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NOTE: Everything here is fiction and meant as a tool to tap into and challenge your mind's view of eroticism. The characters are portrayed as legal, willing participants & while hardcore with some being taboo in nature, it is not criminal. Book 7 of the Forbidden Lust collection. Again, all that you see here is fanfiction. Pure imagination & exploration of eroticism of the mind. I hope you enjoy my works. This book holds a collection of single chapter short stories. These stories are erotic and explicit in nature. Many of the sexual acts are pure fantasy, and taboo in nature. Like the other editions of Erotic Short Stories, most of the main characters are left unnamed and with little description to allow the reader to feel part of the dialogue. Allow your mind and imagination to take you places your erotic fantasies can only dream of. Feel the ache as you read the details of the acts and allow yourself to feel the mental pleasures of erotic short stories. I hope you enjoy this collection of sexual stories. Explicit sexual actions. 18+ All rights reserved ©️

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You’re Forgiven

It was shortly after 12pm and I knew he would be home soon for lunch. He had texted me earlier and told me he would come home so we could talk some more.

Talk some more? We hadn't talked at all for a couple of days.

I hated when he was upset with me, especially when it was the result of a complete misunderstanding, but nonetheless he let it get in his head and when he got upset like that he wouldn't talk.

So I threw on my sexiest thigh high stockings with my black heels and that was all I wore. I heard the car door close and the front door open. I could hear him plop down on the sofa, exhausted from the morning at work.

"Babe" he called to me, "where are you?"

I came out and he just stared at my naked body. I smiled at him as I walked over and sat next to him on the couch.

I could practically see the thoughts in his head spinning and then, without a word, he opened his zipper and pulled out his now fully erect cock. He didn't need to say anything, and he didn't, he just nodded his head toward his cock as he stroked it slowly.

I kneeled on the couch and leaned over, grabbing his shaft. He had a large girth and even though I could not wrap my full hand around him, I still could jerk him in ways he never imagined.

I didn't waste a lot of time stroking him with my hand, I knew what made this man tick. I leaned down and licked his tip, putting pressure with my tongue on the opening.

His head fell back as he began to moan. He placed his hands on my head, his fingers wrapped in my hair and seemed content for the moment just feeling my head move as I slowly took in his cock, sucking on him, my tongue now working around the ridge under his head.

My lips glided up and down his shaft and I could feel myself getting wet, but this wasn't about me right now, it was about him, and how much I wanted to please him and remind him he is my world.

I know I didn't need to use sex to appeal to his heart, and I wasn't using it. This gesture was my way of saying I was sorry and that I would do anything to show him my love because he is my heart.

As I sucked him in harder and deeper I could feel his body tensing up. It had been a few days and well to be honest we were like rabbits, we loved to fuck, but not just fuck, we loved to fuck hard and fuck often.

I pulled back some to let his rising ache die down a bit. I didn't want him to cum just yet. He groaned but allowed me to draw it out a bit.

I could feel his hips pushing slightly up toward me. He wanted more, and more I would give him. I sucked him in slowly again. I was teasing him and he knew it, but the buildup inside of his balls I am sure was intense because as he leaned back on the couch more he pushed my head down, shoving his cock down my throat.

"Uhhh fuck that feels good" he moaned out as he felt his tip brush past the back of my mouth and into my throat.

"Oh yes baby YES, suck me baby, OHHH!"

His moans excited me and turned me on. I could feel myself ache and get wetter as he gripped my hair in his hands and began moving my head how he wanted to.

He pushed his hips up into me as he roughly pushed my head into him and pulled it back, aggressively forcing his cock in and out of my throat.

His moans and groans were like music and as he leaned back a little more he pushed my head down hard making me gag this time.

"Oh fuck yes babe" he groaned, "you know I love to hear you gag on my cock!"

His hips began thrusting faster and harder now and he had taken full control over the situation. Things went from me simply pleasuring him to him taking it how he wanted it, and he knew damn well I was more then happy to allow him to.

"Ughh yes YES" he groaned louder as his thrusts got more intense. He shoved his cock harder into me and the sounds of my saliva slurping around as I gagged on his cock over and over made him want it even more.

He reached over into the drawer of the end table next to him and pulled out the wand. He turned it on the highest level and shoved it between my legs while holding my head against his body, his cock down my throat.

"Oh yes baby, you feel that" he said as I started to squirm and moan, my moans vibrating against his cock.

"That's it, mmm yes I want that pussy nice and juicy for me" he said as he continued to push it tight against my swollen clit, his other hand once again moving my head as his hips thrust into me fucking my mouth.

"Oh FUCK babe FUUCK, I'm going to cum, ughhhh yes," he moaned loudly and I could hear the ache in his voice to let lose and cum down my throat.

"Don't let any drip on my suit! FUUCKKK YES!" he cried out as he came hard, holding my head tight to him as I felt his warm cum flow down my throat.

I sucked him in and swallowed every drop, making sure none of it dripped out onto his suit.

Once he had finished he layed me back, the wand still full force against my nub, and as he spread my legs he leaned down placing his mouth to my wet pussy.

"Oh you are so wet for me baby, mmm" he said as his fingers pushed into me, "I'm going to lick every last drop of your sweet juices".

I tried to squire but as he sucked my lips and shoved his tongue into me, his free hand pushed down on my lower abdomen so that I could not move. The wand causing an intense sensation down to my toes and his tongue pleasuring my folds and insides as he worked my pussy into a frenzy.

"Ooh baby, oh god yes yes" I cried out as he took to eating me out.

His tongue working wonders inside and out as my walls began to contract and my legs shake.

I could feel the ache, the tension of my orgasm threatening to release but holding to on to the last sensation.

He knew it too and he pulled the wand away and began to suck on my swollen nub, his fingers thrusting into me as he licked and sucked, his other had still holding my body still as the tingle increased and the ache rushed through my body.

I felt his finger turn up pushing against my G-spot, working it aggressively as I cried out releasing my orgasm.

He repositioned his mouth over my opening and slurped up every drop that flowed from my body until I finally relaxed on the couch.

He stood up, pulling me into his arms and kissed me hard, his tongue finding mine as we shared a passion like none other.

"You're forgiven" was all he said as he drew back from the kiss, zipped his pants and headed out the door back to work.

A few moments later I received a text message that said:

'I love you! Always and Forever!'

I smiled tp myself and replied back to him:

'I love you! Forever and Always!'

Then I threw on a shirt and began planning for dinner.

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