The Forbidden Lust ~ Office Affairs

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Waiting Room

"I'm sorry, the attorney was called away for an urgent matter, would you care to wait, I don't expect he will be long" the secretary said as the two of us stood there visibly frustrated at the inconvenience of being in the same room with each other.

"Sure, okay" I replied as I watched my soon-to-be ex-husband walk over to the couch in the corner.

Nothing ever seemed to bother him and I just wanted this whole ordeal over with. I looked around the waiting room for a seat away from him, but it seemed the only thing there was this damn corner couch, so I conceded and sat down.

He began some small talk, saying how nice I looked and how sorry he was things had fallen this way for us. I guess if I'm being honest, I shouldn't be quite so angry. It's not like either of us cheated or anything, we just fell out of love and it was ending, but my pride was hurt and I resented him for that.

"I do apologize," the secretary come back to say, "it's taking a little longer than expected, can I get you anything while you wait?"

"No thank you," we both replied and she disappeared again, leaving just him and I sitting there on that corner couch.

He inched closer to me as we continued to talk. I could feel the warmth of his body close and it had been so damn long since I felt him that way. He leaned in and smelled my perfume before kissing the top of my shoulder.

"I always did love the way you smell" he said as his hands ran down the bare skin of my arms, sending a chill through my body.

"Now is a fine time to be doing this" I said coldly, but my body wasn't feeling my words. I wanted him to take me and fuck me right there on that couch.

He inched closer and kissed my earlobe as he whispered, "you know, nothing is finalized yet" and then he put his hand under my chin, turning my lips to his and kissed me.

I wanted to pull away, but yet didn't want to at the same time. My hand started to run up his leg till it reached the growing bulge in his pants. I groaned at the familiar feel of his erection.

He reached down and started to run his hand up my bare leg, up under the dress I had on, until he reached the wet crotch of my panties. His other hand was sliding the spaghetti strap of my dress down my arm as he kissed my neck and shoulder more. I could feel and hear his breathing increasing along with my own.

"You are wet my dear" he said, stating the obvious.

"You are hard my love" I replied.

That was all it took .. the fire we had thought we lost ignited right there in that waiting room, and neither of us cared if someone walked in or if that secretary came back. We were intent on satisfying months of built up frustrations, and we were going to do it right there on that corner couch.

He reached up and wrapped his hand around my neck as he shifted me so my back was on the couch. He kissed me hard as his hand moved my panties to the side so his fingers could find their familiar place inside me.

I moaned and groaned as I felt him roughly fingering my aching pussy, his hand gripping a little snugger around my neck.

"I've missed you my love" he said in a gruff tone, "I've missed this too" he added as he pushed another finger inside me.

"Oh god, you know how much I love you" I cried out as he took my body and claimed me again. "Fuck me please" I begged of him.

"Oh no worries my pet," he replied, "I will do just that and you will be mine again and again."

Just as he finished his statement I felt his entire hand push up inside me, plunging in and out of me like a piston. He wrapped his mouth around mine so he could muffle my moans and groans as he fisted me, relentlessly.

By now I was certain he was feeling the ache in his balls as his erection was surly massive and pushing against his pants begging to be released.

He withdrew his fist and opened his pants as he pulled me to my knees, "suck it baby" he barked at me as he shoved his cock down my throat.

I gagged as his hand held my head and pushed himself deep into me, the gurgling gagging sounds just turned us on even more. I wasn't sure where this aggressive nature transpired from but I was enjoying it. Maybe this was what was missing to help our marriage over the hump.

"Suck it harder" he barked at me as he bent his knees, grabbing my head with both hands and shoved his cock down my throat even deeper.

My lips were pursed perfectly around his shaft, gliding up and down as my throat contracted around him, feeling his head deep in me.

He then grabbed me by the throat and stood me up again, kissing me hard before asking me "do you like this?" As I nodded yes he turned me around and slapped my ass hard enough to make it sting.

He leaned into me, pushing his huge erection against my ass, and whispered in my ear "I'm going to fuck that pretty little ass of yours, and you're going to love it". I groaned as I felt the ache inside me, wanting, needing him now.

He licked the side of my face, and as odd as that seemed it was erotic and hot. As his hand reached around and covered my mouth I felt the searing pain of his huge cock drive deep into my ass. I tried to scream, but my screams were muffled by his hand.

We had never done anal before and he didn't take it slow, he just slammed into me, over and over, claiming my ass and ramming his cock into me relentlessly.

"Do you want me to stop" he asked as he continued to use my body, slapping my ass again.

I shook my head indicating I didn't want him to stop, and as my ass relaxed more, getting accustomed to his girth, he let my mouth go and again gripped my throat.

I had never been so aroused, so excited before and this was a whole new level for us. Where did it come from, how, why.. I did not know but I also did not care. This was kinky and it was making me so hot for him.

"I want you baby" he said as he shoved deeper and harder into me, "I need you".

He reached around me and started to rub my throbbing clit as he continued to fuck my ass. I could feel the pressure building up inside me and knew it was certainly only a matter of time till he would explode.

"I am yours" I replied, whimpers of pleasure following my words, "cum in my ass baby, cum for me" I begged him as I tightened my ass around his cock.

"UGHH" he groaned out as he slammed into me and I felt his cock throbbing as he released his load into my ass. His fingers still making light work of my clit and before I realized it my body shook with his as the ache flowed through and I came hard.

We collapsed on the couch and he kissed me like he hadn't kissed me in a very long time. We smiled at each other and agreed we no longer needed the serves of the attorney.

We cleaned up the couch the best we could and left a note for the secretary for when she did come back to check on us, along with a check for clean up costs.

When the secretary returned she found a check and a note:

Thank you for your sevices, but we will no longer need to file anything. We have attached a check for services already rendered along with additional funds to cover any clean up costs associated with the cleaning of your couch. Sorry for the inconvenience, but please know that the delay today has helped us in ways you can't even imagine. Thank you again.

The secretary smiled and thought to herself, 'oh I can imagine.'

"Sir, we have another satisfied client" the secretary called back to the attorney as she picked up the phone can hit speed dial for the cleaning company that they use to clean the corn couch.

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