The Forbidden Lust ~ Office Affairs

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After Hours

I was merely a shy intern at a prestigious investments company. The CEO was young and handsome and every woman in the place noticed him when he walked by, but I think I was the only babbling idiot that couldn't barely say hi when I saw him.

Today wasn't any different then every other day that he was at the office, or so I thought. He walked through the halls, saying hello to each and every one of us. Most of the women batted their eye lashes, and acted all flirty. I just simply hugged the stack of papers I was holding and greeted him with a cordial hello, while looking at the floor.

I don't know why I always get so nervous around him. I'm attractive, intelligent and usually quite confident in my own skin, but this man made me squirm just from the scent of his cologne.

I quickly resumed my work after he passed, while the rest of the star struck females stood staring at the air left behind where he had just walked through the office. Not that he paid any attention to them really, and maybe that's why I always just said hello and looked down. I didn't want to look like the rest of the fools in that office.

Today was different though, he had an air of freedom about him, or more like a sense of being on the prowl to be honest. He had a different cologne on today, one that demanded respect and attention, and the way his steps touched the floor, he had this sense of a hunter about him. What he was hunting lord only knew.

I was abruptly shaken out of my thoughts of him when I heard him call my name..

"Um, yes sir" I replied quickly.

"May I see you in my office please" he asked politely, but it really was more of a directive then a request.

I immediately set down what I was working on and headed to his office. He stood waiting for me in his doorway and as I entered I caught another wife of his incredible cologne. He was like a Lion approaching his Lioness, temptation flowing though his veins, and.. I heard the door close and lock behind me.

"How may I help you sir" I said in a shaky voice. I ran the last week through my head to determine if I had done anything disapproving, anything that would get me in trouble, or worse yet, terminated.

"Relax my dear" his calm, nurturing voice cued a sudden change in my demeanor, and he chuckled when he saw how I instantly relaxed. "I apologize for causing you alarm."

"No, not at all, it's no worry" I started to babble. Oh my god, get a grip girl, act like the professional you know you are.

His eyes seemed to survey my body as he moved closer into me. He was barely an inch from me as he seemed to draw in my scent. I breathed in deeply and found myself weak in the knees as I realized I appeared to be his prey.

As I felt my legs practically give out beneath me, I leaned against his desk taking a deep breath. He moved forward quickly, wrapping an arm around my waist to support me.

"Are you okay?" he asked genuinely concerned, "can I get you some water?"

"No thank you" I replied softly, "I'll be okay, just a little faint I think, but I'm good. Thank you."

"The reason I asked you to see me was because I was wondering if you might be able to stay late after work tonight" he continued, after seeing I was okay, but yet without stepping back from me.

"Sure, I can stay" I replied. Something inside me told me this man was not use to hearing the word no, and that his request again was not a request at all but more a directive.

"Wonderful, I'll see you here after hours," he replied, a smile crossing his lips as he leaned in and whispered, "I have so much I want to discuss with you my dear, but for now I have work to do."

I was practically panting at that moment, and he appeared to be loving the fact that he had that affect on me.

"I'll see you later then" I finally said, after pulling myself together and gathering my composure.

He opened the door and saw me out as and I passed him he said quietly, so only I could hear, "I truly look forward to it."

I felt myself getting wet but managed to give no outward indication of the hormonal war going on inside of me at that moment. I knew his reputation, along with every other female who so much as knew his name. He was known to collect women and leave a trail of broken hearts behind him. It would appear that sometime between yesterday afternoon and this morning, there was yet one more broken heart left behind somewhere, and I was the intended next victim.

I suppose it could be worse, but I truly had no idea what to expect and as the day carried on I was intent on finding some way to keep my integrity in tact regardless of what the evening would bring.

As the office emptied out, I continued to work at my desk, appearing as if it were just any other late night at work. Once he was certain every one was gone for the night, he called me into his office once again.

"I'm sure you now my reputation" he began as I just nodded looking at him, "but it really isn't what most have made it out to be."

"Well, how would you describe yourself then" I asked, a little surprised by my own forwardness.

