The Officer’s Wife

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When Rayanne leaves her quaint home town of 192 people to start a new career in California living with her best friend Layla, she had no idea her match making friend was playing Cupid with her heart. Maverick Randa was the Sergeant of the LA Police Department and had become like a brother to Layla. When he told Layla he was looking to hire a new secretary she recommended her lifelong friend who she had just recently talked into moving to LA. Randa was never the get mixed up with a groupie or be reckless when it came to dating, but when Rayanne walked into his life he realized he was slowly coming unraveled by this woman. Travel the journey of love through the eyes of Rayanne, Sergeant Randa, Layla and the rest of the department and find out if these two find true love or will it be just another lust affair lost? Watch as things heat up and bloom between them and follow their journey into the lust laced love affair they heatedly engage in. 🖤This book is dedicated to MY HUSBAND, my life, my love.... My soulmate!🖤 Explicit sexual scenes. 18+ All rights reserved ©️

Erotica / Romance
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Making The Move

She packed the last of her stuff in the back of her little stick shift and said her good-byes to family and friends. As she drove away, she watched the quiet little town disappear in her rearview mirror.

She had lived her entire life in the little town of Austin, Nevada, population 192. Her childhood best friend, Layla, had moved to California right after high school. She had been nagging Rayanne for years to make the move and come stay with her.

Finally, realizing that there really wasn't much left in Austin for her, she packed up her things and headed off to Los Angeles.

Layla was so excited to have Rayanne move in with her. She had searched for a roommate for months and finally when Rayanne started talking about moving to Los Angeles Layla immediately told her she could come room with her.

Rayanne properly gave a two week notice at her job with the Lander County Courthouse and was happy to schedule an interview that Layla recommended her for.

'LA Police Department', she thought as she drove along US-395S. She had somewhat of a long drive ahead of her, and a lot of time to think.

As she took a deep breath, she pondered the change of career she was making, that is IF she were to get the job. Then again, working in law was what she did and even though it was a different chapter of law career, she was confident she would do well if given the opportunity.

When she reached Independence, California she decided to find a place to stay for the night. She got a late start and had been driving almost 5 hours, which considering the time of day was enough for any person.

She checked herself in at the Winnedumah Hotel at around 10pm, which was actually one of only two hotels in the area. It was a cute little place, but nonetheless she intended to eat and get some sleep because the next day she would be on her way again for the second half of her 10-hour drive.

'I must be crazy to have let you talk me into this' she was texting to Layla when her phone rang.

"So, where are you? How close? When will you be here?" Layla chirped excitedly on the other end of the phone.

"Oh my god Layla, calm down" Rayanne began saying. "You know darn well I am only about halfway there. I must be crazy to have let you talk me into this. I should have sold my car and flown."

"Like that was an option" Layla chuckled, "you love that car."

"Ugh, I know, but this drive is murder alone."

The two continued to talk about the trip, how much Layla couldn't wait to show Rayanne around, and how excited she was to have her come work with her.

"I don't even have the job yet," Rayanne reminded her. "Don't jinx me."

"Girl, it's a formality," Layla said. "Your background and referral by me is more than enough to secure you the position, and for the record, the Sergeant is pretty easy on the eyes too, if you ask me. Or anyone for that matter."

"LAYLA!" Rayanne yelled into the phone.

"What? I'm not blind you know. The man is attractive." Layla replied in an indignant tone which made both of them laugh.

They said good night and as she drifted off to sleep Rayanne couldn't help but think about what Layla had said about the Sergeant.

'Ugh, she is so guy crazy.' She thought. 'Besides, it's not like I'm going to try and date someone I work with, or for, for that matter. Plus, Layla was always the one who was the cop groupie, not me.' Yet she couldn't stop wondering just how attractive this man might be.


Having planted the seed, will Layla continue to push for Rayanne in her Sergeant's direction, or will Rayanne simply dismiss the idea and find other ways to entertain herself.

Keep reading to see if Rayanne will get the job with the LAPD and whether she does or does not, will she too become a cop groupie with her friend or find love in the arms of one particular officer.

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