The Forbidden Lust Hardcore

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In The Shadows

I worked as a dancer and was always up late, so to be out doing my laundry at 3am was nothing unusual for me.

I kept to myself, mostly because I slept during the day and never really saw anyone else during my 3am laundry walks in the halls of our apartment building.

"You're up awful late" I heard him say as I bent over to move my clean clothes into the dryer and put another load in the wash.

"I'm always up late" I replied, without even flinching or looking his way.

I heard him walk into the laundry room and finally looked up when I noticed his feet next to me.

"May I help you" I asked, unphased by the closeness of this stranger to me in the middle of the night.

"I was going to ask if I might help you" he replied.

He was tall, medium built with tanned skin, gorgeous eyes and an incredible half smile that made me want to melt.

I finished doing what I had started and then stood up in front of him. I had on short shorts and a tiny tank top. He wore sweats and no shirt and his body seemed to glisten in the little light that was in the room.

I was promiscuous and daring and hardly ever worried about what others thought, and as he stepped closer to me I could smell the sweat on his body and it simply turned me on.

"Well, since my laundry doesn't need much attention at this point, only thing left to help me with is my boredom while I wait" I said to him in a manner that practically begged him to fuck me right there.

As he inched me back against the wall his hand reached to my waist and his other above my head, he looked down at me and smile as he pushed his body against mine. His skin on my skin was electrifying and I could already feel his cock growing under his sweats.

"I'm sure we can think of something to do while you wait" he said and then leaning his weight into me he kissed me hard, his tongue pushing through my lips and finding mine as his hands removed my top, exposing my bare breasts against his muscular chest.

His hand found it's way to my shorts and reached down inside them swiftly. He rubbed against my body and then his fingers found my lips.

"Mmm you are already wet" he observed as his fingers rubbed circles around my clit, then started toying with my folds as they found their way to my entrance.

"Mmm yes I am, and what will you do with that information" I taunted him.

He bit my lip and then swiftly flipped me so I was facing the wall. He pulled my shorts off quickly and pinned my hands above my head with one of his own.

"I'm going to fuck you" he whispered in my ear as his hand caressed my ass.

He let go of my ass, presumably to remove his pants because next I felt his hard erection pressed up against my body.

"Don't scream" he said as he spread my legs apart, "I'm going to make this hurt and we don't want to wake anyone."

Before I could say anything he slammed his cock deep inside of me. All I could do was gasp. I wanted to scream but his words rang in my mind and the last thing I wanted was anyone else in the apartment building to wake up to the sounds of us fucking in the shadows of the laundry room.

"You like that don't you?" he said as he rammed his cock into me over and over, making me moan and groan with each thrust into me.

"Tell me you love it" he said as he slapped my ass, slamming into me again, only harder and deeper this time.

"I love it" I gasped out, certain not to scream.

I could feel his knees bend as he lowered himself and then thrust up into me. He made swift thrust, deep and hard into me, each one designed to make me feel it hard.

His girth was massive and I could feel every line of the every vein that pushed through his shaft as he swelled to full size.

He pulled my hips back to him, drawing my body from the wall in a bend over position as my hands remained against the wall for support.

He held my hips as his own drove into me harder and harder, pushing himself as deep as he could. Each thrust making me yelp now as I felt him hit deep inside of me.

We didn't say much else in this time, just moans and groans as we felt out bodies mesh together into a heated mess. His cock hard as a rock as he plowed into my soaked pussy. My walls gripping his shaft as if begging him to continue.

I felt the ache of my orgasm starting to travel through my body as he jolted into me. My walls clenching him as my body released its pleasure and my cum flowed around his shaft.

"Oh yes, that's beautiful" he said as he slapped my ass and pulled out of me. "Look at how wet you have made my cock. I think it's ready to enter another hole."

Before it could fully register what he had said I felt the sharp pain of him plunging deep into my ass. I opened my mouth to scream but nothing come out.

He reached his hands up now so that his fingers were in either side of my mouth, holding my mouth open and using it as a handle as he thrust his hips to and from, driving in and out of my virgin ass.

My body slowly began to adjust to his girth and ease up and the more he fucked me the more I enjoyed it.

He would go fast and hard and then slow and deep, thrusting as hard as he could into me. My moans were laced with whimpers, which seemed to only turn him on more.

Suddenly he released my mouth and grabbed my hips again. He groaned with each thrust into me now, drawing back and then ramming into me. My hands once again supporting me against the wall as he fucked me hard, his balls slapping against my body.

"UGHHHH YESSSSS" he cried out at the same time the buzzer went off for the dryer, masking his cries of pleasure.

I felt his cock throb and thrust into me, his cum shooting violently inside my ass as he moaned, pulling my hips to him and pushing himself as deep as he could go and holding it there as he unloaded his seed in me.

As he pulled out I could feel his cum dripping from my ass.

"That's a beautiful sight" he said as he watched it drip and then spanked my ass again.

"Oh hell, that was incredible" I finally said as I turned to face him again.

He leaned into me and grabbed my chin as he kissed me hard before saying, "good because I hope to make this a regular event."

I just stared at him, wondering still who he was and why I had never seen him before. He pulled his pants back on and handed me my clothes before helping me finish up with my laundry.

"I'll help you carry that up" he said.

After we reached my apartment I thanked him before watching him walk across the hall to his door.

"Oh, by the way, I'm your new neighbor, pleasure to meet you" he said with a smile as he entered his apartment.

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