Beyond the Skin

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I will not be another flower, picked for my beauty and left to die. I will be wild, difficult to find, and impossible to forget. ~Erin Van Vuren No power, in this world, could resist the beauty Dhara was. She was like the sun ~bright, powerful, fiery, glowing and dangerous yet warm when close. She held the world around her together. Some worshipped her and some did curse. But only if that could bother her. To her, everyone was beautiful. Easy for her to say that. Who was she? A sixteen-year old child with a volatile and spontaneous mind. My child. It was raining the season we met. Raining wishes that were promised to be fulfilled. I drenched in one of them. What did it feel like when she looked at you from across the room, I did find now. What did it feel like when she touched you, I burned. But, now, even if it kills me to look at her and look after her, I shall stop breathing to let her have the last of the breath. My Goddess in my hearth and I shall do every damn thing that a God man does. Worship her.

Erotica / Romance
D. R.
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She was the one.

She ought to be the one.

One must have studied the phenomenon of diffraction in his elementary school, she was a live example of that. Somehow she was illuminating, every inch of her body, every subtle noticeable curve was glowing, making her feminine figure stand out. He was behind her, safely tucked inside the lushness of his Aston Martin while she walked along the unacquainted streets of the town. Alone. There was a slight sway to her hips and a vibration passing to her thick thighs with every step she moved as if there was nothing extraordinary for a girl to walk in this part of the town at this Ungodly Hour. She reeked of youth - spring. As if it was the first spring of her life.

She was ripe.

Geez. He sounded like him. He wondered what would be his reaction after knowing about this girl. His Girl. Smiling to himself, he drove behind her casually.

How careless could this girl be for not noticing someone moving behind her for the past half n hour.

Yes, its been that long since he found her but he wasn't ready to confront her yet. And so wasn't she. He was driving from the bar to his house when he had to pull the brakes all of a sudden to let her cross the road. She seemed to walk in an unhurried pace when she crossed his car. She looked everywhere and nowhere in particular. Her hands were wrapped around herself as she was cold. And maybe she actually was, given the weather tonight.

Clouds loomed over their heads. It was going to rain soon.

He couldn't see her face but for the hoodie that covered her face; though he could tell just like the rest of her body, her face must be shining, glowing and captivating. Its been what like years since he felt this sort of pull towards a person much rather simply their body. She held people's attention with the way she walked. He watched how everyone took a moment out of whatever they were busy doing to steal a glance at her.

She wore faded high-waist blue jeans that were snug to her legs like skin. He also took a moment from the task at his hand to think about her skin. From what he could see, her hoodie stopped midriff and displayed a small patch of that skin. From this far, it was hard to tell much, but it was golden, fairly tanned. Her ass was something that he couldn't take his eyes off. Every other moment, he'd find his gaze fleeting to that swollen flesh of her lower back. It stood out and mocked him for his helplessness of not being able to caress it.

Fuck this.

He rubbed his palms over his face and pushed the black strands of hair back from his forehead. God, this girl...finally found her. He would have to spread the word around now. He was momentarily happy, then confusion dawned over his sharp features. Was he sure? Was she actually the one they were looking for? What if he was wrong? At this moment, they couldn't afford any more trial and errors on their part. He could almost feel the hopes of all of his people weighing on his shoulders. He shivered.

Maybe she was just a normal girl with extraordinary beauty.

Or maybe she was just the one he was looking for.

He looked above at the roof of his car and groaned. At that very moment she stopped and started turning out. Slowly and slightly. Inch by inch. She didn't move her body completely, just barely looking over her shoulder. Under the faint lights of the poorly lit streetlamps, he could put a tick across the columns of high cheekbones and straight nose in his mind. Her hair fell over her forehead. He kinda liked it. Just when she was about to drop her gaze at the hood of his car, she stopped. She looked straight in a particular direction.

Even he had to turn his head to that direction to see what finally captured her attention. He found nothing but darkness there. It was as if nobody existed here.

Was this some dream? Was he having one of his visions ?

When he turned back to look her, he took in a sharp breath. She was smiling over her shoulder. The tantalizing curve of her lips turned upwards, mocking him.

She knew he was following her. He could see it all in that smile. Just how stupid was this girl to allow a stranger to do that, he thought. But then another thought crossed his mind and hammered across his heart. She wasn't stupid. She was dangerous. She was dangerous enough to make him follow her aimlessly around the town for no good purpose at all.

He loathed her for a moment. Then he closed his eyes. If he was right and she was the one he was looking for, the pleasure would come to everyone. And if she wasn't, she was solely reserved for his pleasure then. All of that light she gave out, that sway of her body, the plumpness and swell of her body that wouldn't even fit his larger than large palms, would be his. He smiled to himself at the thought.

By the time he opened his eyes, she was gone.

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