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Hot, steamy, dirty sex to fulfill your needs This is a book that will make you cum many times, so if you are under 16 and you are sensitive and you cum easily, I suggest for you to not read this book I take requests too!

Erotica / Romance
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Author's note

This book will contain a lot of hot, steamy, dirty, wet sex that will make you cum in pleasure, so please, if you are under 16, or if you are sensitive, or if you cum very, very easily, I advise you to not read this book.

I also take requests, it can be a character×reader, a character×charachter, a character×reader×character, lesbian, gay or trans, I don't mind. You just have to tell me the age, the sex, how do you want the scene to be written (for example: romantic, hot, steamy ect, with possibly some details) and where the scene will be placed in (for example: in a hotel, on the beach, in a bedroom) and other things if you want to be precise.

I hope you enjoy this book, and thank you for your attention.

Your local girl, Yari Song

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