The Forbidden Lust ~ Office Affairs

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Naughty Secretary

"Good morning sir" she greeted me as I walked in the office.

"Ugh" I grumbled, "morning. Not yet sure how good it is though."

"Oh come now, it may be Monday, but it's a beautiful day" she said cheerfully. She was always in a good mood and often times just the sight of her made me smile, but today I was just out of sorts.

I went into my office and closed the door behind me. 'Maybe if I jerk off to the thought of her sweet lips and voluptuous breasts' I thought as I let my head lean back while I reached my around my shaft and began stroking under my desk.

"Sir, I was looking over the books" she began as she walked into my office.

I jumped a little started, but fortunately she was looking in her book and didn't notice. I cleared my throat and tried to discreetly adjust myself as she walked toward my desk.

"I'm not sure you realize but you have double booked things a lot this week" she was saying, but all I can do is focus on her large breasts. She always wore very flattering clothing, which really worked to help my business when clients would show up all angry about this or that, but it did not help when I was trying to keep my hormones in check.

"I'm sorry, I must have been just booking things and not paying attention" I replied as she looked up at me, "think you can make some calls and move things around.

"I can move around what ever you would like for me to move around sir" she replied and I swear I felt my cock grow even harder.

"Everything okay sir" she asked, I assume because she saw the look on my face that said it all. I wanted to fuck her on my desk and relieve all the tension in my pants right now.

"Yes everything is fine" I replied and as she leaned over my desk turning her head, looking me over trying to read me I couldn't resist any longer.

"Actually, no, everything is not okay" I blurted out.

"Oh dear," she replied as she rounded my desk and sat on the edge in front of me, "how can I help."

I looked at her breasts bulging out of her shirt, her long, gorgeous legs, the perfect ass that sat on my desk and as she leaned forward, giving me an even better view of her cleavage, I stood up, my erection very obvious.

Her eyes focused on the large bulge in my pants as I swiftly moved to her grabbing her ass and planting my lips hard to hers. My tongue instantly found it's way deep into her mouth and she gave no resistance.

Instead, she spread her legs to allow me to fall into her body as she wrapped them around me pulling me close.

"Do you have any idea how long I have wanted to do this?" I said as I pulled back from the kiss, my hand reaching up gently around her throat, "how many times I have jerked off in my office to the thought of you?"

She bit her lower lip and just looked at me with those big doe eyes, and then she said, "well sir, I think it's about time you had your way with me."

That was it. That was all I needed to come completely undone. I ran my hand up her thighs, my other still around her throat, and found my way to her pussy. She had a thong on, I could feel it how it wrapped around between her cheeks. My fingers moved it to the side and began playing with her, oh how wet she was.

"Do you like it rough" I asked in a deep tone, trying to control the moans that wanted to escape from the way she aroused me simply by the sight of her, let alone the feeling of how wet she was.

"Yes" she replied sweetly, "yes, I do like it rough. Rough and aggressive."

"Good" I said as I shoved my fingers up into her hard making her moan loudly, "because I am going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before."

Her moans were echoing in my office and it was music to my ears. As I fingered her pussy, working up a nice momentum, I leaned in and began kissing her hard again. I released her throat long enough to undo her buttons and then pop her bra open.

Her breasts sprang out like they had been a prisoner for far too long. I left her lips so that I could suck on those beautiful melons of hers. God I had wanted to taste her body for so long. This was far better then any imagery I could conjure up in my mind while jerking off to the thought of her.

I sucked her breasts hard, making her moan, nibbling on those luscious nipples as my hand continued to work her pussy roughly.

As her legs were spread before me, her cunt juicy and wet, my cock was in this full on raging erection, I finally opened my pants and let it out. The tip hitting against her throbbing clit. Her moans were so intoxicating.

I grabbed her and pulled her too me, biting her lip and kissing her hard again before looking in her eyes.

"Fuck me" she begged as her eyes met mine, and I was not about to deny her at that point.

I lifted her one leg up to my shoulder as the other fell off the side of the desk and in a swift motion I slammed my cock deep inside of her, making her cry out in pure pleasure.

"Yes YES" she cried out as my hips rocked to and from driving in and out of her, "oh god that feels so good" she said.

I didn't want to here her words though, just her moans and sounds of angst as I relentlessly fucked her on my desk. I reached up and grabbed her throat again, tight enough to cut off her voice, yet not too tight to where she couldn't moan for me.

I slammed into her, my balls smacking against her body as I felt my shaft swell inside her. She continued to moan and groan as I pierced her pussy, my mission to make sure she felt every lustful thrust.

Deep, hard, calculated drives into her making her moan and whimper as I felt my tip slam against her back walls.

Her pussy dripping around my shaft as her walls gripped me with a vengeance, yet I wanted more, I needed more.

I tightened my grip just a bit as I plowed hard and aggressively into her. That was it, I wanted to make her scream.

I turned her slightly on my desk, making the angle more intense, and as I let loose of her throat I drove hard into her like nothing she had ever felt before and she screamed, she screamed so deliciously for me.

"Yes, that's it, scream for me, let me know it feels good" I barked at her as I slammed into her again and again.

Her cries echoed in my office and I loved hearing it, and then I felt the fruit of my lust rising.

Her walls gripping me like a vice, and my balls throbbing, ready to erupt. The sensation rushing through my shaft as I plunged my cock into her over and over and then as I heard her cry out in pure pleasure, my cock throbbed violently into her releasing my load.

Her walls continued to grip my shaft as I throbbed shooting my cum deep into her. I held her hips tight, her body against mine as the both of us fell limp riding out our orgasms.

Finally, once we had both regrouped and could breath normal again, I pulled away from her, pulled her to me and kissed her again.

"Now sir" she said with a smile, "would you agree it's a good morning?"

"I would indeed" I replied with a chuckle as I thought to myself, 'we might just have to start every Monday morning this way.'

"Guess now I know how to start your Monday off" she said, as if reading my mind.

"Guess you do" I replied as I smacked her ass watching her walk out of my office.

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