The Forbidden Lust ~ The Dark Side of Pleasure

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In this, the 4th book in the Erotic Short Stories ~ The Forbidden Lust collection you will have your mind thrown into the realm of the unknown. This collection of erotic exploits focuses primarily on the underworld of imagination and sinful sexual pleasures. As with my other books, all that you see here is fanfiction. Pure imagination & exploration of eroticism of the mind. I hope you continue to enjoy my works. This book contains several short stories, all of which will engage your sexual fantasies in a fashion taboo, supernatural, unreal and somewhat demonic. Each story will take you on a sexual exploitation of demonology and sinful physical and emotional lust. The characters take on the identity your mind gives them as they tap into the forbidden pleasure of another dimension. Immerse yourself into the digital pages of fantasy eroticism. Explicit sexual actions. 18+ Please VOTE if you like and follow for notifications of new books written by me. Thank you for your support. Explicit sexual actions. 18+ Please VOTE if you like and follow for notifications of new sections to this book and new books written by me. Thank you for your support. All rights reserved ©️

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Puppet Master

It was like something straight out of Nightmare on Elm Street, only sexual and erotic in fashion.

Every time she would fall asleep her dreams were plagued with the same monstrous figure who wanted to sexually exploit her and use her body in ways she had never imagined.

At first she just thought it was her mind toying with her in her dreams until she realized how much she ached the next day.

She would wake soaked in her own orgasmic relief and there would be marks, bruises and areas of her body that ached in a manner that told her somehow the sexual abuse she experienced in her dreams physically manifested through her body.

That night as her eyes started to get heavy, she fought to stay awake. She wanted to greet this demonic creature that stole great sinful pleasures from her body each night, but before long she had dozed off into yet another sinfully real experience on a whole different dimensional plateau.

"You will never find me during your conscious wake" his voice echoed in the room.

She looked around, it appeared to be her bedroom, but with almost a haze filter in the air. Her hands run over her naked skin and she heard the creature moan in delight as he watched her.

"Mmm, yes, that's it my pet, feel the bare flesh of your body" his voice eerie and sinister.

"Feel your dirty cunt as you get wet thinking of the ways I will abuse your body sexually." He continued.

'This isn't real' she thought to herself, 'it's not possible'. Yet as she continued to run her hands over her body mindlessly, she began to moan.

"I assure you my pet" the unearthly sound of his voice sent a chill down her spine "this is very real, just not among the realm of your consciousness."

She squinted to try and see his figure better and then she felt her hands as they began to play with herself.

A look of shock crossed her face as she realized he could hear her thoughts and more than that, she no longer controlled her own actions. It was as if his thoughts, his desires moved her like a puppet.

She wanted to speak but she found herself stimulated and eager to touch herself in ways she had never done before.

Her hands roamed over her body as she heard the creature moan a short distance from her.

"Ah yes, that's it my pet" he continued in that same chilling tone, "I am the Puppet Master and you will perform for me each night in any fashion I choose."

At that moment he came into sight. He was a large bellowing beast with an almost walrus looking face. He stood on two feet and had a rigid leathery main that wrapped the length of his body and dropped down to a tail of sorts, which was actually an extension into his unnaturally large cock.

His body was massive and from his shoulders and arms ran chords. The chords extended and as she watched they attached themselves to her arms, creating a sinful connection between their two souls. Her senses were heightened, and she could feel every erotic sensation on a whole new level.

His thoughts were in her head and hers in his. He knew what she would think before she did, and she would do what he wanted without a word needing to be spoken. He controlled her every move and every thought.

She was his puppet and he was now her master.

"Since you came seeking answers" his sinister thoughts crowded her mind "answers you will receive."

"At first I was content using your body unbeknownst to your conscious being." He continued as his hands now began grasping her breasts roughly. "However, now I will invade not only your body but your thoughts, your dreams, your nightmares and your deepest sinful desires, both subconsciously and consciously."

She jerked awake at that moment and as she looked around her dimly lit room, she felt something odd on her arms. Raising her hands, she saw the chords still connected to her arms, but where did they lead to, she thought.

She couldn't see the Puppet Master in her room, but yet she still felt him within herself, urging her to close her eyes again and to allow him to continue his wicked plans of using her body for his delight.

As her eyes grew heavy and she drifted off to sleep again she immediately found herself naked on her hands and knees, the Puppet Master behind her holding his long slimy erection in his hand.

She could feel his breath chilling the air as her hand reached between her legs and began to massage her aching clit.

