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Ayu Avery Almarides, is a 21 years old plus size woman from the Philippines who finished Bachelor of Secondary Education with Masters – She’s an orphan until she finished her studies and left to work. All she has is herself, her degree, and the man she meets when she was still on her high school years, Renju. A guy from Hungary, his nationality is Indian and has a whole and happy family who supports him in everything he does. What life to Ayu is simply living at the moment and to always move forward as long as you have the faith – the world is cruel to her yet she still see the good in everything and because of that it makes her special and beautiful. She is confident with herself and it makes men fall for her and find her attractive without her knowing. Until one day at the supermarket she meets the man who will change her view in life, love and relationships. Mikael Antonio Knight, famous entrepreneur, mafia king, and a successful heir of the Alumi-Knight Company. He is ruthless, bad temper, and has he gets whatever he wants. After seeing Ayu, he contacted all of his private investigators to search and find out who the woman of his dreams is. From that day he promised himself to get her no matter what it takes.

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Being in this soft bed makes me want to sleep more – I badly need it because of last night. We made love yes, and it was with this man named Renju. He and I have known each other for the past eight years and back then we were both students and in a long distance kind of flirtationship. Well you can’t blame me he’s a nice guy, totally smart and caring, and also at the same time jerk.

I was too young before to know and what is my purpose on why I find him like a person whom I’ll spend the rest of my life with; all is now clear to me. I was 16 when I met him on a dating app, I was searching for true love and of course he was on flings, he isn’t into dating so yeah it was pretty awful situation for me and he was 28 back then – a mechanical engineering student with specialization on fluid mechanics.

Okay to cut the story short, we met in person after I finished my school and he had a stable job, I came here in Hungary to see how things will go and now, the sex is really good and I have my job, I have him even though we’re not in a relationship or so but yes, that’s how my life works.

~back to reality~

“Babi, move over there please, I can’t even breath if you keep on doing that silly thing this early in the morning. GEEEZ!” I said it with annoyance because Renju keeps on hugging me like I’m a soft pillow, he does it every fucking morning since the day I moved here in Hungary and to his place. Yes, it’s cute but it is annoying at some point.

“I know you love it.” He said it like the sure professor he is at the university. “I can’t stop myself from touching you and all sorts of….” He said it then kiss me tenderly.

I love it when he kisses me and slowly his hands move professionally, touching every part of my body, his hands were like made just for my body. I can never be protected by my oversize shirt because I have no undergarments down there – slowly I am getting turned on by him. He knows exactly which part of my body is sensitive to his touches, I moved my hands in the back of his head to make the kiss deeper.

I wanna taste him, how his morning breath taste it’s like a peppermint that intoxicates me and gives me shiver down my spine and makes me feel so warm. I couldn’t understand how my body reacts to every movement that Renju gives me, he makes me blush like a fucking tomato.

“You’re blushing again baby”, “Because you make me blush like a stupid tomato asshole.”

Then and there, he did again make make me cum and be on my own cloud nine. Pleasure and moans is what you can just hear from our home. He sucked my breast like a mad baby crying for its milk. He praised my body like it’s his oxygen, he touched my body like it was his and he can never let go of it. He planted kisses everywhere then he found my bud “So wet for me. This is mine love, only mine.” He sucked me and slammed two fingers inside of me.

“Fuck, ooooooohhhhhhh. Don’t stop, fuckkkkkkk.”

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