Yes Big Brother

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She doesn't want to go with her mom and stepdad to a boring baseball game. She stays home, while her brother decides to 'babysit' her. She wants revenge, and what better way to get revenge than by having some amazingly rough hardcore sex.

Erotica / Drama
Violet Love🌺
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Yes Big Brother

“Get up, we have to go.” Mom throws a pillow on me. I growl and stumble out of bed. Ever since she got married to my stepdad, Josh, she’s always been up my ass about how amazing he is and is always forcing me to go to some random ass baseball games Josh likes. Mom has never been into sports, but ever since she got married that’s all her life is now, trying to like everything he likes.

My stepbrother, Jake is even worse. The second he moves into our house, he became the king of it all. He made me switch rooms with him, he always hogged the bathroom, and he restocked the fridge with a bunch of complete garbage. Juice, soda, beer, ice cream, and so much more junk that makes me want to die. It amazes me how Jake is always able to stay fit from eating all that junk. Mom knows it too, but she’s so desperate for love, that she has to go along with everything and act like it’s okay.

Instead of going to another boring ass game, I decide to tell mom I’m not going, and there is nothing she can do about it.

“No your going.” She says with a straight face.

“Are you fucking kidding!” I say frustrated. I want to punch her and hopefully knock some sense into her dumbass.

“Language.” Jake smiles as he comes up behind mom with an apple in his hand. I think that’s the only healthy thing I ever see him eat.

“Fuck you, Jake.”

Mom’s face is red. I can’t tell if it’s from anger or embarrassment. Either way, I could care less.

“Why not just let her stay?” Josh says coming up behind me. My vibes were already low from the start, so him coming in just makes life worse. “After all I’ve noticed she doesn’t have to love for sports as you do.” Jost rubs my shoulder with his hand, and I immediately jerk away.

“A-are you sure?” Mom says even redder when she sees his hand on me again.

“Of course, and I’ll stay and babysit her,” Jake says giving me a slight smirk and a wink.

Oh hell no, Jake is the last person I want to be around right now. “No, I’m good.”

“It’s not a choice.” He glares at me. Knowing I’m not gonna win the older brother vs little sister battle, I shrug my shoulders and go to my room.

It’s been about ten minutes ever since they left and I’m already bored. I’m still upset about the fact that Jake is ‘babysitting’ me. In fact, I’m angry at him for everything he’s done and the way he’s changed our ways in the house. So maybe I should teach him a lesson of his own. He deserves it anyway.

I hop off my bed and sprint to my closet. I look in a couple of drawers until I find my favorite black mini-skirt with rose laces on the rim of the skirt. I slide it on without any underwear and put on a white t-shirt without a bra. I think this is gonna be the best revenge I’ve ever made on somebody. I check myself out in the mirror and god I look sexy! I let my hair down and allow it to drape over my shoulders. That should do it.

I’m not surprised to see him playing Mortal Kobat when I step into his room. He’s so into the game that he doesn’t even see or hear me walk in. He’s sitting at his desk, which is perfect.

“Hey,” I say. He rolls his eyes and ignores me. I grab the remote to his tv and turn it off. His face goes red and he throws his controller on his beanbag.

“What the fuck?” He says looking at me. His voice trails off when he sees that I don’t have a bra.

“Next time pay attention to me and that won’t happen.” I shrug and crawl onto his bed.

“Wh-what the fuck are you doing?” He says still somewhat angry. I stare at his pants and notice his bulge.

“Just getting revenge that’s all.” I smile. I lay on his bed face the ceiling. It’s so soft and nice.

“Your getting revenge by laying on my bed.” He glares again.

I don’t answer. Instead, I spread my legs open and begin to play with my pussy right in front of him. I lick my lips as I feel the pleasure on me. This feels really good. I turn to look at Jake, and his face is completely shocked in such a sexy way.

“Come over here.” I giggle, he doesn’t hesitate and stands from his desk and stands at the edge of the bed. He looks down at me smirking at the sight. “Eat me. Now.” I demand, fuck this feels good to do.

Jake leans down and while looking at me, and takes a long hard lick on my clit. I cry out and attempt to close my legs, but he keeps them open. His tongue keeps swirling my pussy, exploring every single inch of it. Oh, this is perfect.

“Don’t you dare stop.” And he doesn’t, I really have this guy in my hands now.

I was just about to squirt on his bed when he stops. I look at him confused. “You know, I think it should be me getting revenge on you, for ruining my game.” Oh shit. I laugh at him, but his face remains serious and still. “Turn over on your stomach.”

“Fuck no,” I say, but I already knew I would regret it. Without any sign of warning, he grabs my waist and roughly turns me over. Then he pushed my skirt up and spanks me hard. “Ah fuck!” I yell.

“Next time you do as I say, do you understand me?” He growls in my ear while pulling my hair. I’m in too much shock to answer, so I just remain quiet. “Do you understand me?!” He yells.

“Yes,” I say horrified for what’s about to come.

“Say ‘yes big brother’.”

“Yes, big brother.”

He spanks me again and I cry, “Louder!”

“Yes, big brother!” I don’t know what to do anymore except lay there like a rag doll.

Within seconds I can hear him pull his pants down. He slaps his huge dick on my ass, and that felt amazing. Though the great feeling didn’t last long once he shoved his dick inside of my pussy.

“Oh fuck, you are a tight bitch aren’t you.” He groans.

He moves his hips slowly, but soon his pace begins to accelerate. I moan so loudly I'm scared our neighbors might hear me. But as of right now, I don't give a fuck.

"Harder." I beg, "please be a good big brother and go harder on me."

"You want this harder?" He asks wickedly.

"Yes, big brother."

"I'm sorry I couldn't fucking here you?" He slaps me in the face.

"Yes, big brother!!" I cry and moan at the same time. There's something about him slapping me and fucking me at the same time that is just so hot.

His large cock throbs inside of me, wanting to cum. I'm on the verge of cumming myself, and I can't wait for it. Jake yanks my head back with my hair and spits on my cheek, and then slaps me again, but way harder than the first time. I'm sure it left a mark.

"Cum, now. I want you to cum for me right now and squirt on this fucking dick." He spanks my ass again, "do you understand me?"

"Yes, b-big brother!"

He's fucking me so hard I can't help but scream. The bed is rocking back and forth to his motions, and my ass his clapping hard on his dick. All of this together makes me wanna cum and squirt my juices everywhere. His cock continues to move back and forth until I can't take it anymore, and I cum everywhere.

"Oh my fucking god!!" I scream.

Jake laughs at me and goes harder. "Yes, just like that you little slut, cum on this dick just like that."

After seconds of my orgasm, Jake cums letting out a loud grown, and a few deep humming sounds.

"Your a fucking asshole," I mumble. I turn over to face him and he glaring.

"Bitch I know for a fact I just gave you the best orgasm of your life," he breathes heavily, "Now shut the fuck up and clean my bed." He slaps my pussy which causes a huge aftershock.

"Yes, big brother."

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