Steeling The Asshole's Hart

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When he spotted her across the schoolyard, she immediately blew him away. Wanting her and her innocence made him want to change, to become "good", but this won't be so easy. He first needs to get rid of his sidepieces and gain some self-control.

Erotica / Romance
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Meeting HER

Its the first day of my last year in this goddam school with these goddam people. Don’t get me wrong, I like my friends, but I want to move on from this boring environment with these boring people.

Being a person who likes challenges, I am bored being here`. I’m the most popular guy in school. I’m on the first football team. I can get any girl I want. I’ve slept with a teacher. There is really nothing left here that really gets my attention.

As I walk onto campus, I notice a new face I haven’t seen before. “Wow...”, I mummer to myself. From a distance, I look her up and down. Long legs, medium ass, small waist, b-size boobs, dark hair, and slightly tanned skin. Just how I like my girls.

Who’s that I ask my friends. All head turn to look who I’m referring. “Don’t know,” my best friend Shawn says frowning. She heads for the office. Probably a new girl.

As I make my way up the stairs, my thoughts are interrupted by someone grapping my arm. Cassidy. My current “girlfriend” if you can even call her that. See, I’ve never been one for dating. I easily get bored with a girl. I like the case, but as soon as I have them, they become to easy. That’s what life has become for me. Don’t get me wrong, I very much enjoy the sex. But sometimes, these open-legged girls are just to easy to get into bed. Or on top of a kitchen counter. Or...

“Are you even listening?” Cassidy is looking at me expectantly. “Sorry, my mind’s wondering. What did you say?” I turn to look at her, hoping to convince her I am interested in what she is saying.
“I was inviting you to my house after school,” she looks up at me hopefully, “I’ve seen so little of you these past few weeks. With you being away and all. I miss you.”

I stroke her cheek, “Sure I’ll come over. But, Cassidy, I told you before we started that we’re not in a relationship, and you said that your fine with it. Are you still fine with it?”

“Of course, I am,’’ she smiled up at me, but I could see it didn’t meet her eyes. I’ve let thing go on too long with her. I should have ended it last year, but I could never build up the courage.

We turn a corner and there I see her stand. Nose in a piece of paper that looks like a school map. For the second time today, my breath is blown away. My hands start to sweat, and my mouth dries up.

What am I? In the third grade?

“I’ll see you later,” I say to Cassidy with a quick smile and with that I turn and walk away.
I swallow hard and approach her. I put the biggest smile I could on my face, “Hi, I’m Joshua. Are you new here?” I just manage to get the words out before she looks up at me. Fuck.

Looking up at me, are two big, bright blue eyes, from under thick eyelashes. Am I imagining it, or is there a subtle hint of a blush on her cheeks?

“Hello, yes I’m new,” she smiles, while extending her hand. “Arabella”

I gently take her soft hand in mine and watched her beautiful smile grow. Light pink moves over her face and she looks down, breaking our gaze.
How can someone be so fucking perfectly beautiful?

“Would you like me to show you around?” I ask hopefully, very aware that I am still holding her hand.

“Thank you I’d appreciate it. This is so confusing,” she points at the map. I move to take her bag from her.

By caring her bag to class, I will show everyone that she’s mine. I can’t explain it, but the school has always understood that walking a girl to class was my way of “marking my territory”. The bag is just extra precautions.

But she moves away and gives me a ‘What the hell are you doing look’. I’m taken aback. No girl as even stopped me from doing anything, especially not something this simple. “I can carry my own bag, thank you,” she adjusts the strap op her shoulder.

I frowned, “I though I’d help you out. It quite a big campus and will take long to show you everything. But if you insist on carrying it yourself,” I hold my hands up in surrender.
“That’s a kind gesture, but I’m fine”

After walking around the entire campus, showing Arabella a lot more than was necessary, I had found out a lot about her. They moved here, so that her parents would be closer to an international airport, because they travel a lot. She was a long-distance-athlete, but I could’ve already tell by her slim body.

The more time we spent together the more talkative she became. “My sister is actually in the same year,” I replied when she told me that she is in her eleventh year. She smiled up at me, “Well, if she’s as nice as her brother, then I’d very much like to meet her.”
Nice... oh honey, I’m everything but nice.

“I hope I get to introduce you then,” I smirked.

I walked her to her first class, just as the bell rang, still holding her bag. “It was genuinely nice to meet you. If you need anything at all, you’re more than welcome to ask me,” I take her hand and write my number on it. She smiled looking at it, “Thank you so much, Joshua. I will.”

“Josh! There you are. We’ve been looking all over for you,” Henry throws his arm around my shoulder, breaking my and Arabella’s stare. With one last smile, I watch her walk to class. “New meat,” Henry whistles looking Arabella up and down.

Heat rushes through my core and I turn to face Henry, sizing him up. He was a full head shorter than me, meeting me just below my chin.

“Relax dude, I was only admiring talent,” he holds his hands up. I pinned him under my stare, “We’ll don’t.”

“What happened to Cassidy?”

“Nothing, why?”

“If you’re making moves on new girl over there, I thought you two would be finished?”

I didn’t always like Henry, he always found a way to get on my nerves, but he was a good guy and meant well.

“I’m still seeing her. But I’m thinking of ending it.”
We walked into class and I took a seat next to Shawn. He patted my shoulder and Mrs Smith started the class. She was wearing a skirt that particularly hugged her ass today.
My thought started to wonder to how they used to bounce when I rammed my cock into her. My eyes wondered up to her chest, imaging her without her yellow blouse.

