Valentina Bonded - Book 3

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At first we are bound to our responsibilities. Stuck with our choices. Even as our options expand we are limited within ourselves. It takes Valentina breaking free of what binds her to be free to be bond to love.

Erotica / Romance
Carol Tan
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Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

There was an episode of Billions in which two of the characters woke up in what seemed like a sex hangover. Maggie Siffs’s character eyes flittered across the floor scrutinizing the evidence scattered around the room; a flogger, cloth sash, and such. Today might be my sex hangover.

That feeling, when you NEED a drink to numb. Yesterday, I NEEDED pleasure to awaken every cell and every nerve in my body. Because when I saw Jake, a man that I thought could be my soulmate, with another woman that was pregnant, my spirit stroked, leaving my soul paralyzed.

You do realize that you were with Tommy, right?

Yes, but Jake knew about Tommy. And Tommy isn’t pregnant. So, yes, I very much needed a stiff drink of Tommy.

Tommy has been working hard for several months to prove to me that he can be everything he has promised when we were together back in California. He was my heartbreak last summer and he followed me to New York City, later better than never, to win me back. After the forgiveness and new scenes tapped over the unpleasant ones, there was one storyline that kept me from fully giving into Tommy. Jake. And Nate. SHIT!

Tommy is in the kitchen making breakfast. His whistling and the aroma penetrated my sleep and drifted me to consciousness. About last night’s montage started to play as my mind caught up to the rest of me. The dirty martini that segued into multiple bubbles flowing. Bold and spicy reds lounge cozily for hours and smoky scotch capped off the night. The corner of my lips smolders as my mind calls up clips.

“Knock, knock,” I wanted to respond with who’s there as a joke but I opted to just smile at Tommy.

I leave for Italy tonight, flying into Pisa then driving to Florence to meet my family. My mom, Nonna was born in Fiorenza and grew up here until she twelve when her family moved to the Bay Area where they have all scattered within thirty minutes of one another.

My father’s family were from Sicily, where we will spend our second week, which will be nice because of the beaches. My younger sister Stella just finished her first year at the Cornish School of Arts in Seattle, Washington. Hence whey we are vacationing the first two weeks of August, she will be heading back just in time to start her second year.

As Tommy closes the distance between us, my being aches for him to be back in bed. But my grumbling stomach wins and breakfast smells too good. As fancy as breakfast can get, I am happy with the traditional two eggs, bacon, toast, and avocado. Simple, clean, and colorful when plated.

“Champagne my Queen.”

“To you!” I raise my glass to Tommy. I am about to leave for a couple of months and he is taking it all very well.

I work for Wanderlust: A Dreamer’s Travel Guide, which is INK Media’s travel magazine. My boss, Jessica, has signed off on my editorial on the Italian way of life, like a cliff note version of French Women Don’t Get Fat. My goal is to inspire the world, especially metropolitan Americans, to live more passionately in life and with food.

“How are you able to contain yourself? You are about board a plane where on the other end is your family and your ancestry.”

“Its all surreal, and of course I am buzzing out of my body. But that is hours from now, now I want to focus on living passionately with you and this amazing breakfast.”

Tommy loves my appetite. I am not the typical California girl that is afraid of fats and gluten. I would rather dance, or sex, off calories than lose out on them.

“I was thinking that maybe you can meet me after my family leaves, bring your camera and capture my experience in Italy the way you did with me and New York City. Those photos are so amazing, you are so gifted. Your photographs would polish my editorial. And imagine them on our App.” Yes, I may be laying some groundwork here.

“Firstly, this trip is for you. I am waiting for you to hurry up and discover Valentina so that I can bathe forever in her being. Secondly, this is a great time for me to head home and spend time with my parents.” Noted, no response to his photos gracing the pages of Wanderlust and he is heading home.

Not today, nothing is going to ruin my day. Tommy will see his spread in September’s issue very soon and he will see how his lens is a great storyteller. And maybe if I move in here when I am back from Italy, we can make this our primary residence and the only place either of us will come home to for a while.

“Now, why don’t you be a good boy and clean up breakfast while I freshen up for bed,” I wink, jumping out of bed and skipping towards the shower.

I meant it when I said that 24 hours in love is exactly what the doctor ordered and we have a lot of hours left.

Tommy renovated the master bathroom and the kitchen, the rest of the apartment he left alone because he knew I would love the characteristics. He knows how important my privacy is in the mornings. Our Japanese toilets are placed at either corner of the bathroom. Same with our sinks. He has way more products than I do, ah, my high maintenance metrosexual man.

Through the double glass doors, you are greeted by a claw foot tub. Which came with the original bathroom but has been updated and moved. Behind that is a shower for the Gods and Goddesses. There is no door allowing its occupants to walk through the shower. If it were not for the hanging showerheads and medley of sprays and nozzles along each side of the walls, one would think is this was an impressive archway in the middle of a bathroom. Built-in benches extend from the walls, need I say more.

Stella and I once visited a spa in Seattle that had this shower, it was as if you were sitting under a waterfall in Hawaii. When we were in Kaua’i, I shared our amazement with him. Standing under the flowing water, I am transported to the memory of our paradise life. My heart full of the magic of the island and my finger, the ring is still on my finger. I catch Tommy glimpsing at it often but not once has he inquired.

“Bonus points on this shower,” I compliment as I hear Tommy enter the room.

“It was designed with you in mind. You said when we were in Kaua’i you could get used to bathing under a waterfall every day.”

"And how right was I?"

“Very. May I wash you?” The last time a man washed me was Benji and that did not end well.

