The Forbidden Lust Hardcore

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Rise To The Occasion

I never cared much for rules and anything kinky and sexy was fair game whenever and how ever I saw fit.

I watched her in her jeans and black bra from across the bar, her tattoos were strikingly sexy and her attitude that showed the world she knew she was sexy as all get out was such a turn on.

The hotel lobby had several people in it and I always enjoyed watching them stare at people covered in tatts, it was funny.

I watched as she stood and headed for the lobby and the elevator. I followed her. She was sexy and I decided I wanted to take this raging hard on that I now had for her and put it to good use.

Of course, people stared as she walked by but she didn't care, she was sexy and she knew it. They stared even more as they watched me follow her in the elevator. Hell, I could even see them watching us as the elevator started to rise. It was one of those glass elevators that you could see out of and thus everyone else could see in.

I didn't ask or even wait for an invitation, I simply reached around her body and grabbed her large breast and as I kissed her neck my other hand found it's way down her mid section to her waistline.

She didn't seem to mind the kiss but as my hand wandered down into her pants she tried to push away.

"Everyone is watching" she said as I forced my hand down into her pants feeling her wet pussy with my fingers.

"So" I replied, "let them watch" I said as I reached back and hit the stop button on the elevator.

She gasped in shock as I pushed her body against the window. I began to pull her pants down as she tried to squirm and resist, but it was no use, I had her pinned with both her hands above her head held by one of mine, while the other worked to undress her.

"Are you crazy" she cried out as I let her bra drop to the floor, watching below as the guests gathered around looking up at the window where we were displayed now.

"Yes, as a matter of fact I am" I replied as I reached down and began fingering her pussy hard.

"You know you want this" I said to her, "and I want the world to see just how beautiful tattoos can be."

She struggled some more and tried to tell me how it was wrong and shouldn't be done but I got tired of her complaints to I pushed her to her knees and shoved my cock down her throat. Oh her mouth felt amazing wrapped around my swollen shaft.

I could feel my balls throbbing as the ache built up. The sounds of her saliva as I stroked my cock in and out of her mouth and oh the sucking, she was starting to get into this and I could feel her sucking me hard.

"Ready to let me fuck you bitch" I said as I pulled her to her feet again and threw her face forward against the glass once more.

"We shouldn't, not here" she protested but I slid my pants down and shoved my cock into her wet pussy hearing her gasp.

I could see the spectators below pointing and talking amongst themselves. Surely they were both aroused and shocked by the display before them, but my pretty little lady was not at all impressed.

She struggled more and I took her hands and pulled them behind her back, pushing her breasts tight to the window as I continued to drive my cock up and into her hard.

My shaft was hard as a rock by now and I was certain she could feel every pulsing vein, she was tight and her walls gripped me nicely. While her struggles seemed to want me to stop, her body begged me to continue.

"I want to taste you" I told her as I turned her around and knelt down in front of her. I pulled her one leg up on my shoulder as I shoved my face between her legs. Her ass now pressed against the glass as I ravished her sweet cunt, her juices flowing down my chin.

I rubbed on her swollen nub, licking her folds and then spreading her open more so my tongue could find it's way inside her. As I pushed my tongue in and out of her sweet pussy she began to moan, her struggling almost all but forgotten as I pleasured her right there in the elevator.

"OH fuck that feels so good" she cried out as her hips began to grind into my face. "Yes yes, that's it, oh god don't stop" she begged of me as her hands gripped my head and pushed me tighter into her, "eat me baby eat me!"

I ate her out like she had never been eaten before and soon she was gushing cum into my mouth as I lapped up every last drop she had to offer me.

I stood up and kissed her, her cum still on my lips. She kissed me back hard and before she could register again where we were I flipped her back around, lifted her leg up over my arm that was braced on the rail and shoved my cock into her deep and hard again.

She cried out and I was almost certain the people below could hear her. She was tight still from her orgasm and I worked my hips harshly as I fucked her hard and relentlessly. My cock driving in and out of her, her juices soaking my shaft, my balls aching to cum but me wanting more.

"I'm going to fuck that pretty little ass of yours" I whispered to her and before she could object I had pulled out of her pussy and slammed into her ass. She gasped without sound and I could see her eye tearing up.

I didn't care at this point, I wanted the release of a lifetime and this was how I was going to get it. I could hear the maintenance people now working on trying to get the elevator going again, but I just continued my course.

I pulled her by the hips back to me so she was gripping the rail as I slammed in and out of her ass. My hands holding her hips tight and pulling her back as my hips lunged forward, driving me deep and hard.

She finally found her voice and between her moans of pleasure she would cry out in angst as I slammed into her harder and deeper with each new thrust.

My balls now swollen larger then they had ever been before began to push the ache through my body. I could feel my legs begin to shake as the sensation flowed up through my shaft and then "OHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS" I cried out as I shot my load deep into her ass, hard and violently.

We stood there panting and gasping for breath as our bodies recovered from the assault. As I pulled out I watched as my cum seeped out of her ass. I spanked her for good measure, pleased with my accomplishment.

As we felt the elevator begin to move again we pulled on our clothes. When we exited on the ground level she smiled at me and said "that gives new meaning to rising to the occasion".

When we rounded the elevator shaft to head back to the bar we were greeted with a round of applause. The manager was so shocked at the response of the guests that he couldn't even be angry with us and in fact, he comped our rooms and invited us to return any time we liked.

I smacked her ass as we walked into the bar and she turned around, grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled me to her to kiss me hard.

"Next time, maybe we should just fuck in the lobby" she joked, but as my eyes lit up she realized maybe she shouldn't have given me any new ideas.

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