The Forbidden Lust ~ Office Affairs

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I’ll Send My Car

I was running around my loft apartment getting dressed and trying to figure out how I wanted to do my hair. My best friend stood there laughing at me as I frantically searched for just the right thing to wear when my phone buzzed with a new message.

'My driver will be there in about 30 minutes, see you soon!'

Ugh, I grumbled as I still had to figure out what to wear and finish my makeup.

"Wear the red dress," my friend said, "it's super sexy and makes a statement. He will love it."

"I am not exactly looking to be sexy for my boss" I replied, "more so classy and sophisticated. This isn't a date, it's a work social event."

As I finished saying that I was left thinking to myself why did he have to insist on ME of all people accompanying him to this event.

"Still, it's sexy, and yes classy and sophisticated," she replied holding the dress out to me as if it was a given solution. I finally took the dress and put it on with minutes to spare for my make-up.

As she peered out the window she told me it looks as though his car was here. I hugged her, thanked her and headed out the door. My nerves were on overdrive, but at least I was being picked up first and had some time to process everything before I was joined by my overly handsome, very successful, deboneire boss.

As the car drove along I just watched out the window, finally relaxing for the first time in hours. As we approached the grand entranceway to his estate I felt my nerves riding up inside me again.

I still couldn't believe I had agreed to be his guest, his plus one, his date, OMG it really was a date.. I couldn't believe I was actually accompanying him to his own home for the elaborate black tie event he hosted every year for his investors. This was way out of my league and when he said he would send his car for me I was snapped into reality that this was really going to happen. That I had actually said yes and here I was now, in his car driving up to the entrance of his estate.

It appeared as though I was the first to arrive, but I guess that would stand to reason since I was suppose to be by his side greeting and entertaining the guests with him. I looked down at my hands and they were shaking as the driver opened the door for me. My boss greeted me at the entrance as he thanked his driver for retrieving me.

"You look lovely" he said as his eyes surveyed my body.

"Thank you" I replied, certain I was blushing, "you look very handsome, to say the least."

He offered me his arm and as I laced mine through it we walked into his home. It was gorgeous and grand. There was a large staircase just inside the main entrance and a sitting room to the left with an office to the right and around back a large dining area and off that the kitchen, which seemed to be bustling with cooks and waiters and who knows who else.

"Would you like a drink" he offered as one of the waiters approached with a tray of champagne.

"Thank you, I would love one" I replied politely. Truth be told, I needed one maybe even two so I could take the edge off. That man was sexy and hot as hell and I was his DATE for the night and damn it felt good.

The night was a huge success. The investors seems very pleased with the presentation my boss gave and were very happy to continue to invest in his business. The ones who appeared hesitant were easily won over by his charm. I even enjoyed conversing with them and feeling a part of their expensive, elaborate world.

"Thank you" he said to me just after the final guest left, "you realize that you are the reason some of these guys agreed to continue to invest in the company?"

"Me?" I asked looking at him perplexed, "what could I have possibly added that you didn't already set in motion?"

"Your charm, grace and beauty" he replied as I just stood staring at him as if he had just grown a second head. He chuckled and continued by saying, "you gave the company character, other then just a business man asking for their money. They loved you."

He paused, looking at me as if trying to read my face before replying, "I love you!"

I was completely floored. Did he really just say that to me? Was I dreaming? I should pinch myself to be sure, I thought, but before I could he pulled me into his arms and kissed me.

"I see how you look at me" he said, "and I finally decided to take a chance. Tonight was just an opportunity to bring it all together."

"I ... I don't know what to say" I admitted, still in utter shock.

"I'll send for my car" he said as his hand moved softly down my face, "and give you some time to think over what I just said and hopefully come morning you will be able to give me an answer to what I am about to ask."

I stared at him, speechless, almost afraid of what he would ask, but still very curious.

"I would like to officially be your man" he said, "and you my girl."

As the car pulled up to retrieve me I slowly walked down the steps trying desperately to process what had just happened. As I reached the bottom step I turned back and looked up at his soft features. His face was pained, so uncertain of how I would reply, and amidst all of what he had in his life, it was me he seemed to want and need most at that moment.

"Come with me" I offered, surprising even myself.

"Are you sure" he countered.

"Yes, now come on before I change my mind" I replied as he hurried down the stairs to join me in his car.

His driver asked where to and he simply said just drive for now. As we headed out of the gates to the estate he pulled me into his lap, his arm around me grasping my ass gently.

I leaned in and kissed his neck and continued to kiss up to his lips. He breathed me in like I was some delicate flower and I inched my body into him closer. As he cleared his throat his driver put up the privacy screen over the window that divided the front and the back.

"I love you and I want you more than anything" he whispered to me as his hand ran up the inside of my skirt.

"Take me" I said, a hint of desperation in my voice, practically begging him to claim my body for his own pleasures.

I reached down and pulled out his growing manhood, and then straddled his lap, easing him into me. The size of him was more than I had anticipated, and as he pushed through my opening I groaned as my walls stretched around him.

His moans matched mine and it was as if we were both having sex for the first time in our lives.

He was gentle and rough at the same time, holding my hips and lifting and dropping me onto him. His kisses sent chills down my spine as his meat driving into me sent chills up my body.

My head fell back as I moaned out in pleasure and he kissed down my neck to my breasts. His hands pulled them out for the constraints of my dress as his mouth formed around them, one at a time, sucking and nibbling on my nipples.

"Oh my god you feel so good" I cried out as his lips set my skin on fire.

"Ride me" he ordered, "ride me like you have never before."

I began to increase the pace of my hips grinding against him. My body pushing tight, drawing him in deeper and harder. His hands gripping my ass cheeks while his fingers toy with my rear entrance.

The stimulation I was feeling was incredible and it just made me want him more, which it appeared the feeling was mutual as he swiftly turned me so that I was kneeling on the seat, pressed against the back of it.

He kneeled behind me and smacked my ass, which only turned me on more, and as he leaned into me, kissing my neck again, he whispered "I do love you" as I felt his huge erection plunge into my wet pussy.

My walls gripped at him with an urgency I never knew before. He grabbed my chin and pulled my head back toward him as my back arched and he slammed in and out of me. My moans growing along with his own.

"Yes yes.. oh fuck you are incredible" he was saying as he drove into me harder and deeper.

"I'm going to cum, fuck I'm going to cum" he cried out as I felt my walls contract around him. I couldn't say a word, but my moans and whimpers said it all for me I'm sure.

He fucked me in that car like he owned me, and before long my body was releasing the most incredible orgasm, my walls contracting and cum dripping out around his shaft when I felt him drive deep as he could, holding me tight as his load shot into me. His cock pulsing and vibrating inside my tightened walls as he came hard.

As we both began to relax, he pulled me into his lap again, kissing me passionately before telling the driver to take us home.

I didn't question what he meant by that, I already knew, and I was more than happy to belong to this man, and that, he already knew too.

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