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Most of us know the typical fairytale stories of Cinderella, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and others, but do you know of the deep, dark, x-rated secrets the characters hide? In book 9 of The Forbidden Lust collection the Disney characters we once knew are written into a whole new view. This book will be slightly different from my Short Stories because instead of single chapter stories I am making them more like X-Rated Nursery Rhymes. All rights reserved ©️

Erotica / Poetry
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Jack & Sally

Jack, Jack give her a bone,

Straight up her pussy which you now own.

Sally is waiting and oh so horny,

She needs you to fuck her all night, straight into the morning.

Pull her hair and make her moan,

As you flip her over fucking her on a tombstone.

Penetrate that ass with your long hard finger,

Making the pleasurable sensations linger.

She needs it now, not tomorrow,

For it's a new nightmare she wants to follow.

So give her that bone until she screams,

"Thank you Jack Skellington for fulfilling my dreams."

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