The Forbidden Lust Hardcore

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Sex Island

I was always a very sexual woman. From the day I turned 18 I wanted to explore everything and anything sexual. Until now, however, my sex life seemed pretty vanilla, and I longed for more.

Sure I dated, and my tanned color skin, D sized breasts, long dark hair, and tight figure left most men drooling and wanting more, but their more was more of the same thing. I needed something different, something more intense, something kinky and erotic.

My best friend encouraged me to sign up for this Sex Island week long retreat. It was said that single men and women could sign up to be selected. On the first day they would have a meet and greet. The following day would be spent getting to know each other and on the third day they would choose their partner for the remainder of the week.

I agreed to sign up but never imagined I would actually get chosen to be one of the 5 women to attend. As the limo drove up to the massive Island Resort I felt a knot in my stomach. I couldn't believe I was actually doing this.

As I got out of the limo and walked to the door I was greeted by this tall, handsome, muscular black man. 'Damn, that's one sexual fantasy on my list that I have yet to be able to check off' I thought to myself as he said hello and took my bag for me.

"I'm Isaac, pleasure to meet you.. " he said as he greeted me with a god like smile and trailing off leaving an opening for me to provide him with my own name.

"Lexi, I'm Lexi, and the pleasure is all mine, I assure you" I replied flirtily.

I smiled sensually at him as I thanked him for helping with my bag. I watched as he licked his lips while looking me over. When we entered the living room I saw that there were already 3 other men and 3 other women in the room.

Isaac took a seat right next to me on the couch as he introduced everyone. There was Rose, Lisa and Trina, and then Zack, Rich and Dan. No one seemed to have staked a claim on any one particular person yet, but Isaac did seem to stick close to me, which I most certainly did not mind one bit.

There was a knock at the door and as Isaac walked off to answer Trina smiled and said "you are the first person he has shown any interest in." The rest of them just nodded in agreement.

When Isaac returned he introduced the final two guests, Wendy and Brad, to the rest of us and then advised that dinner was being served shortly. Apparently Isaac was the first to arrive and was by default in charge of keeping schedule, introductions, etc., for the weekend.

That night was kept with cordial conversation, a lavish dinner, and skinny dipping in the pool afterwards. Rooms were assigned after we had arrived, and ironically Isaac and I were already sharing a room together. Trina seemed a little put off, and I presumed it was because she had an interest in him, but she relaxed quickly, realizing nothing was ever going to happen between them as it seemed his attention was completely on me.

For the moment Rose and Zack would share a room, Lisa and Dan, Trina and Brad and Wendy and Rich. Isaac assured everyone that when the time came we could all switch rooms accordingly.

Finally around 1am we all headed off to bed. When I walked out of the restroom I was wearing nothing but my nylons. I thought Isaac had gone to bed, but instead he was standing there shirt off just looking at me.

"Why wait two more days" he said as he pulled me close to him, his hands on my shoulders running down my arms as he leaned into me, his dark brown eyes burrowing into my soul. "I want you now" he said.

I bit my lip as I looked up into his eyes and not saying a word I unbuckled his belt, undid his pants and started to lower them down. As I did he pulled my body tight to his, my bare breasts pressing against his firm, muscular chest.

As we removed the remainder of our clothing he layed me back on the bed and kissed me sensually. I felt his cock getting hard as he pushed up against me, teasing my pussy with his huge erection.

I felt him slowly push into me as we began having sex. He was gentle and sensual, and as he thrust into me deep and hard I moaned in unison with him. His cock was massive and as my walls gripped him tight I could feel the ache inside me urging me to let it rip through my body.

He worked my pussy like a master, and as he worked up speed, fucking me fast while his hands fondled my breasts and he kissed me hard, taking my moans into his mouth, I felt my orgasm sweep over me, my walls gripping his huge cock tight and then I felt his cock pulse and throb releasing his own orgasm.

We didn't say a word but simply fell asleep right there, naked in each other's arms.

His alarm went off at 8am, startling me.

"I'm sorry baby" he said as he turned it off, "I have to start breakfast" he smiled before continuing with saying, "you were incredible last night, and I am glad we got that sensual part out of the way."

"Yes, last night was incredible, you were incredible" I replied as I started to get up to get dressed.

"Stay in bed" he said as he kissed me again, "rest for now."

"It's okay" I said as I smiled and then kissed him again, "I want to come help you make breakfast."

It took us a few minutes to get ourselves dressed, mostly because we couldn't keep our hands off of each other, but finally we headed down and got breakfast going. The rest of the guests began to trickle downstairs as the smell of coffee and bacon filled the place.

After breakfast we all agreed to head out to the jacuzzi and do some getting to know each other so we would all be prepared for the following day. It was agreed that there would be no clothes allowed in the jacuzzi, which everyone seemed eager about.

We decided to do a discussion about what we liked sexually. Wendy was the first to go, and it seemed that I would be second to last with Isaac going last.

A lot of it was pretty mundane for me, the typical missionary, doggy, or oral. Then it came to me and as I bit my lower lip deciding if I should actually admit to the things that excite me something told me that Isaac was not far off from my kinks so I went ahead and opened up to the group.

"Well" I began, "I enjoy aggressive, rough and kinky sex." As everyone just looked at me shocked Isaac smile and I felt his hand running up my thigh under the water.

I took a deep breath trying to keep the contact hidden as I continued, "I would say that the only thing that is off the table when it comes to sex for me is real pain."

