crying out in pain and pleasure. "Fuck! I'm going to have you squirt again but around my cock this time!" He growls.

He begins to slam in to me grabbing on my breast roughly pinching my nipple. I dig my nails in to my palm feeling my pussy clench. "Papi please" I cry out. I feel myself close again.

"Don't you dare." He growl. He slows his thrust his grunts leaving me in the worst form of limbo.

"Sebastian" I growl out. He slaps my ass and I squeeze my eyes screaming in to the pillow trying to come. Sebastian lifts my leg pulling out painfully slow then slamming in. Finally he picks up the pace and drills in to me. He slaps my ass and yells out "cum with me slut." He rubs my clit with his thumb and it happens again my juices flow around his shaft. He calls out my name shooting his see into me.

End of mature content

My whole body melt in to the mattress but Sebastian gets up. He picks something up off the floor and goes in to the bathroom I hear the water to the sink turn on for a few. When it turns off he walks back out cutting my binds off and cleaning between my legs.

"Next time I see another man between these legs or you twerking my ass in front of another man I'll kill him and I will punish the fuck out of you! Got it." He snaps. I nod my head and pull him to me all with my eyes closed.

"I love you." He whispers.

"I love you papi."


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