The Forbidden Lust Hardcore

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Stolen Passion

"I want you and I want you now" he whispered in her ear as his warm breath flowed over her neck. His hand run down her jawline softly as he felt her body shake with passion.

"I want you now" he repeated as his hand reached down between her legs to feel the moist betrayal of her body.

She had known him practically her entire life. He was like a second father, an uncle, a confidant. Whenever she needed him, whatever she needed him for, he was there.

Today she called him crying. Her fiancé had just broken up with her. Actually, he had cheated on her and left her for her so called best friend.

After having a word or two with her now ex-fiancé, he hurried to her apartment to comfort her.

When he arrived she was sitting on the couch in a see thru negligee, drowning her sorrows in bourbon.

"Have a drink with me" she purred, already half drunk. She handed him a glass. She knew bourbon was his favorite and she knew how sexual he got when he drank.

"You're playing with fire my dear" he warned as he walked toward her. She held the glass out to him and smiled. It was apparent she knew exactly what she was doing and embraced the fire.

He took the glass from her, allowing his finger to brush over her hand, sending a chill down her body. She breathed in deeply as she slowly stood up coming dangerously close, "would you like some ice" she said as she walked over to the bar.

He drank his bourbon sand set the empty glass on the bar as his body pressed up against her. "No thanks" he said, his voice husky yet sensual. She could feel his muscle already growing in his pants.

He reached his hands around her body. She didn't pull away or even flinch. He gripped around her waist, pulling her into his hard, muscular body, and then ran one hand up between her breasts till his fingers gripped gently around her jaw.

As he turned her head to face him, he kissed her passionately and hard. His hand now gripping slightly tighter around her throat as he says, "I want you and I want you now."

She knew she should not be playing this way with him, but as much as her mind told her it was a bad idea, her body betrayed her, begging for more.

More of his touch, more of his husky, sensual voice telling her how much he wanted her. More of his hard, erect cock. More of him, in ways she hard only dreamt of.

"I'll give you one last chance to stop me," he said. His dominant soul was scratching at the surface desperate to come out. "You can stop now and nothing will change" he continued, "but if you wish to continue, know what it.."

She cut him off short, "I know what it means" she purred, "I've always known. Now please, please fuck me."

He waisted no further time, he lifted her negligee as he ripped his own pants down, letting them drop at his ankles. His hand ran across her bare ass before he drove his hard cock deep into the moist opening of her pussy.

She was so wet and so tight. He groaned as he felt her tight entrance wrap around his massive rod. She squirmed trying to adjust to his size but he didn't wait. He drove in and out of her.

"Oh god your so big" she cried out.

"You'll get use to it", he growled as he continued to drive in and out of her.

She was panting and breathing hard. Her pussy dropped around his shaft as he pulled back then drove into her again.

She yelped when he would hit the back of her tunnel and then moan as she felt the friction of his cock against her walls.

"That's it baby" he said, "take it. Take all of me!"

She could feel the pressure as his massive meat pushed against her walls, stretching her open as her body slowly adjusted to his girth.

He loved being able to look at her ass as she was bent over the bar and spanked her, causing a lingering sting.

She had heard stories of his wild sex nights. Heard him talking with friends and often wondered how it would be to have him fuck her, but she never expected such passion.

He was gentle and rough at the same time. Aggressive and soft. He knew how to touch her body to make it tingle and every thrust made the urges within grow more and more.

Her moans grew as well. Louder, more desperate. Her body was shaking, she needed a release but didn’t want it to end.

“Cum for me baby” his voice echoed in her ear, “cum for me!”

That was all she needed. She felt her walls grip him and the next thrust, sending sensations of friction through her body, sent her over the edge. “Oh YES” she cried out as she shook and panted, her orgasm drawing from deep within.

He continued his drives. Her walls clenching his cock like a vice grip. His thrusts becoming harder as he slammed into her. Her cum lubricating his shaft as he felt his cock swell.

His hands ran up her back and down again till they rounded over her perfect ass. Her skin was so soft and as he leaned in to kiss her body she could feel the need rising in her again.

She couldn’t remember ever feeling this euphoric during sex before, and she didn’t want it to stop.

He drove into her again, deeper, hitting her back walls as he did. “Milk my cock” he ordered in that same husky, sensual voice.

Her head fell back as she groaned making him grab her hair to keep it there. He kissed her lips hard as he made short deep thrusts into her causing her to grunt.

“Cum for me again” her whispered as he kissed her earlobe. She was panting and didn’t think it was possible, she had never been made to cum twice during sex. “Cum for me” he demanded as he spanked her ass again.

She cried out in pleasure and then felt her walls grip his shaft again as as she cane harder then the first time. Her cum dripping out around him and flowing down her legs.

She was turned on by the feeling of her cum dripping down her leg. She was panting and breathing heavy. Her muscles spasming over and over. Gripping his shaft, milking his cock.

He felt the build drawing from his balls and riding through his body, up his shaft till “OH FUCK YESSSSSS” he cried out as his cock jerked, erupting into her cumming hard.

Her exhausted body collapsed onto the bar counter, his leaning into her. He brushed her hair from her face and kissed her softly.

“You belong to me now” he said in a soothing, calm voice.

All she could do was nod at the moment. He poured them both another drink and then lifted her into his arms. He carried her to the couch and returned to get their drinks. Pulling her into him he held her close.

She had never felt so safe and so loved. He handed her her drink and as they sipped their bourbon she nestled her head into his body. As she fell asleep in his arms he took her empty glass and placed it on the table.

“You will always be safe baby” he whispered as he watched her sleep against him, a content smile on his face as he realized she truly was his.

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