"May I ask you a question first" he inquired. I simply nodded as he continued, "why is it that while every other female in this place trips over themselves to be noticed by me, but yet you hardly look me in the eye when you say hello?"

It was a fair question, to say the least. I thought for a moment and then finally spoke up, "well, to be blunt, I don't want to appear like a star struck idiot that has no integrity."

He looked at me surprised and then laughed. "That is a fair and rather accurate observation" he finally said as he walked toward me, placing his hand on my waist and drawing me closer to him.

My breathing began to increase and I could feel my heart racing at the mere thought of him kissing me.

"You are like no other woman I have ever met, and while most believe me to be a womanizer, I am nothing of the sort. I just have not yet found a woman to meet my needs, desires and wants the way I believe you could." He said as I continued to hold close to him, looking in his deep blue eyes, practically panting, with a crazed need building inside of me that begged for him to kiss me already.

"And what makes you think that I am the woman you long for" I finally said, in a very cool tone, surprising even myself.

"If for no other reason, the fact that even amidst the raging desire inside of you right now, you still have managed to keep control," he said as he drew even closer. I could feel his breath on my skin and the ache inside of me to do whatever he asked of me next, but on the outside I remained calm, until he spoke again saying, "and I want you to submit to me, relinquishing all that control to me."

I almost crumbled right in that moment. I was his prey, and he was on the prowl that day, but I had no idea it would all pull together into this very moment. He didn't need to explain much to me, I knew exactly what he was asking of me, and as a natural submissive, I wanted nothing more then to give myself to him, but the fear of being hurt haunted me.

"I won't hurt you ever," he said, as if reading my mind. "My prior relations have ended for one reason or another, but all cordially and usually because the woman decided she no longer wished to continue in this life."

I breathed in heavy as he spoke to me, my body needing him.

"I think you are different and I want you to be mine" he finally said and I caved. I had never wanted something the way I wanted him.

"Take me!" I proclaimed. He smiled at my words and pulled me tight into his arms as he kissed me hard, his tongue finding its way through my lips and practically down my throat.

"Strip for me" he said, and I did without question or saying a word.

He tied my hands behind my back with his necktie and turned me to face the way as he looked over my naked form.

"You are a delicious sight" she said as his hands ran over my skin, taking in every curve of my body as he drew closer, kissing my neck and shoulder, adding little bites as he went down my form.

I felt myself aching for him and as his hand ran up my thighs and found my throbbing clit he felt for the first time just how wet he made me.

"Mmm, you are so wet for me" he whispered, "that makes me happy". As he said this I heard him unbuckle his belt and open his pants allowing them to drop to the floor.

"Tell me again what you want" he said as he smacked my ass.

"Take me!" I cried out, my inner voice screaming at me to beg him to fuck me, but my mind telling me that begging was not an approved action.

"Good girl" he said as his hand ran down my ass and between my cheeks until his fingers found my aching pussy again.

His feet kicked my legs apart and he bent my body over as he shoved his cock deep inside me without warning. I moaned loudly, partly over the piercing feeling of his huge erection penetrating me, and mostly over the intense sensation of finally feeling him inside me.

His motions were swift and hard, but felt so incredible. He was large, and my lips wrapped tightly around him, making it so my body felt every vein of his bulging shaft as it drove in and out of me.

His moans matched mine and not much was said as he plowed into me, my legs shaking as my orgasm threatened to release without permission, and my walls contracting around his shaft told him I was in need of release.

He slapped my ass again and slammed into me hard and as he leaned over me, his shaft throbbing into me, swelling and releasing his load, he whispered in my ear, let it got baby, cum for me.

I came completely undone with his words and as he shot his load deep into me I felt my walls gripping his shaft as my own climax exploded through my body.

He held me tight as we rode out our orgasms and when both of our bodies relaxed he turned me around and pulled me into his arms.

"I will always take care of you" he began to say, "you have no idea how long I have waited for someone like you to enter my life."

I didn't say a word, as I knew no words could express what we were feeling and sharing in that moment, naked in each other's arms.

I was now his, and he knew I was, and nothing else mattered.

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