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NOTE: Everything here is fiction and meant as a tool to tap into and challenge your mind's view of eroticism. The characters are portrayed as legal, willing participants and while taboo in nature, it is not criminal. Book 5 of the Forbidden Lust collection. Again, all that you see here is fanfiction. Pure imagination & exploration of eroticism of the mind. I hope you enjoy my works. This book holds a collection of single chapter short stories. These stories are erotic and explicit in nature. Many of the sexual acts are pure fantasy, and taboo in nature. Like the other editions of Erotic Short Stories, the main characters are left unnamed and with little description to allow the reader to feel part of the dialogue. Allow your mind and imagination to take you places your erotic fantasies can only dream of. Feel the ache as you read the details of the acts and allow yourself to feel the mental pleasures of erotic short stories. I hope you enjoy this collection of sexual stories. Explicit sexual actions. 18+ Please VOTE if you like and follow for notifications of new books written by me. Thank you for your support. All rights reserved ©️

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Daddy Issues

There she goes again, walking through the house in that button up shirt and nothing else. I can see right through it and I notice she has no panties on, as usual, and her breast, oh god her perky breasts have hard nipples brushing against the fabric of the shirt.

I married her mom a couple of years ago now and our sex life has all but stopped. Watching my stepdaughter prance around like that turned me on so much.

"You turned 18 last week on your birthday, right?" I asked making small talk as she sat on the counter eating cereal.

"Mhmm" she mumbled as she continued to slurp the milk off her spoon.

Fuck, I wish she was slurping up my cum and mumbling against my shaft right now. Her smile was sweet, and I swear she would look at me in such a teasing manner.

I walked over to the counter and reached over her body to grab a bowl for myself. I breathed in her sweet smell and as she leaned to grab the bowl for me her hand brushed down my arm and over my hand, settling there. I know she did it intentionally and I could feel my cock growing as every raging hormone in my body screamed at me to fuck her.

I paused and didn't move back, but instead settled standing between her legs. Oh shit, I thought, her naked little cunt is so close to me now.

Her hand ran slowly and softly up my arm and as she turned and looked at me she tilted her head slightly realizing the close proximity of our bodies.

"You know, I'm not a little girl no more" she said as she started to unbutton the shirt. The only piece of fabric that kept me from touching and tasting her bare skin.

I moved in closer and smelled her innocence. She was my wife's daughter, I told myself, and this is so wrong.

"I know you don't get none" she said, as if reading my mind, "and it's not like I'm gonna tell."

Oh god she wanted me to fuck her. This was insane. If her mother ever found out she would ... who cares, she's not here and she has completely cut me off for months now, so I got to get it somewhere.

I grabbed her and pulled her close, kissing up her neck. Her little murmurs sent chills through my body and the way she arched her back exposing her body to me .. I bit my lip as I looked at her exposed bare skin.

"Fuck me daddy" she said seductively, and I came completely undone.

I grabbed her throat as I layed her back on the counter. I began licking her sweet cunt, toying with her clit as my fingers pushed up into her. She massaged her beautiful breasts and pinched her nipples as she moaned.

Her pussy was shaved bald and so fucking tight that even pushing only two fingers in her was snug.

"You are so tight baby girl" I said as I worked my fingers in and out of her. "Oh, daddy wants to shove my cock up in you so badly."

"Mmm" she groaned as she felt me working her pussy, loosening it for my cock. "Please daddy, please fuck me. I need your cock in me."

She needs my cock.. not wants it.. she needs it. That was so hot and the more she squirmed and moaned the harder I got.

"Oh YES yes daddy right there" she cried out as she grabbed my head working it into her pussy. She was getting so wet and my cock hurt it was so damn hard.

"Will you suck daddy's cock baby girl" I asked of her.

She looked at me and licked those pretty little lips of hers and hopped off the counter. She didn't say a word but knelt in front of me and wrapping her hand around my shaft, well half way because her petite hands could only reach half way around my girth, she drew me to her lips.

She began licking circles round my tip and then sucking on me. Now both of her hands were making swift work of jerking my cock, stroking it into her mouth as she sucked on me. Oh, her dainty lips wrapped around me. I could tell it was stretching her mouth, but she took me in and sucked me harder and harder.

My head fell back as I grabbed hers and pulled her to me as I thrust my hips. I heard her gag, but I didn't care, I loved how it felt. She struggled and slowly adjusted to the size of me down her throat. I throat fucked her hard and as I felt the tightness of her throat and mouth around me, I couldn't help myself, I hadn't cum in months and I was shooting my fucking load down her sweet throat.

I felt my cock throb between her lips and convulse as my cum shot out into her mouth. She gulped and swallowed and I could feel her throat contracting around my shaft.

"OH YES baby girl, that feels so good. You are such a good girl." I said as I pulled her to me kissing her and grabbing her nipples roughly. "And because you were such a good girl and swallowed daddy's cock like you did, I'm going to fuck that tight pussy of yours now."

She groaned as I told her I was going to fuck her and reached down between her legs, rubbing her clit and squirming as she worked up an ache for me.

"Thank you, daddy," she finally said as she again reached for and began stroking my cock.

I moaned even louder. Her hands on me made me instantly hard again. I picked her up, wrapping her legs around my waist, and took her to the couch.

I tossed her on the sofa like a rag doll and stood there a moment and looked over her perfect, naked body.

"Finger that cunt baby girl, make daddy happy" I told her and watched as she did as she was told. As hot as it was to watch her play with herself in front of me, my balls were starting to ache again, and I needed to feel her tight pussy wrapped around me.

I positioned myself over her body and lined up my head with her opening. She breathed in, trying to prepare herself for my cock, but even if she had had sex before, she had never been fucked by a cock this size.

"Do you want me to go slow baby girl" I asked her as I fought the urge to plunge hard and deep.

She bit her lower lip and shook her head, bracing herself with her arms around my neck and legs around my waist again. I groaned as I realized she was going to let me fuck her hard, aggressive and roughly and then I slammed my cock into her hard.

She screamed out and that just turned me on more. There was no stopping now, my cock got to taste her sweet cunt, her wetness wrapped tight around me. She was so tight.

"Oh DADDY oh fuck yes ... fuck me .. yes YESS yess" she cried out as I slammed in and out of her like I had never tasted anything so sweet.

"Yes baby girl, take daddy's cock" I bellowed at her "take it all, take it deep.. OH FUCK YES, your cunt is so tight."

I could feel my balls swell and the pressure push up into my shaft and then her walls tightened around me like a vice grip.

"AAAAHHHHH I'M CUMMING DADDY!" She screamed out as her orgasm took control of her entire body.

That was it, that was more than enough for me, as her body squeezed my cock inside her I felt my seed shoot out into her, my shaft pulsing and throbbing as I pulled her to me slamming hard into her holding her tight to my body as I unleashed months of sexual frustration into her.

As we both slowly came down from our high, riding out our orgasms, she reached up and pulled me to her, kissing me.

"Thank you daddy" she said sweetly. "You can do that whenever you like, and I promise not to tell."

I groaned as I heard her words. Maybe things are starting to look up for me after all.

"So, you like being daddy's little fuck toy" I asked her and almost got hard again as I watched her nod in agreement.

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