Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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The whistle

Danica's POV

After Sebastian left my room I started punching the pillows on my bed cussing up a storm. He had a valid point. I can fuck any guy I want but will they make me feel the way he does? I mean I've never orgasmed during sex before but I thought it was because of what my step-Dad/Brother did to me. I didn't think I was able to. Then a little cocky Casanova comes along and proves that nothing is wrong with me.

After hours of trying to sleep I gave up and snuck in to Sashas room. She was sleeping so I climbed in next to her and passed out. Today when I finally went to my room he wasn't in there. The whole day I didn't see him and tonight is the stupid bonfire. It's me Sash and Jameson hanging out in the living room we're watching Rylee while Cassie and Kaden handle some business. Next week Sash and I are taking over a few dance classes for Cass I can't wait.

I have Rylee laying on my chest as she sleeps and she's too precious for words I hum and pat her back as Sash and Jamie fight over what to watch. She wants to watch Sons Of Anarchy but he wants to watch 22 Jump street.

Just then Casanova walks in all macho man head high, no shirt, nice glistening 8pack abs probably just from the shower yummy. By the time my eyes takes him in and I meet his eyes he's already smirking at me. Asshole. "22 jump street, Sash you know Sons Of Anarchy is banned in this house."

"OoO did someone say Sons! I'm in." Cassie says when she walk in the door.


"Oh my gosh Kaden are you ever going to let it go? Jason is dead and Jax teller is a tv character who I'll never meet."

"I don't care Jason was real and he looked like his doppelgänger so by you ogling Jax all I see is you ogling your childhood crush dead or not!"

"Don't you dare go there Kaden because it was just a crush but if you want I can list off your fuck ups! We got Barbie, Barbie 2.0, KELSEA, oh and Jennifer!! Should I keep going?"

"Baaaabbbbbbeeeeeee why did you have to go there that was 20 years ago"

She places a kiss on his lips and come up to me taking Rylee and heading up the stairs

"Cassie! Cassie baby I'm sorry." Kaden whines as he follows her up the stairs. I wish I had someone to love me like that. I'm not foolish to think I could ever have that. I know they say they can protect me but they got too many children to look after they can't protect me too.

I let Sash and Jameson battle out their movie choice and head to my room for a mini nap before I have to get ready for this damn shindig tonight. When I get in to my room my phone vibrate.

Unknown: It seems someone broke through that barrier you put up!

Babydoll: who the hell is this?

Unknown: Awe you haven't stole my number yet I'm gutted my muñeca

Babydoll: ugh serious nova 🤦🏽‍♀️

Nova: 😉🤪

Babydoll: you could've just came to my room dummy!

Nova: is that an invitation

What a dork I don't respond I just put my phone down and take off my pants to lay down. I'm sorry but if you sleep with pants on you have issues. Just as I'm moving the blanket Sebastian walks in to my room.

"Awe are you getting ready for me?" He says with the cutest innocent smile. I grab one of my pillows and toss it at him. He runs to me and tackles me to the bed and begins tickling me and I thrash and laugh harder then I ever have. I use one the moves he taught me and flip us so I'm on top of him. He has a big smile and I can feel this warmth bloom and go through my body. My heart is acting all weird and my stomach feels like there's a tornado going on.

His features change in to concern as he sits up and cups my face with one of his hands. His sparkling blue eyes glued to mine. "Fine, yes!"


"I'll stick to just you."

His smile is bright as he kisses me hard and rough. "Okay but can we take a nap? I know your too horny but I need my rest you're wearing me out." I laugh at how serious he sounds and slap his chest before he rolls us over so he's big spoon and I'm little spoon. He places a kiss to the back of my head and I fall in to a peaceful slumber.


When I wake I'm still wrapped in novas arms but we have to start getting ready. I turn my body to face him and he's so beautiful when he's sleeping I can see his long light brown lashes that he doesn't deserve, his rosy cheeks that alway have a pink tint to them. His soft plump lips that I actually enjoy kissing. "Does this mean you think I'm sexy?"

"Shut it. Time to get out. I gotta shower and get ready." - Dani

"We can save water!" -Sebby

"If you come in we'll prob never leave." -Dani

"I promise no funny business" - Sebby

"Fine but hurry." - Dani

We take our shower and of course he lied but I can't say I'm mad. When we first got in he got on his knees and worked his magic tongue on me and after getting me to cum twice. When he was done He helped me wash and washed him self. When we got out he told me that was to hold me over til we get back home tonight and I honestly cannot wait.

I throw on a pair of sweat pants and a cami with a pair of white and black vans. When I meet everyone downstairs the twins got the cutest kitten. They named him Sylvester like Sylvester and Tweety and the name fits. We all pile in the car and head out.

Sebastian told me he wants to talk to Sasha so when we get there I take off with Cain and Jameson.

"So are you going to tell us the real reason you choked when they named the kitten?"

"You can't say anything its a surprise! I got Sasha a lovebird he should be ready to come home soon, and s/he's all yellow."

"Tweety and Sylvester" I say with a giggle. I'm starting to like him. I can see why Sasha loves him. After everything even this shit with Ryder he still goes and does this for her. After a while of messing around nova comes up to us. We all fall in to idle chit-chat. Suddenly a swarm of men in all black and mask come rushing in and shoots in the air yelling for everyone to get down. Sebastian grabs me and pulls me to the ground covering me with his body as everyone else does the same.

Sasha runs in and Sebastian starts flipping out screaming at her to get down. Ryder comes behind her and try's to fight one of the guys but he hits Ry with the butt of his gun causing ry to fall to the ground. Suddenly there's a whistle and she looks in to the distance and it's like she's in a trans. The melody being whistled is some where over the rainbow. The guys all yell at her to get down but she takes off towards the sound starting to whistle herself. I shove Sebastian off me and run after her. Cain is right on my heel. I hear a loud thump and when I look back I see Cain fighting against 5 masked men.

I want to help him but I need to get to Sash when I get to her I see a bald guy in blue jeans, a black shirt and cowboy hat. He's talking to her like he knows her. Says his name is Philip. What's even weird is she smiling. When she turns to see me next to her suddenly everything goes black.


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