Resisting The Prince Soldier (book 3)

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1 step forward 10 steps back

Sebastian's POV

After the masked men took off Ryder and me ran in the direction. Sasha, Dani, and Cain went. When we got there Cain was unconscious on the ground. We rush up to him and help him back to the car. I called my dad and briefed him on the situation. We drop Cain off at the house to his parent and head to the warehouse to meet my parents.

"Why didn't y'all fucking tackle her down or do anything to stop her? And you, you had Dani how the fuck could you let her go?" My father shouts at us as he paces the floor. My mom is as the desk with her head in her eyes as she crys.

We'll keep the tech guy here to watch for any hits on their trackers we'll have some men search the area. He thinks I wanted to let Dani go? There was no stopping her. Fuck this ache in my chest is unbearable. It feels like I have 5000 ton brick sitting on me and I want to kill everyone involved. My twin is gone, the girl who wormed herself in to my heart is gone fuck.


3 days later

Sashas tracker has been off but Dani's pinged were all getting ready to leave the house. We all are strapped and ready to blow that hell hole to pieces. Cain is finally back in action, just had a few bruises and a broken rib, but he refused to sit this out. Ryder keep messing with his gun aggressively as we all wait for everyone to finish getting ready.

"KADEN!! CASSIE! The girls are on the lawn out front. Their passed out." Jose yells from the front door. We all rush to the lawn to see them both in big shirts and nothing more. I immediately take off to Dani while Ry and Cain go to Sash. When we get the girls in side we set them down on the couch.

They both have track marks on their arms and my mom has been in a trans pacing the floor with wide eyes and tears streaming down her face. There was a dvd by the girls bodies with moms name on it. None of us seen it yet we're just waiting for them to wake up.

All of a sudden Dani shoots up and starts screaming. I grab her and try to calm her but it's no use not even a minute later Sash does the same. Ryder and Cain try to calm her, and once she calms she rushes over to Dani, pushing me away. When she finally gets Dani calm the both embrace each other and begin crying. My parents join them and the girls begin to repeatedly apologize to my mom.

My mom kick us guys out of the living room so she can talk to the girls in private. We leave the living room but we stay outside and listen. Don't judge us we need to know. They tell my mom that Philip put shock collars on them and made them watch videos of my moms torture when she was taken. Then he drugged them and vividly described all the shit they planned to do to them. Had both girls thinking the other was getting raped and beaten. Even played a loop of my moms screams.

I can't take it anymore! I grab my car keys and head to the gym. I spend a few hours at the gym letting out all my anger and frustration. When I get back home everything is dark or dimly lit which tells me everyone is pretty much a sleep. I see my dad at the table. He's in sweat pants and a t-shirt and he honestly looks like shit.

"How are they?" I ask. His head snaps to me and his eyes are redder then the devils dick.

"The girls are in their rooms resting and your mom had to be sedated." He rubs his hands down his tired face. "I. I saw the dvd." He begin to cry. "I can't believe your mom had to go through all of that. I can't believe he forced those girls to have to watch that and to listen-" He can't even finish his sentence with how hard he's crying I wrap my arms around him.

After a bit he goes up to lay down. When I go up stairs to check on the girls I hear a bird whistling the closer I get to Sash room. When I get to her door Cain is walking out. "How is she?" I ask

"She's sleep now. I got her a bird. She named it tweety. It's sleeping on her bed post." I nod and go check on Dani. She's curled in to a ball in the middle of the bed. Her hair is wet and her breathing shallow. I kiss the top of her head getting ready to get in the bed with her til I hear Sash scream. I run to her room and pull her in to my arms. I lay back with her and pull her to me like I always do when she had nightmares.

Sometime during the night I hear Sashas door open and I see Dani she has tears streaming down her cheeks but when she sees me she goes to walk out. "Hey come here baby doll! There's space." At first she hesitant but she finally comes and snuggles up to my other side. We both allow sleep to consume us.

I'm woken to the sound of tweety chirping merrily as if no one is sleeping. I groan and stretch realizing only one other person is in the bed with me. Next to me Sashas body is shivering. Probably from the drugs leaving her system. I pull away from her gently as to not wake her. Last night was hell with both girls whining in their sleep and me having to soothe them. I'm angry, I'm hurting, I'm terrified, and most of all I'm a mess. A huge fucking ball of a mess.

I head to Dani's room to check on her. When I open her door I see her sitting on her bed rocking back and forth knees pulled to her chest her head buried in her crossed arm that resting on her knees. I get on the bed with her and when she feels the bed dip she jumps back and stares at me with wide eyes. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you."

I say nervously.

I get closer to her and try to pull her to me but she pulls herself back. "I. We. I can't do this what ever we started it's over Sebastian." What. NO

"The hell it is. I know you're scared I get it fuck but please don't do this please Dani! I am here for you! Fuck we just took a step forward we can't just go back." I rush out frantically. I don't want this to end. Shit even when we all leave I don't want this to end. I fucking want her so bad it hurts. My dad was right there is no worst feeling then the person you love being taken and not being able to find them. Love. Shit I love Danica.

"Yes we can we all go our separate ways in five days. Now please just go." Her eyes betray her because I can see the pain in her eyes and can see she feels it's. Fuccckkk. Why must she always fight against this.

"No! You are not doing this Dani I know you feel this too. It's not just about sex any more!" I try to fight her on this.

"Get the fuck out Sebastian NOOOOWWWW." She screams.

Fine she wants me gone I'll go. I storm out her room and head down stairs. Ry, Cain and Jameson all sit there looking like shit. "Party tonight anyone?" I angrily ask.

"The girls are going through some shit we can't just leave them!" Jameson says back a bit harshly.

"And they refuse to leave their rooms, after all shit that's happened I need alcohol and pussy."

"Are you fucking serious right now? After how fucking crazy you were when she was missing and now you're gonna go fuck someone else. I know damn right titi and tio raised you better then that." He growls out.


"She is confused and scared what the fuck do you expect. If you do this, you don't fucking deserve her."

"Fuck you!"

"Well go with you!" Cain says as Ryder nods his head. Can't fucking wait!!

Why is it always one step forward 10 back with this girl?


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