The Forbidden Lust Hardcore

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On The Ledge

She walked past him with a sultry, teasing stride. She had a body to kill for and she knew it.

He watched as her sensual hips swayed from side to side, accenting the perfect little ass she had with curves in all the right places.

Today was different though, she seemed to be putting herself out there a little more. He could tell she wasn't wearing any panties, there was no outline of them through the tighter then usual mini skirt she wore. Not even a hint of a thong.

Even her top was spread tighter across her chest than usual, accenting her barge breasts which protruded through the fabric screaming set me free.

He slowly stood up and looked around to be sure no one was watching. Everyone else was nose deep into their monitors. When he looked up he saw her taunting smile as she disappeared through the door leading to the stairwell.

He followed her as he adjusted his cock, which was quickly growing to a painful swell pressing tight against his pants. He rubbed it to try to relieve the tension as he entered the stairwell.

She was sitting on the ledge by the window and as he walked toward her he started to speak but was quieted by her finger that she placed to his lips.

A nod of her head drew his attention across the alley to the building next door. The sheer curtain was drawn but you could see the silhouette of a man peering across the way.

She leaned in and as he felt her breath on his neck a shiver ran through his body causing his cock to swell even more.

As she reached down to unleash his massive meat she whispered in his ear, "he watches me masterbate in this ledge every day. Let's give him a real show, what do you say?"

As she finished her sentence he felt her dainty fingers wrap around his shaft and begin to stroke. His head fell back as he groaned in pleasure.

He quickly grew more and more aroused and soon he found his hands working on their own as he pulled her shirt off over her head revealing those luscious melons of breasts. He began sucking on them, one at a time as his fingers found their way up her skirt to the warm moisture emanating from between her legs.

She moaned approvingly and pulled his cock to her. "Fuck me" she purred into his ear as she glanced across the alley to their audience.

By now the curtain was pulled open, appearing as if the man figured they were too engaged to notice or he just didn't care if they did.

She was so wet, so warm, so eager to feel him inside her and now. He slammed into her causing her to arch her back, her head falling back as she moaned excitedly. Her walls gripping his shaft, drawing him into her.

He groaned as he drove in and out. Her fingers gripping his shoulders, nails digging into his skin as he increased the momentum.

Pure lust and sexual ache raging through his body now as he plunged his hard member deep into her. She bit her lip hard attempting to control the scores of pleasure threatening to escape her.

He could feel the ache building in his balls, threatening to erupt into her. He pulled back the momentum, enjoying the warm wetness that clothed his shaft as he glided in and out of her.

Her moans rythmatic as her hips synced with his motions, rocking to and from. As her walls gripped him again she could feel him throb, her senses on high as she felt her own ache inching to the surface.

“We have an audience” she whispered as she nodded across the way where there were now three men instead of one glaring across at them, cocks in hand as they stroked to the scene unraveling in the stairwell.

He slammed into her harder making her yelp, her head turning toward the audience so they could see the lust in her face as he drove harder, lifting her leg up over his arm giving a better angle.

She could feel him plunging up against the end of her tunnel, her body shaking as she felt the growing need within. Her fingers digging into his skin again as she cried out releasing her orgasm, her juices flowing out around bis shaft.

He was harder than she ever knew a man to be and as he continued pumping into her she could feel his legs shaking against her own. She drew him into her, kissing him hard, her tongue finding its way deep in his mouth.

As he continued to fuck her he moaned, feeling her walls grip him again, and then turned to follow her line of vision. As they both glanced across the alley they watched as the onlookers stroked themselves into an explosive orgasm. Cum shooting against the window as the both of them chucked.

He could feel himself edging and ready to cum. She pulled him tight as she whispered, “cum for me” and just as her walls gripped him once more she could feel his cock shake violently erupting into to needy cunt.

As he leaned against her, their bodies shaking as they rode out their orgasm, he could feel their cum dropping from her as she stood up off the ledge.

She adjusted her skirt and pulled her shirt back on. As she reached down and felt his cum soaked member she brought her fingers to her mouth and licked, practically making him hard all over again.

She smiled at him devilishly and as she walked past him she brushed her hand across his chest and as she turned once more looking back at him said, “we really should make a habit of this.”

“Oh?” He replied with a raise of his eyebrow.

“Yes” she replied, “that was definitely more fun then masturbating.”

He smiled as he watched her disappear through the door that lead back to their floor. He adjusted himself and pulled his pants back up. He ran his fingers through his hair and headed back to his desk.

As he walked through the aisle no one even looked up. No one had even noticed he was away from his desk. As he sat down he looked up to find her standing there.

“Do you happen to have a tissue or two” she chirped, “I need to clean up a little spill” she finished with a flirty smile.

He knew what she meant and as his eyes lowered to her legs he could see she still had damp lined down them. He smiled and handed her the tissue box on his desk.

“Take the box” he said, “you never know when you might need more.”

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