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NOTE: Everything here is fiction and meant as a tool to tap into and challenge your mind's view of eroticism. The characters are portrayed as legal, willing participants & while hardcore with some being taboo in nature, it is not criminal. Book 8 of the Forbidden Lust collection. Again, all that you see here is fanfiction. Pure imagination & exploration of eroticism of the mind. I hope you enjoy my works. This book holds a collection of single chapter short stories. These stories are erotic and explicit in nature. Many of the sexual acts are pure fantasy, and taboo in nature. Like the other editions of Erotic Short Stories, most of the main characters are left unnamed and with little description to allow the reader to feel part of the dialogue. Allow your mind and imagination to take you places your erotic fantasies can only dream of. Feel the ache as you read the details of the acts and allow yourself to feel the mental pleasures of erotic short stories. I hope you enjoy this collection of sexual stories. Explicit sexual actions. 18+ All rights reserved ©️

Erotica / Fantasy
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Double Or Nothing

My girl was gorgeous and sweet and innocent to say the least, but I was anything but. She would do anything for me and I knew it. I was dominant and sexually curious not to mention there was a lot I had already done that she had never dreamed of.

We were entertaining at our home that night. My best friend and I had shared many fucks to this point and he took a liking to her. I had never thought of sharing her before, but he and I had been best buds since we were in diapers and the idea of the two of us fucking away her innocence turned me on.

After all the guests had left it was just the three of us having a drink. My buddy walked over to her and unbuttoned her blouse. She tried to be sweet and cordial and as she pulled her blouse closed I walked up behind her, placing my hands on her shoulders and kissing her neck.

My buddy looked at her and began to pull open her blouse again as she became a little more agitated.

"It's okay my love" I whispered in her ear as I grasped her arms to hold her still.

"What... what are you doing" she cried out.

"You love me right" I asked as she nodded, "then do this for me baby. I want us both to fuck you tonight."

She calmed down as my words settled in and as she looked at my buddy she reluctantly loosened her grip on her blouse. His serious look made her realize that she had two choices, allow us both to fuck her or walk out of my home forever.

She leaned her head back into me as if seeking reassurance again and I kissed her neck, again telling her it's okay.

"Daddy's going to take good care of you now baby" I told her as she allowed us to remove her clothing and her innocent form submitted to me and my wishes.

I sat down on the couch and pulled her naked body into my lap. As my hands wandered around her body and began to rub her clit her moans told me she was enjoying it. My buddy moved in on his knees and began sucking on her tits, one after the other as my finger then began to push inside of her.

She squirmed as we played with her body and I could feel her getting wetter by the minute.

"Taste her" I told my friend and she didn't seem to object as my fingers continued to thrust in and out of her and my buddy began licking her.

She was a hormonal mess. Feeling things her body had always told her was sinful. Being with two men at once was unheard of by her till now and as we worked her body into a flurry of ache and wetness she had all but forgotten how foreign this was, until....

My buddy stood up and removed his clothing as I told her to kneel. She looked at me a little perplexed by did as I said. As my buddy grabbed her head and shoved his cock in her mouth I began to remove my own clothing.

"Oh baby girl you look so sweet with his cock down your throat" I said as I began stroking my cock.

Her gagging sounds made it even hotter and once my cock was fully erect I pulled her hips up so she was on all four, my buddy's cock still down her throat and then I slammed my rod into her wet cunt.

She gasped but her cries were muffled by the cock being thrust in her mouth. I spanked her ass hard making her try to yelp, but again my buddy drove his cock deep into her throat.

Her lips were wrapped tight around his shaft and her wet pussy tight around mine. I began to rock my hips faster now as her walls gripped me, her gagging sounds making me want to do more and more to her.

"OH fuck she is amazing" my buddy said as he grabbed her head and continued to fuck her mouth.

Her moans and gagging was hot, and as she struggled to pull back some he just pulled her tighter to him, shoving his cock deeper.

"I think she has another hole that needs filled" I said to him as I took her and layed her on top of me on the couch.

I slammed my swollen cock deep into her pussy as she straddled my body. I reached around and spread her ass, exposing her other hole and nodded at my friend. He positioned himself behind her and as he pushed his tip against her ass she squirmed.

"No, please no" she begged.

"Stop begging baby girl, it's not proper" I told her as I slammed my cock into her juicy little cunt again making her yelp.

"Just do it" I barked at my friend.

Finally he lunged his hips forward driving his cock into her ass hard and deep making her scream out.

"Oh yes, that's it baby girl, scream for daddy" I said as my cock swelled even more.

We continued to fuck her holes, driving deep and hard into her ass and cunt, making her scream and whimper as we abused her for our pleasure.

I could feel how tight she was, wrapped around my massive rod as I fucked her mercilessly. My friend groaning as her tight virgin ass wrapped around his shaft, milking him as he drove in and out of her.

We flipped things around, her on her back on top of my friend as he fucked her ass and me on top of her as I continued to fuck her pussy. He held her legs up, exposing both holes more and allowing us to go deeper and harder.

Her cries were getting louder so I pulled out of her wet little cunt and positioned myself over her face, driving my cock down her throat now to silence her.

"Suck me baby, suck me hard" I taunted as I slammed my cock down her throat making her choke on it.

I couldn't hold back much longer and as I felt my cock ready to erupt I pulled out of her mouth and let it shoot all over her face. I had never seen so much cum shoot from my cock, but it was incredible seeing it on her face.

My friend flipped her again and took to fucking her pussy, leaving her ass for me now. As my cum dripped from her face he slammed into her and exposed her ass to me. I didn't wait or give warning, I just rammed my cock hard and deep making her scream again.

"She's such a pretty little thing" my friend said as we continued to fuck her holes aggressively.

"Yes, yes she is and such a good girl too" I replied as I leaned in and kissed her neck ramming my cock into her once more.

"OH FUCK YES" my friend cried out as he neared his release and as her ass squeezed tight around my shaft I felt another orgasm nearing release.

She cried out as her ass tightened and her pussy clenched my friends cock, her cum flowing around his shaft as she panted through her orgasm. That last tight grip put both of us over the edge and as we prepared to cum I pulled her to the floor, forcing her on her knees as we both jerked and shook our cocks, watching as our cum shot onto her body.

I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to me, kissing her hard and telling her how incredible that was.

"You can count on having this sort of fun again my dear" I told her as she kissed me and said nothing.

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