The Forbidden Lust Hardcore

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Born Different

Like any other guy I enjoyed watching porn, but I enjoyed watching all kinds. You name it, I enjoyed it, except for the pure humiliation and pain type.

However, lately I was finding that the guy on guy porn was making me more and more aroused then usual. I couldn't help wonder how it would feel to have a cock up my ass, or mine up some guys ass, and let's face it, who cares who is sucking you off, as long as they do it right.

Fuck, here I go again, getting all hard and horny. I mean, I have dated girls, and I have had sex with girls, mmm and some incredible sex at that, but it just wasn't completely fulfilling.

I had thought for some time now that I was different, but that was something never spoken in my house. My parents would hear nothing of it, so at a young age I learned that I was no different then anyone else and one day I would marry a nice young woman and... but now that I was living out on my own, that and part left me something to desire.

I watched as my buddy slept on the couch in my living room. We had both had a lot to drink the night before and so he decided to just stay the night. He was gay, and never once shy about it.

As he lay there in his boxers I couldn't help it, I started to get hard as I looked over his body. I wanted to know what it felt like. As I watched him sleep and imagined the sexual things I wanted to do with him I could feel my cock getting harder then it had ever been before, so hard it hurt. I knew then that I was born different.

I rubbed against my cock, trying to relieve the ache, the pain, but it was no use, my body was screaming at me to explore, to open the door and be who I was meant to be.

I curled up behind him on the couch, thinking maybe if I just feel my skin to his I will be satisfied, but as soon as I did I felt my cock get even harder. I didn't even think that would be possible.

He stirred a bit and then settled back in to sleep. I reached my hand around his body and down his boxers and I could fee his massive erection. Fuck that was so hot, so sexy. I wanted to wrap my hand around it and.. ooh yes, I felt my hand stroking his hard rod up and down. The feeling of his muscle in my hand was so erotic.

I felt him begin to stir some more and then turn and kiss me. His tongue met mine as I turned his head more toward me. It was a moment before he fully woke and realized what was happening.

"What are you doing" he said as he pulled from kissing me.

"I want this" I replied, "I've know for some time I'm different then most, and well" I pushed my hard massive cock up against his ass as I gripped his tighter and stroked him more.

"Are you sure about this" he replied, confirming I was awake and knew what I was doing.

I didn't say a word, but instead continued to stroke him harder and faster. He began to moan and I removed his boxers along with my briefs. I could now feel my cock pressed up against the bare skin of his ass. Oh fuck it felt so good.

We were both panting and breathing heavy now and then he rolled over to face me. His hand found my shaft and began stroking me now, my moans echoing in the room. He started to kiss my body and work his way down and "oooh fuck" I groaned as I felt his lips against the tip of me before sucking me into his mouth.

He was working my balls while sucking my cock. I had never been sucked so masterfully. His lips gliding up and down me as he sucked me in. I could feel the tingle in my cock, it was like I had never had sex before in my life.

His moans echoed against my shaft. I think he was enjoying this as much as I was. My hands found his head and I pushed on him slightly, encouraging him to do more, to suck harder, which he did. I moaned louder and then I felt his finger push into my ass.

"OH FUCK" I cried out as the sensation shot through my body. He worked my ass with his finger for a short time and then added another making me groan in pleasure again.

I could feel my cock stretching to full girth, fuller then I knew was possible and I knew it wasn't going to take much more till I would cum.

He pulled my cock out of his mouth and continued to finger my ass as he watched my expression and then pulling his fingers out of my ass he inched up my body and positioned his cock over me.

I'd never sucked a cock before, but I wasn't stopping things now. I took him in my mouth and he moaned. "Fuck, you sure you have never done this before" he said as he moves his hips pushing his cock in my mouth.

I sucked him harder and deeper, the idea of having his shaft between my lips, his dick down my throat made me squirm and moan myself. He began pumping his hips then, fucking my mouth and I sucked him fast and hard. It was such a turn on, like I never thought possible.

"Fuck me in the ass" he said as he pulled out of my mouth and turned to lean over the arm of the couch, exposing his naked ass to me.

I looked at his opening as he spread his cheeks for me and without even thinking I lined up behind him easing against his hole.

"FUCK ME" he cried out causing me to thrust forward into him.

"FUCKKK you're so tight" I cried out as I slammed into him. His ass gripping me tight as I rocked my hips back and forth, my cock lunging in and out of him.

"Oh god oh god, I'm going to cum" I cried out and he reached back, grabbing my ass, pulling me tight to his body as his ass gripped my shaft hard. I screamed out as I felt my cock throb and shoot my load into him.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD that was intense" I breathed out as I fell back onto the couch breathless.

"Oh we aren't done yet" he said as he turned around and flipped me over, "it's your turn."

I wasn't sure if I was ready to feel his full erection inside my ass, but he wasn't taking no for an answer. He had decided if we were going to do this, then I was going to experience it all and not just some of it.

He lined up with my ass an as he inched in me slowly I moaned as I felt the pressure. It was a little painful at first till his head pushed past my opening. I felt my ass start adjust to his size and as it did he began to stroke faster into me.

As I moaned in pleasure he began working me harder and faster. I felt my cock growing hard again as he worked up his momentum.

I started to stroke my cock as he slammed into me, making me moan, groan and whimper at times. His balls slapping against me as he rode my ass, my virgin ass.

I felt my orgasm rising in me again and started yanking harder on my shaft as he began stroking harder into me.

"OH YESS" he cried out as I felt his shaft throb in my ass and his cum shoot deep into me. I had never felt anything like it before and as he thrust and throbbed into me I felt the ache in my balls flow through my body and my cock throb in my hand, cum flowing from me once again.

Once we both relaxed, we fell onto the couch again.

"Holy fuck that was amazing" I said to him as he face me, laced his leg over mine so our naked bodies were pressed together.

"Yes indeed it was" he said and then kissed me again.

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