Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Cassie is gonna kill me

Danica's POV

A week and a half is already gone and we're on our last few days of vacation. Tonight the guys are going to a strip club so we made a wager with Jose Tyler and Jameson. They can enjoy their fun while sash Kira and I disguise ourselves and give our men a dance.

So far we've been zip lining which I tried my hardest to get my self out of but they hooked me to Sebastian and sent us flying. I didn't expect to feel that sense of freedom and the experience was exhilarating and that fear was replaced instantly with excitement. We have role played hella different situations, and had sex in the casino bathroom. Sasha and I went on a spa day and Sebastian snuck his way in for a quickie before his sister could get mad. It was nice having her to myself for a bit.

We talked about Cain and I'm happy to see that she's smiling brighter and finally getting dick. She a lot less moody and a lot more smiles and I'm happy for her. I suggested that she gives him a chance and take things slow, so they can find a happy medium and maybe get back together. She was a bit hesitant but admitted that she's happier then she's been in a while.

Nevaeh kinda recruited Dee and Ollie to get Sasha and Cain hitched. She has a plan to drug them tonight and we're going to the chapel. I hate keeping this from her but I agree that it's time for us to step in. She's been super stubborn and needs this push.

I fix my jet black bob wig and add the last touches on my makeup. Papi will never recognize me. I put on the black bikini top and the dress that only covers the top of my ass and put in a trench coat. I meet the girls and we all head to the club.

When we get there the guys are in the room waiting for their "stripper" to start. Dee hands Sasha her drink and sends her in I order a shot from the bar then make my way to Sebastian. I put on a black masquerade mask that covers my eyes and walk in.

When my eyes meet Sebastian I swear I could just get on my knees and suck him on the spot. He sits on the red leather couch his face buried in his phone. He's wearing a black sweater and dark blue jeans with dress shoes. His hair is neatly brushed back and his lips twitch before he feels my presence. He doesn't bother to look up at first.

"Look I didn't mean to waste your time but-" he looks up and doesn't utter a word. His green eyes drinking me in his he scans my body. But instead of making me feel hot and ready to pounce on him it has the opposite effect. I become hot with anger that he's checking out some random bitch. Is this what he does when I'm not around. "Are you gonna continue to stare or give me a show?" He ask with a smirk.

I mask my hurt and anger heading for the stage but he grabs my arm pulling me to him. "Are you gonna show me what you got? Make my last few nights of being a freeman hard and unsatisfied." He say huskily in my ear. I'm so mad I can't even go through with it I take his hands off me and try to get up but he pulls me back to him. I try to get out but Jameson opens the curtains.

"Sebastian! Dani! Game time guys they're drugged we're going to the chapel let's go."

"Dani!" Sebastian says as Jameson walks out. I shove him back with my elbow.

"Sorry to disappoint you! Candy couldn't make it!" I snap and walk out the room.

He calls my name as he follows me out the room but I ignore him. I feel like my hear is being squeezed and bleeding out. When we hop in the cab he try's to talk to me and get my attention but I ignore him.

We make it to the chapel and I cant help but laugh at Sasha. Her wedding day will be her in a stripper outfit and drugged outta her mind. It's cute how even in this state they still can't keep their hands off each other. We're doing the right thing.

"Hey Dani Sebastian come on we're gonna toast this moment." Jameson says handing me and Sebastian a glass. I grab mine and walk as far from Sebastian as I could. I down the drink and try my hardest not to cry.

After a bit the officiant walks in and has Cain and Sasha fill out paper work and I suddenly don't feel good. The room spins and I fall to the ground Sebastian makes his way to me but I attempt to slap him away before it all goes black.


Jameson's POV

I finally have taken my prank to a whole new level. I know the plan we had for Cain and Sasha but with how these two morons been fighting I had to take action. I drugged them in hopes we can get through this night with everyone happy and having a good time. What I didn't expect was for Sebastian to ask the officiant for paperwork for him and Dani.

"We came in to the world together, we had kids weeks apart, ITS ONLY FITTING WE HAVE DOUBLE WEDDING." Sebastian shouts. Oh shit Cassies gonna fucking kill me.


Danica's POV

I wake up to feeling my core being filled and I moan but wince from the throbbing headache. I hear a groan and the body on top of me shifts as does his cock inside of me. Remembering I'm pissed at him I shove him off my and he hits the floor with a thump.

"Ow! What the fuck." I look down at my body to see I'm completely naked. I don't remember any thing from Sasha and Cains wedding. What happened. I stretch my arms out and realize there's a wedding band above my engagement ring. I begin to panic and look around the room for any more clues as to what happened. I see an envelope on the side table and I grab it. The contents shows pictures of me and Sebastian kissing along side Cain and Sasha in front of the chapel.

The next page is out marriage certificate. Dread fills me as Sebastian climbs on the bed taking the contents out of my hand. "Shit moms gonna kill us." He tease. When he sees I'm still stunned silent he grabs my hand. "At least I can call you my wi-" I snatch my hand out of his hands and snarl at him.

"I want an annulment, a divorce i don't give a fuck but I want this reversed." I shout getting out of the bed ignoring the fact that my body is completely marked by love bites all over and I'm sore as a mother fucker. I try to find clothes to throw on so I can get out of here. I need to think, but I'm grabbed and slammed against the wall.

"I've had enough of your fucking attitude! What the fuck crawled up your ass?"

My anger begins to rise as I try to shake him off me but he won't budge. Instead he pulls me to him and shoved me back again. "You were gonna fucking cheat on me with a stripper." I snap.

"No I was gonna fuck my person stripper." He says back angrily.

"Please don't try to act like you knew it was me." He lets out a scoff. His eyes narrowing and I can feel his anger radiating off of him.

"You forget baby doll! I know your body like a back road. I know every curve, every scar, every fucking inch of you. You may change your hair and makeup but this body!" He says trailing his finger down my side and then cupping my breast. "Will always be a dead give away!" I look down as tears pour out of my eyes. He shoves me back letting go of my arms. I look up at him the see him looking at me in pure disgust. "After everything we been through! After I almost lost you more times then I can count you accuse me of cheating. You want your annulment go get it! If you can't trust me then we don't need to be together."

With that he grabs the first thing he could find and storms out the room. I rooted to my spot stunned at what just happened. My whole body falls to the floor as my body racks with my cry's. Grabbing my phone I shoot Dee a text about going with me to get the annulment papers. Fuck Cassie is gonna kill me!


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