The conversations went from there. People talking about kinky sex and what they would be willing or not willing to try. I seemed to have opened the flood gates that point. The rest of the day was spent trying to dream up wild kinky scenarios and each of us guessing who in the group would be willing to try it.

Pretty much Isaac and I were in the yes list for everything that was mentioned and by the end of dinner the group had all but settled on who was bunking with who starting the next day. As the list was discussed we all agreed to begin our sexual escapades that night though.

"Okay so the new and final bunk arrangements are as follows" Isaac read:

Zack and Lisa

Brad and Rose

Trina and Dan

Wendy and Rich

Lexi and Myself

"No surprise there" Trina said with a giggle, followed by the rest of the group laughing with her.

"We are going to have fun the next couple of night my sweet little pet" Isaac whispered to me and I felt myself getting wet right there.

As we all headed off to our new (and old) room assignments, we knew that we would probably see very little of the rest of the group for the remainder of the week.

"On your knees" Isaac demanded of me the moment he closed the door behind us. He was undoing his belt. He pulled it out and folded it, smacking it into his hand. "This will be what you get across your ass if you disobey" he announced. Fuck that was such a turn on and I could feel the ache in my pussy start.

I already knew how massive his cock was, but as I knelt in front of him I wondered how in the world I would suck him off, and further, was it going to hurt when he fucked me mercilessly as we had earlier said we wanted to do.

He lowed his pants and grabbed my head, one hand on each side, and wasting no time he shoved his erect, massive cock down my throat. I gagged almost instantly from the unexpected feeling of his huge cock in my mouth.

"Oh no" he bellowed as he moaned in pleasure, "take it all" he said as I tried to pull back a little. He over powered me and pulled me tighter to him, pushing his cock even deeper.

"You wanted this" he barked at me as he moved his hips to and from fucking my tight little mouth like it had never been fucked before.

My moans vibrated against his shaft as he jammed his cock into me, working harder and faster and enjoying the sounds of me gagging on him.

"Oh fuck yes, that's such a beautiful sound" he said as he listened to me gagging once more before pulling his cock out of my mouth, grabbing me by the throat and lifting me to my feet so he could kiss me.

"I'm going to fuck you like your fantasies" he said.

I licked my lips and smiled before replying, "thank you sir."

"Stroke my cock bitch" he said as he grabbed my hands, wrapping them around his shaft. I had never seen a cock this massive before and while I couldn't wait to be fucked by it, I was almost scared at the same time.

His head fell back as he groaned in pleasure, "oh yes, that's it baby, yes. Make it nice and hard so I can fuck that pretty little tight cunt of yours."

I could feel my pussy getting wet. This was so fucking hot and I wanted, no I needed him to fuck me like never before.

It wasn't long before he was hard as a rock and he turned me around, bent me over the side of the chair and without hesitation or warning slammed his massive cock deep into my pussy making me scream.

"That's it, scream for me" he said as he slapped my ass ramming in and out of me over and over.

My pussy was being stretched to the max and while it hurt, the pleasure outweighed any pain that was there.

He grabbed my hair like a harness and rode me like never before, slapping my ass as he drove his hips to and from, faster and harder. Our moans echoing in the room as I whimpered with each stroke into me.

I screamed out again as he slammed hard and deep.

"Oh you sound so pretty when you scream my pet" he said as he reached his hands around my face, shoving his fingers in my mouth and pulling back. He then leaned in and whispered in my ear, "I wonder how you will sound when I fuck that pretty little ass of yours?"

I gasped but couldn't get a sound out. I had never been fucked in the ass and his cock was so large I wasn't sure how in the world it would fit, but that didn't seem to matter any to him because he was already lining himself up with my opening.

I shook my head and tried to move but he grabbed me tighter. His hands still with his fingers in my mouth making it impossible for me to speak and as he eased into my ass I felt the pressure and some pain.

'Thank god he is going slow' I thought to myself as I breathed heavy and hard trying to adjust to his girth in my ass.

"Rub your pussy bitch" he ordered me and as I did my body began to relax. As soon as his tip was through my opening he shoved deep and hard into me.

I gasped, trying to scream but it was soundless.

"Oh yeah baby" he moaned out as he rode my ass, spanking it over and over while he drove into me hard and deep.

"OH FUCK YOU ARE TIGHT" he said as he continued to fuck my ass.

I could feel my orgasm rising in me as I rubbed my pussy like he had told me to.

"Finger your cunt" he said as he slammed into me again, "finger it good for me pet".

I rubbed my swollen nub and then began to finger myself as he had ordered. Oh fuck it felt amazing. My moans grew louder as I panted and breathed hard and heavy.

"Oh fuck fuck fuck" he cried out, "I'm going to cum babe, Oh YESSSS FUCK it feels so good.. OHHH FUUUUUCCCKK" and then I felt his cock shake and throb violently in my ass as he shot his warm cum into me deep.

I was so into what was happening with him and my ass that I didn't even realize how close I was to cumming myself and before I realized it my orgasm has surfaced and my whimpers and moans grew more intense.

He released his hold on my mouth and holding his cock deep in my ass while I finished pleasuring my pussy he spanked me saying, "cum for daddy!"

I screamed as I felt myself cum harder then I had ever cum in my life, my juices flowing out over my hand as my body fell limp on the side of the chair.

He pulled me into his arms and layed me on the bed, pulling himself close in behind me as he kissed my shoulder and held me against his body.

"That was amazing baby" he said as his hand caressed my bare skin.

All I could do was nod in agreement, I was so exhausted. This truly was going to be a very fun filled few days.

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