Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Dose of his own medicine

Danica's POV

I kick and scream as he runs up the stairs with me over his shoulder. Hit shoulder pressing against my stomach and the movement makes me nauseous. When he gets in our room he drops me on the bed and I feel bile rising in my throat again. I try to get up but he shove me back. I see him go to the draw so I use that to run to the bathroom. I lean over the toilet just in time. After retching up the last bit, I go wash my mouth.

I listen to see if Sebastian is still moving around but it's quiet. I open the bathroom door to see the room completely dark. The only light is the beam of moonlight cascading through the window. I still don't see him so I tiptoe to the door as fast as I can. When I turn the knob it doesn't budge but I'm unsuccessful in even trying because I'm pulled back by my hair and tossed back on the bed. I try to get up but Sebastian gets on top of me.

He grabs each of my hands and cuffs them to the bed. I try to fight but my attempts are futile. I'm in nothing but a big shirt and panties and the last thing he deserves is to see me. I maneuver myself so I'm under the blanket and turn my head.

"You're gonna leave me?" Sebastian growls.

"You said get an annulment! So I did. NOW FUCKING LET ME GO." I yell. He walks to his bag and grabbed some papers out. He gets in my face hold the papers ripping them in front of my eyes.

"That's what i fucking think of your annulment." He seethes.

"Well the glitter all over you and the strong scent of perfume lingering on you is grounds for a divorce!" His eyes widen and he turns on the light rushing to a mirror and smelling his clothes. Did he sleep with someone else. This sets a whole new fire in me as I yank and the chains. I've gotten out once before I'll do it again.

The minute I start flapping around he jumps on top of me sitting on my chest and holding my arms down with his knees. I begin to scream and cry trying to push him off of me. He keeps scream my name to get me to stop and finally I give up. By the time I stop I'm struggling for breath. My face is soaked with tears and snot. Yea attractive I know. He scoots off my chest allowing my to breathe a little better.

I close my eyes not wanting to look at him and turn my head to the side. The pain of my heart breaking is worst then getting shot. This pain takes over your whole body, your whole being. I feel his hand come to my face but I shake it and try to lay on my side as best I can with being binded and all.

"Dani I didn't do anything! I went to a strip club cause I was pissed but I swear I left before getting a lap dance." He says like it's supposed to make me feel better. It doesn't. The argument started over him being okay with another woman dancing on him; and he goes and does exactly that. "Danica, talk to me."

I don't respond. The only sounds are his breathing and my sniffles and sobs. He tugs at my side trying to get me to turn but I don't budge so he throws his arm around my waist and scoots as close to me as he can. He runs his hand up and down my back in what's supposed to be a soothing manner. After a moment he rolls over to the other side of the bed then comes back to me. He try's to grab my hand but I ball my fist. He sits on me again causing me to try to fight him again but I loose. He slips my engagement ring along with the wedding band back on my finger.

Once it's done he lays behind me and kisses the back of my head and tell me he loves me.


It's was two weeks that I was tied to that damn bed and he only let me up to use the bath room. And when he was not here he extends the chains enough to let me go to the bathroom and that's it. Sky was brought back home, but when Sebastian went to work Cassie would pick her up and hold her til Sebastian got home.

For the past week I've been giving him short answers and responses so now after 3 weeks I'm free. He took everything off and let me free but Cassie hold sky while Sebastians at work for insurance.

I'm so done with his ass he fucked up and I'm the one that ended up tied up and having my baby taken from me. Today I'm going to the club and I'm going to give him a dose of his own medicine.

I throw my hair in a high neat ponytail. I throw on a red lingerie set the bra is flower lace design it has straps that go around my neck, stomach and connects to stockings. The panties just barely cover my core. I do my make up a little risky and throw a robe on and head to his club.

When I get there the same bitch that I had to threaten last time is the first person I see. Her eyes widen and she try's to run away but I snatch her by her hair. "Say a word and I'll fucking end you got it?" She nods her head so I let her go and scan the club. I see a group of men sitting at a table it looks like a bachelor party. The guys are pretty big bingo. I see a shot girl walking by so I pay her for the 5 shots on her tray and take them. I make my way to the mini stage in front of them and begin to dance. All their chatter stops as they all focus on me. I sway my hips and twerk as I round the pole. They all begin to point to a very tall muscular guy very very muscular.

