The Forbidden Lust Hardcore

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My co-worker was having a big party at her house. Everyone was invited. As I got ready I thought about her son.

Her son had just recently come home from the military. I had met him once before. The man had an incredible body, and he was sure to be there.

He walked around in shorts and a t-shirt that was snug enough to accent every delicious ripple of his muscles. I think most of the women noticed him when he walked by, and at least half could say their panties were wet.

I saw him later during the party. I was drunk but he was hot as fuck and all I could think about was how much I wanted him to bend me over and destroy my pussy.

I started some small talk with him, trying to catch his fancy, but he seemed unphased by it.

"Can I talk to you Rayden" ... his mother said, interrupting our conversation.

"Sure" .. he replied to her and then turned to me ... "excuse me for a moment Mandy."


My mom started telling me that her friend obviously had a thing for me. Not sure why she didn't think I could handle a woman hitting on me though.

"She just wants you to take her to bed" ... she announces to me almost sounding hysterical. I'm sure she was just trying to warn me off.

I just laugh "mom, not like I've never..." ... she cuts me off shaking her head like she didn't want to hear the rest of that sentence.

"Just remember I work with these people" ... she said as she hugged me and left me to decide what I would do about little miss drunk and flirty.

I go back to Mandy and continue talking with her.

She was laying it in thick. It was obvious she wanted my cock and she wanted it bad.

Shit it's been a long while since I had a good fuck, why not, I thought to myself.

"Join me upstairs" ... I say to her as I motion to the winding steps that lead up to my room.

She smiles and follows me. I was so horny by now and had every intention of destroying that sweet little pussy of hers.

I lock the door and sit down on the chair as she strips down to this sexy little black number.

She straddles my lap and sits down grinding my swollen cock.

"I'm going to break you like a wild stallion" ... I say as I grab her hands, wrapping them behind her back.

I kiss her hard, biting her lip and then shoving my tongue so far down her throat she gags, which only turns me on more.

She giggles and pushes against my cock harder. This woman has no idea what she is getting herself into.

"Oh you want to play" ... I said as I grabbed her hair pulling her head back. I lock down her body and feel her getting wet as she continues to grind me.

I slap her ass and stand up, pulling her up into my arms.

I take her to the bed and toss her on it as I begin removing my clothes. Her big dow eyes looking up at me curiously.


He grabs me and pulls me to the edge of the bed, wrapping my legs around his head.

As he goes down to eat my pussy he demands that I watch him.

"I love looking at you and seeing your expression as I pleasure you"... he says.

"Mmm and seeing those beautiful tits in my face" ... he continues to say as he crawls up my body and starts sucking my nipple hard making me gasp.

He flips me over to my stomach and pushes my head into the bed so he can take full advantage.

He raises my ass into the air making it easily accessible for him to fuck whichever whole he pleases.

"I want you screaming into the pillow" ... he says as he drives his large, swollen cock hard into my pussy.

I scream into the pillow. The muffled sounds of my screams turned me on even. This was so hot and even as drunk as I was, I was certain I'd remember this in the morning.


I was relentless from the start. I sucked on her pussy lips making her gasp and squirm.

When she reached for my head to encourage more I trapped her hands above her head, making her just take it, watching her face as she moaned and tried to squirm.

When I flipped her and pulled her ass up I was impressed by her obedience. She never even questioned me when I told her I wanted her to scream into the pillows.

I wasted no time slamming my huge cock deep into her pussy. She was wet and tight and as I rammed into her over and over working to the point of burying my entire length into her, her screams got louder and louder.

As she seemed to adjust to my size her moans took over in place of her screams. I wanted more, so I pulled out and slammed into her ass.

As her screams began again I pulled her hips to me as I plunged into her ass. She screamed out again and I could sense the angst in her voice.

I smacked her ass hard as I said ... "you love this don't you?"

She nodded her head in agreement. This woman was amazing.

I had a dark side to me. I LOVED hard, aggressive sex. I enjoyed forcing it under permission to do so. I loved not only hearing a woman scream, but actually making her scream.

So far this woman was everything I dreamed of. She offers me her body to abuse how I wanted. I tore into her over and over.

I could feel her right around my shaft as I plowed into her again. I took turns ramming into her pussy then her ass and her pussy again.

As I rocked my hips to and from I felt my body ready to explode. As I slammed into her I felt my body tense and hers too.

She tightened around me as both of our organs flushed though us. She screamed again into the pillow as I shot my load into her with one last hard, relentless thrust.

We fell to the bed, exhausted and sweaty. It was an incredible fuck and should she remember in the morning, chances are it would not be the last we shared together.

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