Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Dani's POV

I can't believe this is it. We are getting Married today. So as I stand in front of the mirror along side my best friend we admire the way our dresses fit. We all had our babies. I had two perfectly healthy boys. Lenny and Liam. They are spitting images of their daddy.

I wish I can say sky out grew her little tantrum stage but I can't. She actually upped her level of petty. I had her playing in the yard with the twins and she recruited Abel and Rylee to help her put them up for sale. This girl sat in the front lawn with Ry and Abel and Quinn Sasha's baby girl. The twins in their car seat happy and oblivious to their evils sisters plan. Rylee made a board that said twins for sale, buy one get one free. She wouldn't allow Sebastian to buy them so grandma Cassie came to the rescue.

Sasha and Cain had a precious chunky girl Quinn. I've thought I seen Cain soft for sash but seeing him with Quinn is a sight. He's a big teddy. Ryder and Kira had a baby boy his name is Denis. I am glad he found a woman that makes him happy.

Dee and Ollie had a baby girl. They are so cute together. It took them a while but they came to an agreement. They are together but they are allowed to sleep with same sex since that part of them isn't just gonna magically disappear. But Ollie can't sleep with other woman and Dee isn't allowed to sleep with other men.

We decided to have a small back yard wedding. Were not doing the whole bridesmaid groomsmen thing because this is just a sober re-do. My dress is a long see through white beach dress. Sasha's a long see through lace dress. My hair is pinned up in an elegant bun, but sash has an half up half down with curls do. "Get pregnant together, get married wasted together and now look at us!" Sash says on the verge of tears.

"Don't you dare ruin your makeup. Mama will kill you." I tease. She lets out a half laugh half sob and I can't help but wrap my arms around her.

"I'm glad to have you as my best friend. I don't know how I would've survived with out you." She says looking me in the eyes.

"Stop you're making me cry." I whine. "I'm glad I have you. You saved me and gave me a family."

"Oh no please tell me you aren't crying. We are ready for you both and if you mess up your makeup we'll never make it." Kaden teases from the door we're in the down stairs spare bedroom in the mansion. Kaden is giving us both away. He cried when I asked him if he would do it for me. He felt honored that I picked him but he's been a father figure to me since I've came. It felt right. He holds his hands out for us and we happily take it.

I can feel my heart beating so hard it will come out of my chest any minute now. I never thought I'd be able to know real love but look at me now. I'm about to marry the man of my dreams with my best friend. When we get to the yard the wedding march begins.

I look up and see Sebastian standing at the end of the isle. He's wearing a gray tux with a blue tie and his hair is brushed back by his fingers. Just the way I like. Fuck. Next to him is Cain in a blue tux with a gray tie. When he notice us his eyes immediately flash from green to blue and I already know what he's thinking til moisture builds on them. When his eyes reach mine I see the tears fall and I don't bother holding back mine. As I make my way to him my sole focus is on him it's like we're the only two in the world and nothing else matters. We have Cains dad Jordan officiating the marriage. When he begins Sky jumps out of Cass arms and runs to her daddy.

My heart warms as I watch him pick up our baby girl. We stick to the traditional vows and get yelled at for the heated kiss to seal the deal. Yea sky wasn't having it she pushed my head away and kissed her daddy instead. This girl is gonna drive me insane.

Everyone splits off for a bit to get some drinks while the yard gets transformed for the reception. I see Cain pull Sasha towards their house and laugh. I feel my arm being tugged mid laugh and look to see a very determined Sebastian. He gets impatient throwing me over his shoulder, running to our house. He opens the door and drops me once we enter the door. "Come on we have 20 minutes." He says undoing the belt to his pants in a hurry. I can't help the giggle that escapes me. He looks up at me and tilts his head. "You think this is funny? Bend over NOW." He growls. And there goes my panties.

He doesn't appreciate me taking my time so he rushes to me and grabs me by the back of my neck. My pussy clenchs in anticipation. He spins me and pushes my upper half down. He moves the dress over my waist and rubs his finger up and down my slit. "So fucking wet for me baby doll." I feel his harden length at my entrance and wiggle my hips. "Look whose impatient now!"

He eases his way in to me and I let out a moan throwing my head back. He slowly pulls back dragging his length out before slamming back in forcing my jerk forward. He reaches out and pinches my nipple picking up the pace. I use the wall to keep me from falling. My walls grip him as I feel myself get closer. He wraps his hand around my throat calling my name. With his last few thrust I cry as my orgasm rips through me. I let out a whimper when he pulls out of me and gets a rag. He brings it between my legs then kisses my lip.

End of mature content

When we make it back outside we see sash and Cain make their way out as well. My bitch. We make it to the dance floor for our first dance.

'Speechless' by Dan and Shay plays and Sebastian sways me and Cain sways sash around the dance floor.

"How did I get so lucky?" He ask looking down at me.

"You have a bad ass sister!" I respond.

"Yea I do! But my wife is better."he tells me with a kiss.

The life will live will never guarantee a happily ever after. But having each other and doing everything together like we do our love will be enough of a happily ever after I will ever need.

The end


Thank you so much for all the reads and follows. I hope you guys enjoyed following these characters through their journey. 🙏🙏🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 I really appreciate every one of you reading this. ❤️❤️

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