The Forbidden Lust Hardcore

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Birth Right

Daddy's little prince was coming home to stake claim on his birth right, his father's company.

Daddy had been ill for some time, but things were getting worse. I was the one who stayed around taking care of him, learning the business, and doing everything that needed to be done to keep it successful, but now his only son was coming home after graduating college and taking it out from underneath me.

Sure I was only his step daughter and I had no real claim on the business, but I have hopes that my step brother will at least keep me on staff and possibly offer me a portion of the company, since after all if it wasn't for me there would be no company anymore.

I heard him come in the house and ask the butler how his father was doing. Of course the butler filled him in on everything I had been telling him for weeks now about his father's condition. After confirming all the information he headed up to his father's room.

"Son, I'm so glad to see you" I heard father saying to him.

"Dad, I'm so sorry I couldn't come sooner" he said, rather convincingly too.

"Oh no worries my son, you are here now, come sit by me" father said. He loved his son regardless of how little he saw him. He was his biological child, and this was his birth right, but I couldn't help feel the pain of betrayal in my gut.

I could hear their conversation as father made him promise to keep me included in the business, but after promising him that he would I could hear him mumble under his breath as he walked down the hall, saying 'that old fool is nuts if he thinks I'm giving any part of MY company to that little tramp of a step sister.'

"Well I have never" I said indignantly as I opened my door. He was very surprised to say the least. Apparently he had no idea I was even home, let alone close enough to hear his mumbling.

He just looked at me as he tried to find his words and then in two steps he was inches from my face.

"If you keep walking around like that in my house I am going to make you my little fuck toy" he said in a low, deep voice.

I looked down at myself and immediately wrapped my arms around my body. I had forgotten I was in my sheer, see-through nighty, but then again I almost always walked around with little to no clothes on. Then I had an idea.

"You can fuck me any time you want, as soon as you sign over part of the company to me as father made you promise to do" I said as I let my arms fall so he could see the full of my perfectly shaped body through the nighty I wore.

His eyes fell on my perky breasts as he pondered my proposition. "Very well, I'll have the papers drawn up and once they are signed you are mine to do as I please with" he said as he walked away to his own room.

I smiled pleased with myself. I had always wanted to fuck my step brother, so this little agreement of ours was a win, win situation for me.

The following day the papers were left on my night stand. I read them over to be sure there was nothing in there to mess up this arrangement, and then signed them.

I went downstairs and found the house empty, with the exception of the hired hands. When I went to the kitchen for some breakfast there was a plate with a note 'breakfast is in the microwave and I am at the office but will be home later for you.'

I smiled to myself quite pleased at how things were shaping up. After eating breakfast I went out back to lay in the sun, naked of course. I had a sexy sheer wrap around with me, but of course that was merely for ambiance.

I heard the car drive up and realized he was home from the office. I grabbed my wrap around and headed into the house to greet him.

"Thank you" I said as I walked up to him, placing my hand on his face as I kissed him softly.

"I hope you know I would have kept my promise to father, regardless of what you heard me mumble" he replied, the look on his face was like stone as if he was proud he had pulled one over on me, "but I loved the proposition you offered so I wasn't going to pass that up."

I smiled at him and we both realized that neither of us won this game, while in the same notion we both won. Seems we both were after the same thing ultimately, and overall it truly was a win, win situation.

He pulled me to him as his hand ran up my back, feeling my body through the sheer wrap around I held loosely around my naked body.

He looked so handsome in his business suit and the expression on his face was nothing short of power and control.

"Go up to my room" he demanded of me, "and leave that useless piece of fabric behind."

I could practically feel his eyes watching me as I walked up the stairs to his room, eager to embark on what ever plans he had for me. However, I was rather surprised when I opened the door and found dark décor, in contrast to the light of my own room. In addition to the darkness of the room there were some interesting items.

"On the bed" he barked at me when he walked into the room, "actually, better yet, on your knees."

I knelt near the end of the bed as he walked into the room removing his tie as he looked down at me expressionless.

"You are beautiful" he commented, "and you belong to me now!"

As he walked over to me he pulled his already hard cock out from his pants and gabbing my head shoved it down my throat. He immediately took to fucking my mouth roughly, driving it deep and hard down my throat as he held my head being certain I took each and every stroke of his cock into me.

When he had apparently decided he had used my mouth to his content, he pulled me to my feet and kissed me hard, still that stone look on his face, which just seemed to turn me on even more.

He tossed me to the bed and drew in to me, grabbing my hips and pulling me to the edge as he lined his cock up with my wet pussy and slammed into me.

His hips rocked as I cried out with each relentless drive into me. He was big, and he reached depths I only imagined.

"Quiet" he grumbled as he grabbed my panties and shoved them in my mouth, "you don't want father to hear."

As he continued to plunge into me over and over he reached up and wrapped one hand around my throat, applying just enough pressure to add to the intensity of his fucking me.

"OH yes!" he bellowed, "you feel so fucking good.. YES YES, take that cock you dirty whore!"

My pussy was dripping around his shaft, lubricating the strokes into me as my walls gripped around him. I was edging and wanted to cum and before I realized it my orgasm swept over me, my walls tightening even more as I came all over his cock.

"Ohh fuck yes, you little slut, cumming without my permission. You will pay for that" he growled as he shifted my legs up to his shoulders and without warning rammed his cock into my ass.

I tried to scream but he had put his hand over my mouth, which still had my panties in it, and kept it there while he continued with deep hard thrusts into my ass.

I could feel how tight I was wrapped around his shaft as he drove his hips to and from my body, plunging into me over and over.

"OH FUCK! YES YES! .... OH GOD YOU ARE TIGHT!" he cried out as he abused my ass for his pleasure.

"Oh you love this don't you?" He taunted as he rammed into me again slapping my ass hard at the same time. All I could do was nod in reply but that was satisfactory for him as he continued to use me.

"Oh I have dreamed of using your body for years" he told me as he took short calculated thrusts into me, "wanting to feel your needy cunt wrapped around me, your ass grip me" he continued in between moans.

"OHHHH YESSSS .. YES YES YES!" he cried out as I felt his girth harden even more before "FUUUUUCKKKK" he yelled out as he came hard in my ass.

As his cum dripped out around his shaft he continued to plunge in and out of me slowly, watching his accomplishment until he was satisfied he had released years of sexual lust for me into my ass.

He pulled out and grabbed my hair pulling me to him once again. My holes hurt, but it felt incredible all the same.

"You belong to me from now on and no one else" he said, in that same tone with that same stone expression on his face that he had before, "do you understand?"

"Yes" I replied.

"Yes what?" he ordered.

"Yes Sir" I said and then he pulled me into him kissing me hard before reaching for the restraints I had not yet noticed on his bedposts.

He tied my wrists to the restraints and smiled at me as he leaned in and licked and nibbled on my breasts.

"I'll be back later for you" he said as he walked out of the room.

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