Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Food fights and family

Danica's POV

I wake up to a bit of a headache so I go to my en suite and take two Tylenol's. I exit my room and head to the kitchen in hopes that Sasha is awake. When I get there I see everyone in the living room. It what I've wanted my whole life. I see the whole family surrounding Sasha whose holding in to Rylee. Wanting to give them space I turn around to head back to my room but am stopped but this tall handsome bright blue eyed hottie.

"You're Sashas friend right? I'm her cousin Jameson I'm the better looking of the bunch." He says in a mock cocky attitude and starts to laugh. "Shit I sounded like Sebastian and Ryder there for a minute. Where are you going everyone's in there?"

"I don't want to intrude. They are having a moment." I say looking back at them a again. I wish I had that. A family who cares. I have Sasha and Ryder.

"If Sasha brought you home that makes you one of us. Growing up Sasha never really had any friends other then those three jackasses and me. We were afraid to lose her to some girlie girl bitches at school so we kinda made her off limits. And considering who and what our family does, if she brought you home it's for a reason."

So that's why she could never make friends. What did he mean by considering who her family is. I nod my head, still not wanting to intrude.

"Fine if you wont go in there would you like to help me make breakfast?" I like him he's cool. I nod my head and follow him in to the kitchen. We get out the stuff to make eggs, pancake , bacon, sausage, and toast. I start the coffee and pull out the orange juice. He plays music on his phone as we dance and start cooking.

We're almost done and I'm so concentrated on the pancakes I don't notice Jameson creeping behind me, dumping pancake mix on my head. I spin and look at him with wide eyes. "You were too serious with those pancakes had to snap you ou-" he doesn't finish because I throw an egg at him. Next thing I know we're in a full blown food fight.

"What the fuck is going on in here." Someone yells from behind us causing our laughter and our fight to halt. I spin wide eyed and begin to profusely apologize and take the blame I don't want Jameson to get in trouble and get beat. "I'm sorry please please don't hit him, hit me instead." I cry out. "Im sorry Sasha." Sasha doesn't respond but Cain walks up to me and grabs the egg I have in my hand and throws it at a very angry looking Sebastian. Maybe he really isn't bad.

Suddenly every one runs in to the kitchen throwing food and laughing even trying to get me to rejoin. After we got done, everyone went to change and clean off. I go to my room and take a shower. When I walk out Sebastian is on my bed with his phone in his hand. When he notices me he drops it.

"What's up with you and my cousin?"

Is he serious right now. Why is he acting like this. I was told he backs off once he gets the cat. Rolling my eyes, I walk to my dresser. He comes up to me and closes the one I'm trying to open. Ugh are all the guys in her family gonna be this annoying.

"Nothing! now can you please leave?"

"Why did you tell my family to hit you and not him? Why would my family hit anyone?"

Fuck I am not having this conversation with him. Lie. I turn to face him. "Well when you make a mess like that, normal parents spank! I thought?" I stutter out.

He give me a confused look but just then there's a knock on my door. "Dani it's Cassie, Sasha's mom i was wondering if I could talk to you?" Shit. Shit.

Sebastian heads to the door to walk out I grab him by his arm and toss him in my closet. No way am I letting my best friends mom, see her son walking out my room while I'm in a towel. "Let me get dressed real fast." I shout back. I throw on some sweat pants with a blue cropped top and let her in. Wow she's really pretty.

"Hi, I know we haven't been formally introduced, I'm Cassie." We shake hands and she brings me over to The white seat thingy in front of my bed. "I understand if you're not comfortable enough to talk to me about this and I swear Sasha hasn't said anything to me but your reaction downstairs, honey does your parent hurt you?"

"No no it's it's just that I thought people usually get span-" she knows I'm lying because I'm a stuttering mess.

"Has Sasha ever told you about us and what we do?" I shake my head. "We are the Puerto Rican mafia and we are pretty big. Oh honey don't get scared we don't hurt innocent people. In fact we try to help. You see we try to shut down sex trafficking rings around the world. We've stopped so many. We've slowed down a bit after I was taken."

"You were taken?"

"I was taken by a sick, sick man who did unthinkable things to me. But my family saved me. I can see it in your demeanor and behind your pretty hazel eyes honey. Now you don't have to talk to me but know if someone is, or has hurt you we can help. My daughter pretty much told me that after y'all graduate she wants you to move here and she wants to get you away from Texas. So if you need us you are now family."

She so genuine and sweet I can't believe someone would hurt her. I can't believe that she's willing to help me even though she's just meeting me.

"Oh I didn't mean to make you cry sweetie." She pulls me close and hugs me.

Is this what it's like to have a caring mom?

"If your mom isn't caring for you, then she didn't deserve to be a mother." Shit I said that out loud. "I won't force it out of you but when you're ready I'll be here." She goes to let go but I'm not ready. Ive never had someone hug me or care about me other then Sasha.

"Can you stay hugging me if I told you?" I say weakly. She sits back down and pulls me in to her tight embrace. I tell her about my junkie mom and her boyfriend and his son. I told her how I sleep on the floor in the living room and how they beat and rape me. I told her how I'm only allowed to live on campus because I'm supposed to go home on breaks and how they threatened to drag me back if I don't abide by their rules.

By the time I'm done she's the one crying. Suddenly we hear a bang come from my closet. Fuck. I forgot he was in there. "Sebastian you better not break anything in there" she shouts and kisses my head. "I'm his mom I know everything." She says with a wink. "You're never going back to that place when school is done you will come back with Sasha. Let us worry about your stepdad and stepbrother. And if your mom wants it I can handle her slow and painful you don't need her I'll be your step in mom." This woman is amazing I go hug her one more time before she walks out.

The second my door closes Sebastian come out looking at me with pity in his eyes. Nope I don't do pity. "Dani"

"Sebastian please don't. Just go." He try's to protest. Try's to get me to let him stay but he finally caves and give me the space I need.


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