The fire in me burning bright as I do this knowing Sebastian will finally get it. They hold out their hands helping me off the stage as I get up to the guy. He got dark hair and brown eyes with pales skin. Definitely not my time but then again this isn't about me Wifying the guy up. I straddle his lap and barely even get to rotate my hips before I'm being yanked off the guy. "What the fuck man that ones ours go find your own." The guy I was just dancing on says. Sebastian turns around and punches him after that everything happens so fast and before I know it I'm being dragged out the club kicking and screaming.

The guys friends ended up getting involved so of course Ryder Ollie and a few others joined the brawl. I tried to sneak off in the middle of the fight but Tyler and Ryders dad held me in place. Now I'm in the car with Sebastian on our way back home. I can feel the anger radiating off of him and quite frankly I don't give a fuck. His anger is just fueling mine. When he pulls up to the house I get out and try to head to the mansion to grab the princess but Sebastian grabs my arm and pulls me to the house.

Once we get in he pulls us up to the room and throws me on the bed. No not again. I get up quickly trying to escape but he pulls me back and struggles with me as he try's to hook me to the chains.

When I look at his face I see he's got a split lip and a bruise on his cheek. "You think that was fucking funny?" He snarls.

"Oh you can go get lap dances but I can't give em?" I retort. His eyes go wild as he takes in my lingerie. You know in movie how you see a flash in someone's eyes before they snap? Well I see that in Sebastian before he makes his way to his draw. Fuck nothing good ever comes from there. I see him grab two bandanas and a belt. I try to climb up the bed but it's useless. He ties one bandana around my eyes and the other around my mouth. "Let me go you son of a bitch let me go." I try to scream but it comes out muffled.

My breathing is erratic as I try to listen for him I can hear the sound of clothes hitting the floor. I feel my ankles being grabbed and I'm flipped on my stomach. I feel the belt come down hard on my ass and I let out a cry as tears well in my eyes from the painful sting. "I've had enough of this shit you have NO FUCKING REASON TO BE PISSED AND YOU THINK YOU CAN GIVE LAPDANCES TO RANDOM FUCKING MEN."

"Go fuck yourself!" I say knowing it's muffled. The belt comes down on my ass again and I ball my hands, my nails digging in to my skin. The belt comes down a few more times before I hear I clink on to the floor. I feel the bed dip and he pulls my ass up. I try to pull away but he slams in to me and I throw my head back moaning in to the gag. His hand goes in to my hair pulling it at the roots. I feel his breath fanning my ear and hear his labored breaths.

"Mine" he growls as he begins to thrust. "You are my fucking wife! My fucking woman!" He roughly slams in to me and dragging out slowly before slamming back in. I claw at the bed feel my walls clench him. I cry out in to the bandana as he picks up his pace. The bed is banging against the wall and his grunts getting louder. He pulls out of me and turns me back on my back and lifting my legs over his shoulders. He slams back in to me hitting deeper and I scream out in to the bandana.

He goes back to pounding in to me hitting my spot. The pain of how powerful thrust is heavenly and I feel my stomach tightening. He wraps his hand around my throat and squeezes just enough to wear I won't pass out but also know he's playing no games. I call out his name as my arousal gushes out of me and I clench around him. He calls out my name releasing inside me.

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Sebastian collapse on top of me as we both try to catch our breath. He reaches up removing the bandana from my mouth and eyes. He lay back down on me not removing my hands out of the restraints. He notices me tug on them and meets my eye. For the first time I see tears streaming down his face as his eyes meet mine. "I want to let you go but I can't loose you Dani. I'm terrified if I release you, you're going to take off and I can't be without you." He cry's. My heart aches for him, at the fact that I am the cause of his breakdown. He buries his head in my neck with his arms wrapped around me as he cry's. "I love you so much! I don't want anyone else. I swear only you! Please Dani please don't leave me." He cry's shredding the last bit of willpower I have left.

"I won't leave" I cry. He hold me tighter as we cry together. I really do love this asshole with all I have and all that I am.


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