The Forbidden Lust Hardcore

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True Colors

I met her years ago when she was about 17. Her father and I were in a motorcycle club together and due to her age she was obviously strictly off limits.

She was 21 now and quite colorful, to say the least, and I'm not just talking about her tattoos and hair, I'm referring to her clothing and the way she walks past all of us at the garage and bar. She loved the attention and did anything she could to draw it.

I was divorced now 2 years and as much as I tried to resist the urge, I was attracted to her and desperately wanted to fuck the hell out of her, but her father was my best mate and I wasn't about to step over that line.

It was Sunday afternoon as she pranced through the shop in a tight, black leather mini skirt that was shorter then most and a black leather bra top. She had these catch me fuck me black boots on that went just above her knee and she giggled, smiled and toyed with me, even more than usual.

I could feel my cock getting hard as I reminded myself her father was here.

"Take me for a ride" she asked as her hand brushed over my arm. I knew she was referring to my bike but the suggestive language she was pushing on me was louder than ever.

"Get your ass in here" her father's voice called out to her.

"You better get going," I said as she lingered by me a little longer, "your dad don't seem to happy with you."

She just giggled and blew me a kiss as she walked away, practically shaking her ass in my face.

I could here her dad yelling in the office, but couldn't quite make out what was being said until I heard her voice actually raise back at him, "yes dad I do know what I want, I'm 21 you know and YES this is what I want."

She walked out slamming the door and as she got to me she sat on my bike and smiled at me "I think you are going to be next in the principal's office."

No sooner did she finish that sentence and her father was calling me into his office. I could remember thinking to myself what the fuck did she say to him.

"I swear I have never touched your daughter" I said as I walked into his office and closed the door behind me.

He just laughed at me before saying, "relax, I know you would never do that. Well not without my blessing."

I looked at him a bit confused and then glanced back out at her as she smiled and waved to me.

"She likes you, and there is nothing I can say that will deter her from pursuing you" he began saying, "so instead of making it even more awkward, I have decided to give it my blessing if you wish to.. well.. if you want to date my daughter."

I stared at him shocked. He knew what I was like, how I was sexually, at least for the most part. He also knew I would treat her like a queen, a goddess and never hurt her.

"Um" was about all I could say at first but finally found my words, "she's beautiful man, and well, if you are really okay with it, I would be honored."

He looked out at his daughter and then shook his head as if he couldn't believe he was agreeing to this before once again assuring me we had his blessing.

"If she's gonna date a member, there's no one else I can think who would be better fit to date her."

I thanked him for his blessing and promised that at least for now we would keep things chill when around him and the members.

As he opened the door for me he nodded at his daughter giving her the green light. She ran over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck before planting a hard deep kiss on my lips.

She was bubbly and full of energy. I couldn't help but wonder if I would be able to keep pace with her, but I sure as hell was going to try my best.

As we walked back to my bike I explained to her how it would work and how we were to keep things on the down low openly, at least not over doing it. She was mine now, but that didn't mean we acted like dogs in heat, especially around her father. She agreed and it was just business as usual for the rest of the day.

That night she come home with me and as I sat on the couch waiting for her to finish in the bathroom I looked up and saw her walk into the room completely naked.

"We're going to do this now then?" I asked staring at her gorgeous figure.

"Mhmm" she replied, "that is if you want to now."

Fuck yes I wanted to, I had wanted to fuck the hell out of her since she turned 18, but I wasn't sure if she really understood what it meant to be mine.

"Come here" I told her and as she approached me I pulled her so she was laying across my lap. "You're sure you want this?" I asked once more.

She nodded her agreement but didn't say a word. Damn that was hot how she just submitted like that.

I grabbed her hair in one hand and tilter her head up as my other came crashing down hard onto her ass, slapping it so that it left a red mark. Her whimpers were so hot and erotic.

I toyed with her already wet pussy, pushing my fingers in and out of her, making her moan and groan as I worked her over hard. Then I reached under the pillow for the butt plug I had and slowly started to push it against her opening.

She moaned and squirmed in my lap, it was so arousing and I could feel my cock getting harder then it had ever been in my life. She was loving this and I was too.

I pushed the plug in her ass and heard her moan again and then I resumed my fingering of her pussy. She was tight and so wet and the faster I went the harder she would breath.

When I pulled my fingers out she groaned in displeasure and so I spanked her ass again, harder this time, making her yelp.

"I decide what happens and when and you don't ever complain" I said to her, "understood?"

She nodded in agreement again. I knew we were suppose to go to the club tonight but I had waited long enough, I was going to fuck the hell out of her right now before we went to see daddy and the rest.

I lifted her up and stood, tossing her back onto the couch. As I lowered my pants I turned her so she was facing the back of the couch and then grabbed her hips, pulling her ass toward me. Oh she was so delicious.

I spanked her ass again for good measure and then slammed my cock into her wet, waiting pussy. She gasped, but no sound came out. Her ass was still plugged and I could feel it in her rubbing against my shaft as I drove in and out of her sweet, tight pussy.

"Rub your clit" I demanded of her as I slapped her ass again and continued to pull her hips toward me as I rammed my cock into her.

She did as she was told and her moans grew in intensity. I could feel her walls gripping my shaft as if trying to pull me deeper, my balls slapping against her body as I drove in and out of her.

She was my best mate's daughter but now she was my girl and I was going to fuck every hole she had, had and rough any time I felt the need to now. She belonged to me and that was an amazing thought.

As these thoughts raced through my I could feel the ache building in me. Her moans turning me on more and more and then "UHHHH FUCKKKKK" I cried out as I came hard into her, my cock throbbing and thrashing violently as I held her hips, pulling her tight to me.

"OH GOD YES" she cried out as her cunt tightened around my cock and I felt her cum surround my shaft.

As we relaxed and I pulled out of her I watched as our mixed cum dripped from her beautiful body. Seems her taste in sex is just as colorful as her taste in tattoos and hair.

"Keep that in" I said as I slapped her ass again before pulling her to me and kissing her hard.

"Tonight we introduce you as my girl to the rest of the club" I told her, "no go get dressed".

She kissed me again before bouncing off to my room to change. I looked forward to the jealous looks from the other members, and couldn't wait to officially make it known she would be forever off limits now.

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