"Ah yes my pet, work up that cunt into a nasty frenzy" he said as he stroked his member "make it juicy wet for your Master's vile muscle to claim".

She heard his erection grow and as she glanced back she noticed the unnatural length and girth of it as the slime that covered him dripped from it.

He noticed the slight look of disgust and promptly slapped her ass hard making her yelp.

"You will learn manners my pet" he bellowed at her "and you will respect the tool that will pleasure your body."

As he stroked himself she was compelled to continue to play with her own body. Her fingers penetrating her wet cunt, as the Puppet Master watched her own her new title of pet.

He eased in behind her and as he lined his full erection to her hole he gave a spine-chilling order "beg for it bitch!"

She felt his words through her entire body and she wasn't sure if it was fear or lust or erotic ache but she begged, she begged like she had never known she could. Pleading for him take her body and use it for his own sinful fornication.

She cried out as she felt his snake like member enter her pussy. It practically slithered into her. He leaned over her body reaching his hands around and roughly gripping her breasts as his glutinous tongue licked over her body.

"Scream my pet!" he urged her "scream for me like the dirty little puppet you are."

He drove his member deeper into her and pulled it out again. He didn't even need to move his hips as he held her naked body against his demonic form. His tale/cock pulling out and plunging back into her aching cunt.

She screamed as he abused her hole for his own pleasure. His long leathery muscle crawling deep inside her, twirling around her insides making her body edge toward orgasm.

He cackled a hearty laugh as he heard her screams, her gasps for air and her body betray her, cumming onto his long serpent-like muscle.

"You dirty whore!" He growled as he shoved his fowl member into her ass, "I never said you could cum, and now I will use your ass to finish myself off."

He grabbed her by the throat and held her in place as he plunged his member in and out of her ass, driving deeper then she ever imagined possible.

He bellowed a hearty laugh as his load shot into her and as he released her from the chords she felt the ache of sinful lust sweep over her body.

She woke that morning and just as she attempted to dismiss the immoral dream she reached her hand between her legs and felt the sticky remnants sent back with her from the subconscious realm she had been violated in while she slept.

Then she heard that eerie voice in her head 'I assure you my pet, this is very real.'

As she began instinctively massaging her throbbing clit, she leaned back in her bed searching her library of memories as she hoped sleep would again soon deliver her to the confines of the Puppet Master.

As she felt the ache take control of her lower regions she felt the eerie chill of his breath as she heard his voice:

"Welcome back my pet" he uttered as his tongue found its way across her body.

As his slithering member grew quickly, instantly piercing her sloppy cunt, his tongue sliding into her ear, his ghostly voice added "miss me already?"

All she could do was moan and scream as he hammered away at her pussy with his unnatural, large erection, until she felt the violent throb and rush of his seed pour into her.

As he finished with one hole he repositioned himself in front of her, shoving the slimy extension down her throat.

She thought to herself, 'If this is what sinful dreams are made of, let me sleep.'

Her eyes began to water and she could feel him down her throat practically reaching the depths of her stomach. She choked and gagged and watched as his member again violently shook between her lips and poured gulp after gulp of his vile cum into her body.

She felt her legs shake under her and as he leaned over her body his tongue began licking her dripping cunt as if he were starved for her sin. She cried out in lustful bliss as her body gave in to the sinful pleasure, cumming into his mouth.

"Who am I" he asked of her.

"You are the Puppet Master and I your puppet to control and be master of" she replied.

"Very good my pet" he said as he bent her over and began to use her body again for his unnatural sexual exploits and pleasures, driving his growing extension straight up her ass without warning.

"Oh fuck yes" she cried out as the chords masterfully directly the scene causing her nerve endings to come to life as he tormented the lust growing inside her.

As he plowed his member into her she felt a sharp pain on her ass cheek, as if someone had taken a razor and was carving something into her.

Each thrust lead to a new line being felt as he fucked her hard, branding her ass with his emblem, claiming her as his.

She screamed as he abused her harder, his member swelling inside her recital confines and with one last thrust she felt him release once more.

As he drew back he watched the sticky cum ooze from her holes as he admired his work.

"Sleep will never be the same for you again my pet" his voice echoed as she woke.

She instantly felt the pain on her ass cheek and hurried to the bathroom mirror to look at her ass.

As she noticed the brand that was etched into her skin she felt the familiar ache between her legs.

'Yes indeed' she thought, 'sleep will never be the same.'

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