Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Stop doing everything together

Dani's POV

Things have been so crazy. Sebastian has been so busy these past few weeks. Sky has been super cranky and severely attached to him. Every time he leaves she has a hour long melt down and nothing I do can calm her. It doesn't help that I've been beyond sick and irritable, so right now as I sit and listen to my toddler throw a fit I'm hiding in the bathroom on the floor crying my eyes out. What is wrong with me that my own child doesn't want me!

After a few minutes she finally stops and I slump sighing in relief. After Sebby set me free from my confinement we had the twins and Rylee for a weekend as promised to Kaden. Let's just say it made no difference. We heard it all! I still get the hebbie jebbies thinking about it. There's a soft knock on the bathroom door. I peek under the door to see men's sneakers. "Are you okay in there?" His deep voice echos through the bathroom. "She's sleeping."

Unlocking the door I see Kaden standing there in a red t-shirt and black jeans. "Awwee" he says laughing. "It won't always be like this she'll grow out of it. It's a phrase, Sasha went through it."

"But I'm her mom! I should be able to console my child, not hide in the closet waiting for her tantrum to stop!" I begin crying again. He comes in wrapping his arms around me rubbing my arms.

"Was that the real reason you ended up on the bathroom floor?" He asks with a raised brow. Looking towards the toilet he follows my gaze and smiles shaking his head. "Sweetheart I think by now we know this isn't a bug! I swear Sebastian and Sasha are mine and Cassies all the way." He chuckles. I love this man! Not like that sickos. He's the father figure ive yearned for my whole life.

"Is the preggo puking again." Cassie calls from the kitchen.

"Oh my god you're preggo too?" I hear Sasha whisper yells.

"What you mean too" Cassie and Kaden say in unison. Cassie lets out a loud laugh.

"Wow we went on our group bachelorette party already pregnant, y'all came home pregnant." She begins to laugh again.

"Come to my house! I got some extra test." Sasha says. Kaden gets on the couch with a sleeping sky and Abel while us girls head towards Sasha's. Just as she's opening her door we hear her name being called and a Very pissed off diamond heading towards us.

"IM GONNA MURDER YOU!!" She bites out. Oh shit. Sash swings the door open and runs inside Dee pushing past me and Cassie chasing sash inside. We follow them in and enjoy watching them chase each other and screaming.


"You too?" Dee says.

"Damn Cain told you already?" Sasha queries.

"Cain! I haven't spoken to him since we got home." Sasha looks at me wide eyed as a gasp leaves her wide open mouth. Oh shit what did I miss? I haven't really gotten any details about what happened after me and Sebastian left. All I know is ollie and Dee were at odds with Cain and sash. Something about pay back.

After a moment Cain walks in the door watching the scene in front of his as Dee storms up to him and punches him in the nuts. We all double over in laughter as he ask what the fuck he did. "Our little prank had side effects." Sash says still laughing her ass of. "Looks like we all fucked up." She says struggling for breath. Mine and Cassies eyes wide as we look between the idiots and Dee.

"WHAT THE FUCK DID YALL DOOOO?" Cassie ask a bit too excitedly. I leave them to it and take the test. I walk back out to the main room and see Dee and cass on the floor leant up on the wall. "So?" Cassie says. I take the stick and toss it at her getting on the bottom of the bed while Cain and sash sit at the top in each other's arms. It's so weird to see them like this again but so much better.

Cassie just smiles it's not her usual Cheshire over the top it's the one that comes with tears. "Mom?" Sash say her voice soft and laced with concern. The streams become waterfalls "Must you two do everything thing together?"she says between sobs. Sasha squeals crawling to me; pulling me to diamond and group hugging.

"The Sebastian and Ollie are going to be happy!" Sebastian. I am going to have fun with this announcement.

"Nobody tell him Y'alls birthday is in 2 months I want to surprise him!" They all zip their lips and throws away the keys I love them.


It's finally July you know what that means? Sebastian and Sasha's birthday. I got Sasha a sexy new lingerie set. Cains got a special surprise for her. Something about a beach and lifeguard chair. As for his present I dressed myself in this strappy leather submissive lingerie set. It has a collar and a leash; in addition a binding thigh harness.

I threw a turtleneck sweater on to hide the surprise. As for the announcement I got him beers and put a label that says you've been promoted from husband to father seeing as we are legally married. Fucking Vegas. I also put a picture in his birthday card of his precious princess doing what she does best in his absence throwing a fit and next to her is a color board that says only child expires 2/14 along with the first sonogram picture. Had my first appointment this morning.

I made him a nice birthday dinner empanadas, Puerto Rican rice, chuletas *pork chops* he's only slightly spoiled. Sebastian walks in the door and I'm sitting at the table waiting for him. He's wearing a button up that's open and the sleeves are rolled up. His undershirt a Transparent tank top. My hormones got me ready to pounce. My core already wet and hungry.

