The Forbidden Lust ~ Office Affairs

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I often worked from home. It was nice to own my own company and have that privilege. To be honest, it was much more quiet at home and easier to get things done.

Except for recently. My step-son had moved back in with us. His latest relationship ended badly and since he had moved in with her, it was his job to find a new place to go. She waisted no time in telling him to get out and so with no where else to go, he turned to daddy.

Well, daddy was never home so what did he care if his 23 year old son moved back in and lived off his inheritance, partying, waking up late with hang overs, and having friends sleep over whenever he felt like it. I was beginning to feel like my home was a frat house now.

"I'm working from home today, so if you can try and keep it down I would appreciate it" I said as I saw him walk into the kitchen either hung over or stoned, who knew. He was like a Greek God, his brown hair and dark olive skin with the smooth muscles that ripped over every inch of him, and he knew it. So every chance he got he would strut around the house in nothing but his boxer briefs, showing off everything he had, and he had a lot to show.

"Sure thing" he said as he made sure to brush against me when he walked past to get coffee. I never made it known that I secretly wished he would fuck my brains out but some how I got the feeling he knew, because he took every chance he had to toy with my mind.

"You know my friends think you are a hot MILF" he said to me.

"OH my god, stop" I cried out. "That's just wrong" I said, but secretly wondered if he thought the same as I felt my panties getting wet.

"Just saying man" he replied as his eyes looked directly at my breasts as if they were breakfast.

I rolled my eyes indignantly and headed to my office. I swear I could feel him watching my ass as I walked away.

I couldn't concentrate and a little while later I had pulled out my dildo from the desk drawer and began to pleasure myself as I thought of him. Oh the images I had of him ravishing my body and fucking me like the MILF his friends thought me to be.

I had placed one foot up on my desk and was really going to down, abusing my pussy with the dildo and moaning out his name as I did. I was so into what I was doing and how good it felt that I didn't hear the tap on the door until it was too late.

"Everything okay in here" he said as he walked in, his eyes instantly focusing on my spread legs and dildo filled cunt as I cried out his name begging for an orgasm. "What the" he said as I jumped and tried to hide myself behind the desk.

It was too late, he had already seen and heard way too much. A sly smile fell over his lips as he walked toward me.

"So you masturbate calling out my name do you" he said as he leaned over the desk closer to me.

I couldn't say a word, I was embarrassed and still fucking horny.

"How rough do you like it" he asked as he massaged his cock through his boxers, making himself very visibly hard. "How bad do you want it" he added.

Holy fuck me, I thought to myself, how as I going to stop this. How was I going to say no. Did I even want to say no. I mean, he wasn't my son, he was my step son, and .. oh damn he was pulling his boxers off now. His cock was hard and huge, and his hand was groping it eagerly as he looked me over like a piece of meat.

"Well" he asked, "how rough do you like it?"

"Rough" I replied, and that was about all I could get out at the time.

"Good" he said as he rounded my desk and reached over grabbing me by the back of the head and pulling me to my knees, "suck it!"

He pulled me to him shoving his cock down my throat. It was so hot and made me even wetter. I reached down and began playing with myself, shoving the dildo back inside my needy cunt as he abused my mouth, fucking it like it was a toy for him.

He was so large, and as he jammed his cock down my throat I began to gag slightly, "Oh yes, that's it bitch, gag on that cock" he barked and it just turned me on more. As I moaned he groaned at the feeling of my lips stretched around his meat.

"You have no idea how long I have wanted to fuck the shit out of you" he said as he continued to fuck my mouth harder. "Oh fuck yes, that's it, take that cock."

My moans vibrated on his shaft and then he pulled me to my feet, practically tossing me onto my desk.

"Forget this toy, I'm gonna give you the real thing" he said as he pulled the dildo from my hand and slammed his cock into me making me scream out.

"Oh yes, that's it, scream for me, scream louder" he taunted me as he fucked me hard and aggressively. "I know you like this. I bet you have dreams of me fucking you, don't you."

"Yes" I admitted, to his surprise.

"Fuck! I should have done this sooner then" he replied as his cock slammed in and out of me making me moan and scream.

"You are my bitch now" he ordered as he grabbed my throat snug and kissed me hard, shoving his tongue into my mouth.

This was hot and my body let him know I was enjoying it as my walls gripped his shaft and my cunt got wetter with each thrust into me.

"You have a pretty little ass" he announced, "and I'm going to fuck it next."

I began to shake my head. I had a virgin ass, and he was so big that I was certain I would never manage to take him in me, but he paid no attention to my unspoken pleas. He grabbed my chin and turned my head so my eyes were facing him and then nodded my head up and down.

He flipped me over on the desk and spread my legs apart. I felt a swift hand crack across my ass making me yelp and then before I could object he rammed his cock deep into my ass. The pain was so intense I couldn't even get a sound out at first, but as he continued to work my ass hard and fast my cries grew.

"I have a use for that dildo" he said as he grabbed it and shoved it in my mouth, "there, now shut the fuck up and take my cock."

As much as it hurt it still felt incredible. My pussy was dripping as he abused my ass. He drove in harder and deeper and smacked me when the urge come over him. My moans and screams were muffled by the dildo in my mouth as he held my hands behind my back.

Then as I was certain he was close to cumming he grabbed the dildo and shoved it up into my cunt hard. I gasped but again no sound come out.

He worked my pussy with the dildo as he continued to fuck my ass. "Oh yes yes, that's it bitch take what I dish out to you" he taunted as he heard me moaning. He knew I was loving it, and as I felt my pussy tighten around the dildo he cried out "OH FUUUUUCCCKKKKK" as I felt his cock thrash and throb shooting his cum deep into my ass.

My body felt the sensation and as he shoved into me as far as he could go while filling my ass I felt my own orgasm let loose, cumming all over and dripping down the dildo.

"Oh fuck yes, you are such a dirty little bitch" he said as he licked the side of my face, "and I love it."

As he pulled out of my ass he slapped it hard and turned me to face him.

"Next time you have the urge to call out my name, you better use my cock and not just this thing" he said as he tossed the soaked dildo onto my desktop.

He pulled up his boxers, grabbed my cheeks hard as he kissed me and before leaving my office he said, "you belong to me now."

I sat back on my chair as I took in the extent of what had just happened and as I felt the ache building in me, I called out to him to come fuck me again.

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