Fuck I miss those soft tits of hers.

Her met mine for a second, but she quickly looked away. Sneaking around with her was one of the most trilling things I had ever done. When her husband started to catch on, she ended things. It was more than a year ago now, but things remained awkward between us.

Finally, the bell rang to end the period, and I grabbed by phone out of my pocket as fast as I could. It vibrated 15 minutes ago, and I hoped it was Arabella. My hart sank when I saw Cassidy’s name. She was really starting to irritate me. She was starting to get clingy and desperate.

As I got up from my seat, Mrs. Smith asked me to stay behind. I walked over to her desk, noticing her chest moving up and down unevenly. She was nerves.

“Joshua, I wanted to talk to you about being in my class this year. I hoped it would not influence you in any way?”
I frowned and examined her expression. She was trying extremely hard to put up a poker face. But I saw right through it. She was scared, tempted even.

I stepped closer to her, “In what ways would it influence me?” She blushed. I smirked, knowing I still had the same impact on her as a year ago.

She inhaled sharply, “You know very well what I mean.”

I reached up and stroked her bottom lip with my tum. When she didn’t putt away, I took it between my fingers and tucked on it gently. She inhaled sharply.

Releasing her lip, I turn and walk out of class. “No, it won’t influence me,” I said over my shoulder.

The periods flew by and it was break time. We sat at our usual table in the cafeteria and I scanned the room non-stop trying to spot her. Half the day had passed, and she still hasn’t sent me a message.
I sigh trough my nose.

Why does this bother me so much? She’s just another girl.
But she wasn’t. there was something about her that made my blood boil, in a good way.

“Hi babe,” I was embraced from behind.

Fucking Cassidy.

She forced herself between me and Shawn, making him make room for her. Without even looking at him, she continued, “Will you take me home after school? We haven’t spent time together in so long.” She seductively pulled my tie through her fingers, patting her eyelashes at me.

“Cass, I’ll have to see,” was all I could manage when I finally saw her standing in line to get food. I had to go talk to her.

Getting up, I glanced at Cassidy’s hurt facial expression. As much as she irrelated me at the moment, she was only seeking my attention. That deserved something. Besides, she was still a good fuck.

“I’ll meet you at my car,” I plant a kiss on my cheek. She squealed in excitement.
I walked over to the food line and grabbed a try, moving to stand behind Arabella. Girls behind me softly complained, but soon fell to giggles when I flashed them I wide smile.

“Hi, how’s your day going so far?” She jumped slightly and turned to face me. “It’s fine. Thanks.”
My smiling widened at the sight of hers “Find everything. Or did you get lost?”

“No, I was fine. Although, I did receive a few comments about this” she held up her hand where my number was written.

She must have seen me frowning, “I was warned quite a few times to stay away from you. My frown deepened.

“Both in a caring and threatening way.”


My previous and wanting to be lovers told her about my reputation. I pulled my hand trough my hair and sighed, “So, you’ve heard about my reputation.”
She smirked, “Its quite the bad-boy reputation.”

I had no idea what to reply to that. I just stood there, dumbfounded. What do I even reply to that? Normally, I’d just say something like, ‘you want to see just how bad’, but I knew that wouldn’t work with her.

What was wrong with me when I was around her? It felt as if I was a 14-year-old boy, not knowing what he was doing. I opened my moth to say something when I was interrupted by Natasha throwing her arms around my neck and kissing me on the cheek.

Arabella rolled her eyes and turned her back to me. Fuck this was bad timing. “I haven’t seen you this whole summer. I’ve missed you.” She desperately pressed her boobs against my chest. Normally I’d enjoy it, but I didn’t want this in front of Arabella.

I peeled her off me and held her at arms length, “What are you doing?” She looked at me innocently, but I know there was absolutely nothing innocent about this girl. “What do you mean?” she acted dumb.
I sighed through my nose, “We’re done. Remember?” I noticed Arabella turning her head slightly to look at us.

“Am I not even allowed to great you anymore?” she ran her hand up and down my shoulder. Luckily, we where out of Cassidy’s view, otherwise I’d have a catfight on my hands the very first day of school.
“We had some fun times together. Don’t you miss me? Or at least what I can do?” she continued.
I gazed at Arabella, “No. But thank you for asking.”

Natasha started to walk away, and a laugh escaped Arabella’s mouth and I smirked. She spun around, “Something funny new girl?” Her tone was threatening, and I didn’t like it.
I stepped forward, giving Natasha a warning look. Anger was replaced by fear, and she lowed her head while walking away. I also turned and walked to my table.

The rest of the day went by slowly and I was relieved when the bell rang to end the school-day. When I got to my car, Cassidy was already leaning against the hood, waiting for me.

From a distance I saw that the top two buttons of her shirt were undone, exposing her cleavage slightly. Her skirt was riding up her legs, as she sat on the car. My cock twitched. I needed a good fuck after a long day.

I went to stand directly in front of her, shielding her from peering eyes, and ran my fingers up her inner leg. My eyes widened, and she started to giggle.

She wasn’t wearing any fucking panties!

My fingers grazed between her lips, feeling how wet she already was. She locked eyes with me, and her breathing increased.

“My parents won’t be home, until later tonight,” was all she needed to say. I pulled her off the car and opened the door for her, walked around and got in.

As we exited the school grounds, she undid my pants and began stroking my now hard cock. When she squeezed slightly, my foot when down on the gas.

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