The Forbidden Lust ~ Super Heros X-Rated

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Book 11 of The Forbidden Lust collection brings your favorite DC and Marvel comics characters into the world of sexual intrigue. Have fun reading these Nursery Rhyme style clips, giving an erotic twist to our old favorites. All rights reserved ©️

Erotica / Poetry
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Death Becomes Her

{Starring Deadpool and Lady Death}

My Lady Death

I've come to defile.

With plunges of my cock

That will make you smile.

I'll pin you up

Against the wall.

And fuck you hard

Till my name you call.

And when you think

That I am through.

I'll give you another

Good hard screw.

Because I know

In the dead of night.

All you want is

Me to fuck you just right.

So hard and rough

Is the way to be.

And the only way to make

My Lady Death scream.

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