Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Hey my amazing readers so I'm taking a minor break from the Jones but I did upload my new story. It's called LATE NIGHT WHISKEY CHASERS.

Here's an excerpt

Lyda Cruz is a 17-year old girl with a rough start in life. With a mom who hates her and a stepdad who rapes her, she gets emancipated at 17. She begins working as a phone sex operator to make fast easy cash. Whiskey becoming her friend helping cover and hide all her sorrows away. Making her forget even if for a minute. Coming up with the perfect plan to end her suffering she needs the help of a stranger. But what happens when that stranger isn't a stranger.

Gage Bellamy a male escort making easy money to help his single mom and little sister. He's doing what he loves making money by fucking rich woman and making them his bitches. Breaking his main rule he falls in love with a married client. What happens when she gets arrested and needs his help? Following the whiskey trial, gage learns that everything he thought about his love was a lie.

One phone call binding Gage and Lyda together for a night leaves them to never drink alone.

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