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Welcome to Book 6 of the The Forbidden Lust Collection. All that you see here is fanfiction. Pure imagination & exploration of eroticism of the mind. I hope you enjoy my works. This book holds a collection of single chapter short stories/one shots. These stories are erotic and explicit in nature. Many of the sexual acts are pure fantasy, and some fetish in nature. The main characters are left unnamed and with little description to allow the reader to feel part of the dialogue. Allow your mind and imagination to take you places your erotic fantasies can only dream of. I hope you enjoy this collection of sexual stories. Explicit sexual actions. 18+ Please VOTE if you like and follow for notifications of new books written by me. Thank you for your support. All rights reserved ©️

Erotica / Fantasy
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The Stock Market

'Hey sexy. How is your day going?' said the text he finally got to read on his phone.

'Today is a real bear with the sock market going crazy' he replied, but as he looked up after hitting send he saw her walking into his office.


Knowing he was having a long drawn out morning she decide to bring him lunch. She is escorted to his office, and declines to give her coat. As she walks in he smiles at the site of her. She closes and locks the door behind her.

"I brought you lunch" she says and he thanks her as he stands to come kiss her.

She inches him back against his desk and opens her coat to let it fall revealing the black garter and black thigh highs she's wearing. He just gazes on her naked body and smiles as she leans into him feeling the bulge already growing.

"Mmm happy to see me?" she asks playfully as she reaches and grasps his cock through his pants.

"I am indeed" he replies as he watches her unbuckle his belt and open his pants pulling out his cock and stroking it.

She says nothing else at the moment but kneels in front of him licking his cock and sucking the tip. His head falls back as he moans and his hands find her head, slowly beginning to direct her movements.

"Oh baby" he groans, "you have no idea how much I needed this."

His hips beginning to move with her motions as she sucks him harder and deeper. His hands gripping her hair and as his body is overcome with the erotic sensations from her sucking his cock he starts thrashing her head to and from as he goes from being sucked off to fucking her throat.

"Baby oh fuck yes baby" he growls as he grabs her head relentlessly and drives into her throat, "oh FUCK you always know how to make me smile."

She knew he had built up frustrations from the morning and all she had to do was get things started, and sure enough, he was fully committed to using her mouth to bring himself pleasure and release the mornings worth of frustrations.

"YES YES that's it, suck my cock bitch" he barked at her, turning himself on more as he made her gag on his hard, full erection. "Oh daddy loves when you let me use your mouth baby!"

She could feel herself getting wetter by the minute, and reached down to touch herself.

"Not yet baby girl" he said as he noticed her hand reaching for her aching pussy, "I will ... OOOH FUCK" he cried out as he felt his balls start to ache while his shaft was deep down her throat.

He lifted her up onto his desk and swiftly spun her around so her head was over the edge and then shoved his cock down her throat again, his hands placed around her neck to feel himself inside her.

"OH YES BABY.." he bellowed as he felt the rush from his balls head up his shaft, "swallow that cock, drink my cum baby YES" and he shot his load down her throat .. his shaft swollen between her lips as it jerked and thrashed about. She swallowed every drop like a good girl.

He sat her up on his desk and kissed her lips hard. "You are such a good girl, and I love you so much baby!"

"Thank you," she replied as she licked her lips, "I love you too and I'm just happy to help."

As she stood up he turned her around and bent her over the desk hard.

"I'm not done with you" he said as he shoved his cock deep in her ass making her yelp.

"OH god, yes baby fuck me.. fuck my ass" she cried out as his cock was fully erect again and plowing into her sweet, tight ass.

He reached around her body and started to rub circles on her throbbing clit as her moans grew louder.

He removed his tie over his head and shoved the knot in her mouth to muffle her moans. Then he grabbed it pulling it back around her head and using it as handles he held on pulling her head back toward him as he slammed hard into her ass.

Her moans were laced with whimpers but he could feel her pussy leaking as he continued to use her ass harshly.

"Oh yes, you love this don't you" he asked, but her mouth having the tie in it wouldn't allow for her to answer so all she could do was nod.

He felt her legs start to quiver and knew she was close to her own release.

"Don't you cum yet" he ordered her and continued to attack her clit and ass, making her shake. "You cum when I do, do you understand" he barked and she nodded again in agreement.

As her legs quivered and shook he worked her pussy harder, making it more and more difficult for her to hold the release. His hard deep thrusts in her ass were continuous and relentless and before long he groan loudly as his cock throbbed and thrashed about again into her ass, shooting his second load deep into her.

At that moment she cried out into the makeshift gag and felt her body give way to a very intense orgasm. As her cum flowed out onto his hand he continued to fuck her ass, his own cum sloshing out around his shaft.

As both of their bodies came down from their high he pulled out of her, zipped up his pants and turned her to face him. He kissed her hard, shoving his tongue down her throat. She licked her lips as they drew apart and as she bent over to pick up her coat he slapped her ass, hard enough to leave a sting.

She jumped slightly and when she stood up she smiled at him, "feeling better my love?"

"Very much so" he replied, "thank you baby. You can bring me lunch anytime."

She walked over to the door and unlocked it and as she left his office she smiled at the co-worker who had just been reaching for the door handle. He watched her leave and then looked at his friend, who had the biggest smile on his face.

"Must have been some lunch" the co-worker comment.

"You have no idea" he said.

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