Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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What do you mean Ex?

Danica's POV

I managed to get a hold of Dee. She took me back to the chapel and I spoke to the man from the night before. He hands me the annulment papers. He said all I needed was Sebastians signature. We make our way back to the hotel. I ordered a flight back home it's not til tomorrow morning. I can leave here at 330 and get there in time to check in.

I pack my bags and leave the annulment papers on the night stand. I take the envelope with the pictures and throw them in the trash. I lay down and take a nap til I have to be at the airport.


Sebastian POV

I can't believe she would think so low of me. I know what it's like to almost lose her. She almost died on me. If she can't finally trust me after all the shit we been through maybe being married. Isn't the best thing for us.

I make my way to the strip club. If she's going just accuse me of being her may as well. I look around to see all kinds of half naked woman walking around. The place filled with smoke and music blaring. I make my way to the bar and begin ordering drinks. Once I'm drunk enough I scope the woman out. I see a tall busty blonde. She's thick and has a nice fat ass. That would definitely piss Dani off. A woman completely opposite of her.

I pay for a private dance from her. She grabs my hand and pulls me as she sways her hips her ass bouncing with each step she takes. She shoves me in to the private room shoving me on the couch. "Damn I'm going to enjoy this. You got a condom baby if not there's some in the bin back there." She says biting her lips. Shit I could fuck her? I look her up and down realizing that this doesn't feel right. I shake my head and put money down on the table walking out.

I get myself an uber and when I get in my phone buzzes in pocket for the millionth time. I pull it out ready to apologize but it isn't Dani. "What the fuck did you do dumb ass?" Dees voices booms through the line.

"Nothing" I defend.

"Tell that to your ex-wife"

"The fuck you mean ex?" There's no response. The phone click and the line goes dead. When the Uber gets to the hotel I rush in skipping the elevator and just taking the stairs 3 at a time. When I get there I see 2 rings on top of papers and the pictures from last night in the trash. I look around the room to see Dani's stuff gone. I look at my phone to see it's 5 am. I call her cell but it says her numbers not in service.

I feel panic rise in me as I pull up the tracking app. It shows she's off line. The only way that happens is if she's flying. Fuck! I call my parents and tell my mom everything. I tell her about the drunk wedding and the annulment papers.


Danica's POV

When I land back home I order me a cab and have it take me straight to the mansion. I'm getting Sky and I'm gonna get a hotel til I can find me a place. When I get there Cassie is the one to answer. Sky is in her arms and when she sees me she lets out a squeal. It feels damn good having my baby in my arms. "Why are you back so soon missy?" Cass ask sternly.

"I-I got sick, and missed my baby."

"and where is my son?"

"I-I told him to stay back and enjoy the rest of the trip."

"KADEN" she yells. He make his way in and takes sky out my arms. Cassie storms up to me holding a blade to my throat. I momentarily panic but she drags me out of the mansion not moving the blade. Kaden follows with Sky in his arms as if this is some normal bull shit. When we get to my house she unlocks the door shoving me in. "There will be guards around this entire fucking house so don't even try it." She growls. She yanks the door shut and panic fills me.

I feel Claustrophobic and the walls are caving in. Alcohol, I need alcohol. I run in to the liquor cabinet and begin to down shot after shot. I'm always alone. I will forever be alone I never had any one to give a shit about me why would I think people would start now. I take the bottle of vodka with me to one of the spare bedrooms and climb in the bed. I drink half the bottle straight before finally passing out numb with tears streaking my face.

I feel something tugging on me and I groan in pain. I then realize the someone is trying to pry the vodka out of my hand. I suddenly feel my stomach begin to turn and I jump off the bed and rush in to bathroom. I throw up all the contents of my stomach. I feel my hair being held, and my back being rubbed. I shrug him off and push myself off the floor. My leg are wobbly and I am still intoxicated. I don't bother with my reflection making my way back to the bed.

"Danica." He warns. I ignore him pulling the blanket over my head. My emotions coming back and hitting me double time. I have no control over myself as I curl up in to a ball and cry. I feel the bed dip and he try's to hold me but I shove him. "Dani! I didn't mean what I said about the annulment. I was mad and said that shit out of anger. I know you have trust issues and I'm sorry."

I don't respond I just cry harder. He's here which means the border is gone. I shove him back and rush to the other side of the bed. He shoots up and looks at me. With out a word I take off out of the room and down the stairs. I go to make my way to the door but I'm grabbed by my roots and slammed harshly against the wall. "Were not fucking doing that Dani. You can either take your ass upstairs, sleep off the alcohol and we can talk tomorrow or I can carry you upstairs and strap you ass to the bed." I lift my hand and slap it across his face. His head flinging to the right. I shake my hand from the sting and try to get away. He pulls me back by my hair and throws me over his shoulder.

"You want to play hard! Fine hard it is!"


Hey my lovely readers I just wanted to let you know there is 3 more chapters left in this story. I'm not done with the Jones yet I have plans for our youngest Rylee. However I'm currently working on 3 other stories so once I knock out 2 ill start her story. I will bring the other one's I'm working over to inkitt once I finish with the Jones. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING ME FOR THE JONES JOURNEY. I APPRECIATE ALL THE READS ALL THE FOLLOWS AND ALL OF THE LOVE YOU ALL ARE AMAZING AND I APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU. I KNOW IM NOT VERY ACTIVE BUT I SUCK AT POSTING ANYTHING OTHER THEN THE STORIES. Stay safe stay happy and stay blessed 🥰🥰

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