I turned and placed my hands on Tommy’s cheeks, dreaming into his eyes. That crooked smile flirts me into a kiss. My mouth exploring his, one does not tire of lips so gifted. I move from his lips to his ears, my hands push down on his shoulders as I stretch onto my toes to access his lobes, nibbling gently. Tommy lifts his chin as my teeth traces along his law line.

“Mmmm. Woman, how you bring out the Beast within me.” His jaw tensing as his savage grows.

“Looks like someone needs to be domesticated.”

“I welcome your desire to tame me.”

“What if I don’t want you tamed?”

My lips travel along his neck, tongue caressing his collarbone. Resting on the sweet spot where his shoulder and pecs dip and merge. Sucking my mark into this groove. Biting and sucking at his pecs, swirling at his nipples as my hands round up his wild. Breaking his urgency, mastering his growth. Allowing him to reach with each stroke, extending his berth to capacity. I kneel before him. Looking up into his eyes as they plead to me. I lick and nibble his tip.

“My Goddess, my temptress, I beg of you.”

Holding his eyes, I validate my talent as he moans against the back of my throat. Our eyes dare each other to enact inimitably our artistry. I paint his canvas with delight full strokes with my tongue, steadying the base with my hands. Gently massaging his balls.

His hand tethered in my hair, force lubrication onto his shaft, which I gladly put to use as my fingers find their way around his ass. Teasing around the edges, testing the waters before I dive in. As his body eases, I dip a finger in, he tightens at first, so I pause both my tongue and my finger hold still. His eyes close, his lips part and as he exhales, I find my way in deeper and my tongue punishes his shaft for the interruption. He concedes to my finger play.

I see why men pleasure from penetration. Knowing each motion coerces rapture percolating within. The power of effect. The submission to trust, it's safe to delight in all that our bodies yerns and deliberates in cloak-n-dagger.

I laugh deep at my throat as I see his right hand holding rails above his head that I did not notice before. The vibration aroused Tommy more. He did think of everything.

I know I just had breakfast but I am eager to taste Tommy. Knowing he will be capable of round two with no effort at all, I picked up my game. My fingers burrowed, my throat opened, and my hand jerked rhythmically. Keeping my pace. A finger moving in and out, cock deeper and deeper, hand swifter and grip tighter. I can feel he is close so I am more precise in my delivery. My finger working faster, my gag more frequent and my hands rapid.

“Oh shit! Val! You are going to make me…” mmmm, he is so delicious.

I allow Tommy to pulse into me every drop of his liberation. A feast for any Queen. My hands move along his body as if he was a ladder. Pulling myself up to kiss him. Leveraging him to reach the bars. Thanks to years of ballet and pilates, I am a master with bars. Tommy hangs, arms on each bar, if he let go he would fall to the ground as I sucked any feelings from his legs. Using my core, I lifted my legs over his shoulders, the warmth of his breath whispered at my sex.

“May I?” He whispers.

She purrs as he lightly blows at her, cooling down the fire that burns from her nub. His eyes close taking in the full fragrance of her. Take away one sense and the other magnifies. My girl, she is sweet and juicy. Contracting my abs and tensing my ass to lift my pelvis closer to his lips. His tongue impulsively licks at my folds. I grind precisely onto his face, guiding his tongue from my pussy to my ass and back. I hinge forward to take his tongue into my pussy. Easing his parlance to school me. Tommy swirls and swishes as I channel Summer Love's mastery of motion. My hips moving up and down, right and left then forward and back. This dance I am able to teach Tommy. He laps up my zest; spicy and tangy.

“Oh, Tommy, I love how you delight in my flavor.”

Tommy agreed by devouring me. Fully recharged his hands grab at my ass. Holding me to his face as his primal feeding makes me gush. His fingernails dig into my rear offering just enough pain to increase my pleasure. His thumb deep in my ass, making room, easing and spreading at my entry. The excitement of his cock in my ass pushes me onto his thumbs. He sucks at my clit making my nipples jealous and an orgasm escapes my body.

Swifty, he draws on my offering to help his fingers explore his destination. Carefully he carries me towards the bench. My kitty hisses as he moves my hips from his lips and lifts my body off him. Bent over so my hands are on the bench, Tommy lifts my left leg onto his arm baring my ass to him. Taking a final sweep and excavation with his tongue and fingers, compliant I receive. In one great motion, he is in, deep. I screech. He holds to feel my body adjust, squeezing, and pulsing, then relaxing. As my secretion allows his speed and depth increase.

“Mmmm, Tommy, that’s it...this is so good.” I delight.

Like a good athlete, Tommy stretches for a perfect landing. Loving the feedback from his target, he aims to please. The pleasure from him fucking my ass is indescribable. It is just too good. An ecstasy like no other. I can feel my mind float off into a satisfying abyss. We could stay like his forever. So, good. My cells waltz to his pace, gliding in and out, hypnotizing and euphoric. Oh the Gods, what this man does to me.

For Tommy, the feeling of my ass is all he can handle to not lose his load. For me, I am there, that feels so good nothing else matters. He moves faster and deeper, always gentle. I can feel he is at his max and ready. I push back at him so that he completely fills me, letting him know, he can fill me. Grateful for the green light, he takes my cue and fucks me hard and fast.

My head is dizzy and my pussy is delicate. Tommy is ready to come and wants me to join. As he is about to blow, he grazes my clit, and that was all I needed.

“Oh, the Gods Tommy!!! Yeah!!!!”

Tommy is so hot for me, he pulses for a bit until he fully empties into me. His cum dripping from my ass. His heart beating against my back as he rests onto me. Completely sated and spent.

Finishing our shower together, we slipped nakedly back into bed. We decided on a classic, When Harry Met Sally, all we can do at this point is laugh and snuggle. Our bodies waved white flags and we retreated.

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