"Why are you wearing a turtleneck in July? Are you still sick?" He panics looking at me!

"No babe come sit and eat. I already got your beer." He walks up to me kissing my lips.

"I love you wife" he says kissing my lips and taking his seat. "Where's my mini queen?"

"That's why she hates being with me. You spoil her."

We finished eating dinner and Sebastian finally looks at his beer bottle only trying to see how much is in it. His eyes go wide and he looks up at me. I can't control the tears as they fall glad I decided against make up. I hand him his card and when he sees the pictures tears prick at his eyes. Butterflies erupt in my belly as my core clench's fuck this. Too impatient I run upstairs stripping my sweater off and running in to the bedroom. I instantly drop to my knees bow my head and out my hands in my knees upward.

"Dani!" Sebastian calls as he makes his way in to room. Once he sees me he chokes on his breath. I keep my head down to my lap waiting for his instructions. "Fuck!" He growls walking around me I can feel his eyes on my body leaving a burning trail where every they land. "Look at me!" He orders. I drag my eyes from my lap trailing his body every so slowly. When my eyes meet his I see them dark shade of blue. He walks around me taking his shirt off but confuses me when he walks out the room.

After a few beats walks back in with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. He sets it down on the dresser by the door and looks down at me. He grabs the loop to my collar pulling me to my feet and to his face. He places his lips on mine in a rough kiss and I moan in to his mouth in pleasure. "Take it off now!" He demands and what Papi wants papi gets I take off the lingerie but keep on the harness. I feel wetness dripping from my core while my nipples harden from the cool air of the ac.

He begins to trail his finger up and down my body leaving goosebumps in its wake. I whimper in need. He stops at my back and grabs my hands locking them in to the cuffs of the harness. The leather wrapping around my wrist Turing me on more then it should. He drags a chair in from outside our door and sets it in front of me. "Sit!" Like a good obedient girl I am I sit impatiently awaiting his next move. "Spread your leg!" The minute they're open the cool air blows against my wet core. He lets out the sexiest grunt at the sight. "You will refer to me as master and you do not cum unless I allow it. Got it slut?" I nod my head and watch as he grabs the whipped cream and choco syrup.

"I want a sweet birthday treat." He says licking his lips staring at my glistening core. He kneels in front of me pulling my bottom so it's partially hanging off the chair. He grabs the syrup and squeeze some on my hardened nipples the cold thickness dripping down. He brings his mouth to it pulling and nibbling on the bud in his mouth. I let out a moan and whimper. I want to grab his hair I want to touch. He brings the syrup and his mouth to the other one and repeating the actions.

He bring the syrup to my hungry cunt and it's cold and oddly feels good as it drips slowly down my clit. He adds whipped cream and drags his ever so talented tongue down my slit. He looks up in to my eyes a mischievous glint in his eyes as his magical tongue flicks and sucks on my sweet button. I throw my head back grinding my core in to his face the pleasure becoming to much. He bites down and it takes everything in me not to cum. My finger nails digging in to my palms needing something the stop me from getting in trouble.

"Please master please can I cum?" I beg. He inserts a finger and begins to slowly thrust it in and out of me.

"Cum." He yells tipping my over the edge. He pulls his fingers out of me stripping off his pants and boxers. Lifts my body with one arm and sits in the chair with me straddling him. "Ride my cock and make me cum!"

"Yes master." I say grabbing his hard shaft and sliding down it ever so slowly. He hiss out and slaps my ass. "Don't fucking tease me." He growls. I begin to rock my hip while he takes my nipple in to his mouth sucking and biting causing me to clench around him. He always takes my body to such amazing heights. "Fuck baby that it ride my fucking cock." This pushes me to bounce faster the sound of out heavy breath loud moans filling the room. He wraps his large hand around my throat kissing me passionately. The taste of chocolate, whipped cream, and me still on his tongue.

"Fuck master! So, so good! I love your cock." I tell him. His eyes flash and he pulls me off him. He stand, spins us the turns me so my back is to him while I face the chair. He pushes my upper half down in and I grab to the backrest of the chair and with out warning he reenters my cunt and grabbing my hips. His hips rotated as he thrust in and out of me bringing forth a whole new delicious pleasure. Chanting his name he slaps my ass. His cock impaling me hitting my spot repeatedly. I feel my orgasm building so I put my hands through my parted legs and grab on to his balls, squeezing them with little pressure.

"Fuck thats is Dani don't stop.... Fuck!!! CUM!" He moans out sending my body in to overdrive convulsing as I cum around his big cock.

End of mature content

When he pulls out of me he carry's me to the bed laying me next to him. "I'm gonna be a daddy again." He says with a wide smile.

"Yes papi! Vegas granted your wish." He lower his self to my belly and placed a bunch of kisses.

"Look imma need you to be a boy! I'm a little out numbered out here and I need help to protect my girls. And I need some one to teach sports." He says kissing me again.


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