Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Beach day fun

Sebastians POV

It's been a few days since I over heard the conversation between my mom and Dani. When she started crying I don't know what came over me but I punched a hole in wall of her closet. I will kill them both of them and her mom will rot all alone.

I've tried to talk to her but it seems her and my sister are held up in her room not letting anyone in. I must admit I feel like she took my place with my sister. Before she and I were like peanut butter and jelly. We were inseparable but now that seems to be her and Dani. She still hasn't told me, or anybody for that matter, what happened at that party at school.

Dani is hella cute she has a tough exterior but there are moments when she just looks like a little kid learning new shit for the first time. This morning when we woke up she was snuggled up to me while I held her. Honestly I was surprised that I'm okay with it and honestly don't mind it happening again. Which is why I need new pussy.

Today the guys and I have to help my dad at the warehouse. We have a huge deal going on and he wants everyone there. Right now I'm taking care of Rylee. She's been a little trouble maker, staying up all night giggling and playing keeping mom and dad up all night. "You're gonna give us a run for our money huh? We thought Sasha was bad but she was a saint. You nena linda are gonna make dad and I lose our hairline?" She lets out a little giggle. Yep we're fucked. It's early afternoon and everyone is out.

Sasha is at the club with our parents and Arlo, they are going over her ground rules. We got a lead on the Roosevelt's but they moved again and with her being far and alone they're worried. I look at the opening to the living room and see Dani, she must be looking for Sasha. When she sees me with Rylee her cheeks begin to tint a light shade of pink. She shakes her head and goes to walk away.

I don't know what comes over me but I lay Rylee in her swing and put on Sesame Street for her and go after Danica. "Why are you avoiding me?" I say as she's try's to head up the stairs "You can't avoid me forever I'm Sasha's brother and after we graduate and all come home we'll all live under the same roof!"

"I'm not avoiding you. I've just been spending time with Sasha"

"Bullshit!" Just then the front door opens and everyone walks in.

"You got her to sleep? I knew I loved you for a reason." My mom says as she shh everyone and heads to the baby. When I turn back to Dani she's already gone up the stairs.

"Son go get ready we're leaving in 5."


Danica's POV

When we woke up in the studio this morning I was in Sebastians arms and our limbs were a tangled mess. I don't know how it happen I just know it's not something I'll let happen again. He's getting too close and too personal. I know he pities me after what he heard but I don't want or need his pity. I have been avoiding him because I know he's going to ask questions and quite frankly I don't want to answer.

When I went down stairs I was hoping to see Sash or Jamie but I saw Sebastian. He was holding Rylee and he was talking to her in baby talk and I swear it was doing things to me. Nothing sexier then a guy with a baby! I'm broke out of my dirty thoughts when Sasha speaks.

"Get your bikini bitch we're going to the beach!" Sasha says in a playful manner. Beach? It's October!

"Girl it's October!"

"And it's 80 degrees out so let's go." Fuck it I can find new dick to hop on tonight. Leave all this Sebastian shit behind me he's already broke all my boundaries, now it's all just a dangerous game.

Sasha has got us matching swimsuits just different colors. Mine is a black one piece that is connected by string hers is deep red.

^^^^ Dani. ^^^^ Sasha

We leave our hair down and head out. We stopped at a Puerto Rican food spot and ate a late lunch. when we get to the beach we lay out our towels, put on tanning lotion and lay out.

"What's the deal with you and Sebby?" Shit

"Nothing we had sex and now because he heard me tell your mom everything about, well you know, he's trying to talk to me and treat me like some wounded animal. Also he doesn't understand boundaries and limits. You said he was a hit it and quit it. WHY WONT HE QUIT IT." This bitch laughs at me like I told her a joke.

"He's finally met his match and doesn't know how to handle not having you bow at his feet. And the fact that he's jealous of Jamie and yours friendship AND he still wants you makes me think my twin is finally sprung." She teases.

I just roll my eyes. There's no way he's sprung I know his type, his ego is bruised. He'll get over it. We lay out for about an hour and a half when we hear the guys shout our name. Fuck are we not allowed to have girl time or something?

"What the fuck are you wearing Sash? Dad would flip if he sees you in this." Sebastian yells at her.

"Chill out Casanova she's a big girl and can choose her own clothes."

"Who asked the peanut gallery. I'm talking to my sister. You may feed off of male attention but my sister doesn't need that." This boy is about to get mouth full of my fist.

"You're right I do live off of male attention as a matter of fact I haven't found a good dick to ride yet let's go scout sash." Cain and Ryder look pissed but I'm just dishing back what this asshole is serving. Fuck him. I pull Sasha up and we go in the water for a swim. When we get back we see a flock of sluts surrounding the guys as they all play football.

Look at them hanging off the guys as if they stand a chance. There are 4 of them hanging off of Casanova and I swear I want to rip their hair out.

Sasha looks a little upset so I grab our stuff and move further down the beach away from them. When we settle down, 2 sexy guys approach us. One is tanned has blonde hair, blue eyes he's not very tall but he is stocky He's a pretty boy. He's got on a pair of plain black swimming trunks. He approaches Sasha while the other one is tall, dark, and handsome. He is muscular his 6 pack on display yummy. He has dark brown eyes and curly fro. He's wearing blue swim trunks. And I can see the outline of his anaconda.

"Hi pretty ladies Would you like to join us for a swim? I'm Derek and pretty boy over there is mark."

Don't mind if I do. I grab Sasha and pull her up. "Im Patty and she's Crystal" I lie. Important rule never give your real name. We all jump in to the water splashing around trying to dunk each other.

The guys and I give up on our football game too many girls keep trying to join and be seductive and cute. Football is none of those things. I was supposed to find new pussy but none of those girls did it for me. I stiffen in my pants as I think about the girl whose weaseled her way in to my sisters life and invaded my every thought. Fuck I feel guilty about thinking of her in that way after what I've learned. But fuck is she perfect.

As we walk back to where the girls were supposed to be we see they moved. "Who the fuck are those pussies?" Cain bitterly bites out. He's been moody since the fight with him and Ryder. He looks like shit. We walk towards where the girls are, splashing and dunking these assholes.

The guy with Dani lifts her up and smashes his lips on hers and she try's pushing him off. Oh fuck no. " You got two seconds to get away from those girls before I put a bullet in you." I growl. Thank god dad has us all in training starting tonight. Danica needs it.


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