Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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Sebastians POV

Once I threatened the assholes, the one with Danica whispers something to her and she shoves him and storms out of the water past me and all her belongings so I follow behind her. I see her pacing the parking lot her small ass looks damn good in that bikini. "Wow nice to know I'm the only one who got the no kissing rule. Did you suck him off too." I say sarcastically.

"Fuck you! Sebastian you don't fucking know shit. Tell me this! How can a guy whose been raised around the shit you were, be so fucking blind and STUPID. Why does it matter if he kissed me? Instead of asking if I'm okay after he fucking kissed me without my permission you're mad because of the kiss itself? But then again what the fuck could I expect from you, you did steal my first kiss." I, what no I never meant to force anything on her that's the last thing I wanted.

"Dani I'm sorr-"

"Save it I and stop looking at me with pity como si fuera una muñeca de cristal! Go find one of the sluts that we're all over you just a minute ago and leave me be!!!" *like a glass doll* "go pick out one of those girls to bother and fuck off." She grits out. Spinning around to walk out of the parking lot. I let her think she's gonna get far but once we're by my car I grab her arm pulling her back. She spins and slaps me in my face. Fuck why do tiny hands sting so bad.

Fine she doesn't want to be treated with care I grab her by her hair and shove her front to my car and press myself to her back. "Fine I take it back! I'm not fucking sorry I got your first kiss. I am sorry that it was stolen but I'm not fucking sorry it was me. And si eres una muñeca cristal. Maybe if someone did treat you that way you wouldn't have to long for it." I hear a gasp leave her. "I see how you look at my family when we're having one of our good moments."

"Oh so now you know me?"

"No because heaven forbid if someone other then Sashas try's. Why don't we save each other the headache and stick to fucking just each other the rest of our time here." I press my lips to her ear. "I can detect some jealousy coming from you."

"I have nothing to offer you I gave you more then one night you should be happy with that." She uses her ass to push me back a little but fuck if it didn't have the opposite affect. She spins and try's to get away but I grab her and shove her in my car. This girl is so fucking infuriating. And what the fuck was I thinking. Only fucking one girl this whole break. Why even suggest it?

When we get to the house we walk in to a shit stormSasha is standing in front of a wide eye Cain " YOU WERE WHATTTTTT?" My dad shouts making even me jump back. Dani goes to her and wraps her arms around her and she begins to fight against her and Ryder rushed over but she keeps fighting them. I feel like I'm being gutted alive fucking twin connection. Ryder begins telling my parents and Cain about the bonfire but Sasha takes off before he gets to what he saw.

I go to chase after her but my father stops me "I'll go to her. Can you and the guys train Dani for me please?" After Ryder finishes the story my dad pulls me away from listening ears. He grabs his book bag and hands me a needle. "I need you to inject Dani with this it's a tracker." No wonder he pulled my aside. If mom heard him she'd stab him, pussy.

"Mom will stab me if she finds out!" I say with wide eyes. Fuck that call me a pussy my mom is not one to piss off.

"Do you want something to happen to her while you're in New York getting shit settled to bring them home right? I had lost your mom for a fucking year because her tracker was blocked, trust me son that's not a feeling you want." What?

"What? No we're just I don't know what but it's not li"

"You can lie to yourself all you want but the way you are with her now, is how your mom and i was in the beginning. They are gonna have guards but no one can protect them like you boys. There's no telling what could happen! I'm not gonna sugar coat it her family can still get their hands on her"

"I'll fucking kill them."

"Sebastian it will be at least a month in a half - two before you can make it to them. A lot can happen two months. Your sister is proof of that."

I take the syringe and I nod my head. He's right if anything happened and I couldn't find her I'd blame myself because I have such a need to protect this girl.

I head to my room and throw on basketball shorts and a singlet. When I get downstairs Cain is in the kitchen standing by the island. When he notices my presence he walks up to me. "Hey I know we're supposed to help you train Dani but I, shit I need to do something for Sash." I nod my head and bro hug him before he walks out of the house. Dani comes walking down the stairs in short boy shorts and a sports bra. Shit how am I supposed to focus on training her with a raging erection.

Ryder already texted me saying he was bailing too. Got you all to myself. Haven't had sex in two days and she's walking around here half naked. "The two assholes bailed so it's just us." We both get in the car and head to my dads gym.

We get to the gym and we wrap our hands.

"So I have to hit you with all I got right?" She ask with a bright smile.

"Yes now lets go." We start off with her showing me what she's got and she's got an arm on her. We switch in to me trapping her certain ways and showing her how to get out of it. After a few rounds I give her break. She guzzles her water, and when she's done she starts messing on her phone and fuck. All I can think is how sexy she looks in her barely there training clothes. I'm kinda glad the guys bailed they don't need to see her like this. I silently creep behind her and lift her laying her on the ground and straddling her.

