The Forbidden Lust ~ Office Affairs

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The Delivery Girl

Once a week she dropped by the office to pick up and deliver the paychecks for the firm. I always got to see her directly because the checks were to be given to me and only me. It was a set schedule and normally the highlight of my week.

Today was no different. It was Thursday morning and call after call was nothing but troubles. I looked at the clock on my desk and realized she would be walking through my door any moment with the weekly checks.

"Good day sir" the delivery person said as HE walked into my office. He must have noticed the surprise look on my face because he quickly followed his greeting with, "I apologize sir, your normal delivery girl it out sick today but she should be back next week."

"Thank you young man" I replied cordially, yet slightly disappointed. "Um, do you happen to have a home address for her, I'd like to send her something with her being ill and all."

"I can ask the office to send that over to you right straight sir" he offered and bid me goodbye as he left my office.

Shortly after as I was sorting the check by department I received an email from the payroll company with her address. I immediately paused what I was doing and went online to my favorite lunch place and ordered her soup to be delivered. I then went to the website of a local florist and had them deliver some flowers as well.

On the card I simply had them put, hope you are feeling well soon, I missed you for your weekly delivery. I didn't sign it or give my name. I wanted to see if she would figure out who it was. See if she noticed me as much as I did her.

A few hours later, as I was delivering the checks there was a call over the overhead system that I had a caller waiting on the line. I handed the checks off to the receptionist and asked her to finish delivering them and headed to my office.

"Thank you for the soup and flowers" came the familiar, yet nasally sounding, voice of my delivery girl, "but really it was not necessary."

"Of course it was necessary" I replied, a smile sounding in my response, "I look forward to seeing you and today was a particularly rough morning for me, but apparently even more so for you."

"Well thank you, I appreciate the gesture" she replied, and now I could tell she too was smiling, "and I too look forward to seeing you each week, but.." her sentence trailed off as if she was uncertain about her next statement, and yet decided to go ahead an say it, "I wasn't sure you really noticed me as much as I notice you."

"Don't be silly" I replied with a chuckle, "how could I not. Listen, you feel better and I'll look forward to seeing you next week. Thank you for making my day, as you always do."

We hung up and I went back to work, realizing that the following week couldn't come fast enough.


This was killing me. I never knew waiting could be so agonizing. I mean, I waited every week to see her, and having talked to her last week was just as rewarding as seeing her, well almost, yet for some reason, THIS week took forever for Thursday to get her and now that it was here, the morning was dragging.

I received a call from the payroll company, "sorry to bother you, but there has been a situation and unfortunately your checks will need to be reprinted" came the voice on the other end of the line. "We are taking care of that now sir, and will have the checks out to you as soon as they are finished printing."

'UGh' I thought to myself, another delay in seeing her. "That's quite okay," I replied professionally and cordially, "things happen. I'll look for the delivery girl later in the day. Thank you for letting me know."

As the hours ticked past I was almost ready to give up on payroll for the day when I heard her sweet melodious voice, "sorry about the delay sir, I do hope we still managed to get these to you in time for distribution."

I turned around as a smile crossed my face. She was the most divine creature ever to walk this earth, and she was back from being ill and standing there in my office.

"How lovely to see you" I said, "and thank you for getting those to me before the days end, I appreciate that. Do you have a few moments?"

"Sure," she replied as she looked me over and smiled, "this is actually my last stop of the day."

"Wait here a moment, if you will" I said as I walked past her to the door, "I'll have the receptionist hand these out. I'll be right back, please make yourself at home."

As I walked out of my office I saw as she headed toward my desk and stood there looking out at the view from my corner office.

I gave the checks to the receptionist and asked that she please hand them out to the employees and instructed her that I was not to be disturbed. She nodded her understanding and I headed back to my office. I had no idea what I was planning, but I knew what I wanted to do .. I wanted to ravish every inch of that woman's body.

I entered my office and closed the door behind me.

"You probably should lock that" she said as she leaned against the side of my desk.

I quickly locked the door as she had suggested and in that moment I realized this was not going to be a normal conversation. Hell, there probably wouldn't be much conversation at all, if I'm being honest.

I watched as she hoisted herself to sit on my desk and lean back onto her hand. When I reached her I walked up to her and leaned in to kiss her. She didn't reject me, rather she kissed me back. Our lips pressed tight to each other as our tongues found their way dancing between our mouths.

I pushed up between her legs as I kissed down the front of her.. down her neck to her cleavage and then licked back up to her lips. She tasted so delicious.

I couldn't control the animal instinct raging inside me any longer. I hoisted the skirt of her dress up and realized she had no panties on.

"You are making a wet spot on my desk my dear" I said to her as I grabbed her hips pulling her to the edge of the desk. "Let me take care of that for you" was my next statement as I leaned over and began to kiss and lick up her inner thigh until I reached her glistening pussy.

My tongue lapped up and down her folds, making her moan as her hands ran through my hair. She leaned back onto her elbow as I reached up and spread her open, my tongue continuing to lick her, running circles around her throbbing clit.

Her whimpers growing now were erotic and my tongue began to thrust in and out of her, licking her then pushing inside her. She was beginning to squirm as I ate her out, her hand now grabbing my hair as she pushed my face into her moving me around to how she wanted me.

As she grew wetter by the moment I continued to lick her juices, drinking her down and then sucking on her clit. Her moans getting louder until she cried out begging me to fuck her.

"I want the world to know how good you are" I said to her, " I want to fuck you against my windows over there".

"Yes, yes, please" she begged of me, "just fuck me please. I don't care how or where, just fuck me."

Her pleas were desperate with lust and desire. She needed me and I wanted her so badly. I tore off her clothing as I pulled my cock out of my pants, pulling her off my desk I shoved her to her knees, "suck it" I told her as she grabbed me into her mouth.

I wanted to be sure I was good an hard when I entered her and she was more than eager to take me there. She wrapped her hands around my shaft as she stroked me into her mouth, sucking me hard and deep. Her wet lips on my shaft were incredible, and as I felt my cock expand to a painful erection I grabbed her up by the throat and pushed her naked body against the windows.

Her gorgeous breasts were pushed tight to the glass and as I lifted her leg up over my arm I slammed my cock up into her juicy cunt deep and hard, making her cry out in pure pleasure.

I waisted no time working up a relentless pace, slamming into her and sliding out only to drive up into her again deep and hard. I reached down and began toying with her throbbing clit as I gave her my fingers to suck.

She was incredible and I had never felt anything like her wrapped around my manhood. "Yes yes OH god Yes" she cried out as I felt her walls tighten around me. "OH FUCK" I yelled as the ache in my balls pushed through me.

"Do that again and I'm going to cum" I growled at her but her body was not in her control, it was in mine and as I continued to fuck her hard, rubbing her clit, I felt her walls contract again as her cum flowed over my shaft. "FUCKKK" she cried out as she came hard for me.

"UGHHHH" I groaned "YESSS" I bellowed as her walled squeezed my cock and I shot my load into her hard and deep, my legs shaking threatening to give out from under me.

I let her leg drop and pushed my body against hers, pinning her between me and the window. As we came off our orgasmic high we noticed a couple of people across the way watching us and we just laughed.

I turned her around and kissed her sensually, and she returned the kiss.

"I might have to make you my last stop from now on" she said with a smile.

"I think that might be a very good idea" I replied, smiling back at her.

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