She flips us around so she's on top of me holding my hands above my head. Shes laughing and finally allowing herself to have fun. She scoots her butt back so now her core is right on top of my very painfully hard dick. Her eyes wide as she lets out a sound so low I practically missed it. I thrust my hips up causing her to let go of my hands so I pull myself up and go straight for her neck. She throws her head back and moans. I begin to kiss up to her jaw not going for her mouth.

The last thing I want, is to do something she's not okay with. She surprises me when she grabs the back of my head and kisses me, I waste no time slipping my tongue in to hers and battling her for dominance. She surrenders allowing me to deepen the kiss and flip us over.

Not wanting to ruin the moment with words I look into her eyes silently asking if this is okay. She respond by grabbing my shirt and pulling it off my body. That's all the confirmation I need. I shove off my shorts and underwear as she takes off hers I take my place on top of her and she wraps her tiny hand around my length and I twitch in her hand. I bring my hand to her lower lips and fuck she's dripping.

I slip two fingers in her and rub her clit with my thumb. Having enough of this I grab my dick and slam in to her. She lets out a cry of pleasure throwing her head back. She wraps her legs around me putting each foot on each of my butt cheeks and try's to control my thrust. I'm apparently not rough enough so I lift her legs over my shoulder and slam it to her. "Fuck baby doll you feel so good."

"Yes. Nova yyeeeessssss. Like that ba-nova fuckkkk." Her moans push me go go even harder I can feel her clenching around me.

"That's it baby clench around my cock cum for me"

She pulls my hair and smashes her lips against mine as she cums. I pull out of her and pump myself ready to release on her stomach but she pulls herself up and wraps her lips around my dick fuck, this girl is amazing. I wrap my hand in her hair and help her movements. I'm so close, I throw my head back moaning her name. She adds more suction and I shoot my babies down her throat.

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As she's catching her breath I reach over to my book bag and grab the syringe. I walk up to her as she's putting her shirt over her head and grab her head. I press my lips to hers and slam the needle in to her thigh. I feel the familiar sting in my face when she slaps me. "What the fuck? What did you just do to me." She doesn't give me a chance to talk, she walks out of the gym and takes off. I go out side to look for her but she's long gone.

I get in my car and drive around looking for her but when I check the tracker app I see she's moving toward home. I take some back roads trying to beat her there. I do win and I stand in the kitchen waiting. When she gets here she slams the door. "Why did you take off? You can't just leave like that."


"HE DID WHAT?" Shit I run behind the island and duck.

"Dad made me do it he said if I wanted to keep her safe I had to do it!!!!! Please don't stab me mommy!!!"

"You fucking snitch" my dad yells "Ooooowwww." Then I hear kissing Ew.

"Sebastian get out here now!" Fuck if I die today I'll never get to bury myself in Dani again. I put my hands up in surrender and slowly walk to the woman who will kill me. I turn my head to the glass doll in the corner and see fear in her eyes. She looks at me on the verge of tears. Fuck. I wink at her and blow a kiss before my mom wraps me in her arms. What.

"I'm proud of you!" -Cassie

"But you stabbed dad for doing it to us!"-Sebby

"He's and asshole and deserved it"- Cassie


"Shut it Kaden, I will do it again." We all visibly gulp. She walks over to Dani and hugs her. "You're officially one of us, and we will forever protect whats ours!" I can see her cry. But she wipes her face quickly and hugs my mom back. My fucking parents rock! She excuses herself, so I follow.

I sit on her bed waiting for her "I told you I have nothing to offer you we agreed on sex and nothing more." She says exhaustedly. I don't know why I'm so bothered by this. I wish every girl I fucked was like this, but in this moment I don't like it. Seeing her make-out with some random dickhead. Brought out something in me I never thought I'd feel, jealousy.

"Okay and it could stay just sex til we have to leave but we only fuck each other?" I offer. We keep cock blocking's each other anyways.

"So you're telling me for the rest of our time here I fuck just you?" I nod my head with a smirk that would have any girls panty drop. She walks to me with her lip between her teeth. I feel myself harden as I remember how amazing that mouth felt wrapped around me. She leans in to my ear and seductively whispers,

"Why settle for one sausage when there's a fest at the beach every night and boy are there oh so many?" She moans out the last part as she goes for her door oh no. I slam it before she fully opened it caging her in. I lean in to her hair.

"There Maybe soooo mmmaaannnyyyy but can they fuck you how you like? Really make you cum?"

I kiss her neck and opens the doors to walk out. Half way down I hear her wrestling with pillow, letting out her colorful vocabulary. WINNING!!

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