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Sex in the boss' office

It was another, boring day of work, thank God it was Friday, in four hours work should end, yay!

"Hey,Y/N?" Asked Lisa, my friend and Mr Kims Secretary

"Yeah? What do you need?"

"Uhm, I need to go home cause my husband Jungkook needs help with the baby and can you please take my place?"

"Aish, why me? Can't you ask someone else?"

"But pleaseeee,you are the only person I trust, I promise I'll make it up to you"

"Will you pay me?" I asked curiously

"Ugh.... Fine, how much do you want?"

"Uhm, since this is the 4th time this week, I want 400$"

"That much?!" Lisa asked surprised

"Uhm, yeah, I have to work two hours more and I have more work, it is only 100$ a day"

"Here is the money.... I hate you"

"Love you too!" I said giggling

Then Lisa left

"Y/N!!!" Mr Kim called me
"Yes Mr Kim?"
"Can you please get me a coffee please?"
"The usual one sir?"
"Yes darling"

I bowed and went to prepare his coffee... Wait, did he just call me darling? He never does that to anyone, Kim fucking Namjoon just called me darling!!!
Okay, seriously, I need to stop fangirling

After delivering his coffee I went back to work, gosh, there was a lot of stuff to do. Great! I have to get paid more for this stuff!

Now almost everyone should be gone and I have one hour left before I go home, ugh, but I am almost finished with these papers, yay!!!

"Y/N!!!" It is Mr Kim again
"Yes Sir?" I said just as I entered his office, knocking off a shelf a little box "Oh my god, I am so sorry" I said bending down to pick the box up, ahh! He must have saw my lacey thongs

"Huh, I thought you were a silk woman Y/N, I guess I am wrong"

Namjoon PoV

I called Y/N to my office just to see her, god, I wish I could bend her body on the table and fuck her hard, god I hate the way how she unknowingly teases me with that pencil shirt, showing off her full breasts, and those oh-so-kissable plump lips, and the way she flips her sexy, silky hair is just so.... Aish I need to stop this.

Y/N finally enters my office, making a box fall, then she bends to pick it up.
I can see her ass barely covered by her lacey thongs, I think I am having a boner

"Huh -I said- I thought you were a silk woman Y/N, I guess I am wrong"

Back to Y/N's PoV

This is soo imbarassing, yet I wish to fuck him sooooo bad, dirty toughts coming into my head.

I bit my lips, and with all my courage, I go towards him, swaying my hips and slowly unbuttoning my shirt, exposing my breasts.

Mr Kim admires me "Do you like what you see.... Daddy?" I ask him flirty
"What a naughty girl, I think you deserve to be punished kitten" he said standing up and unbuckling his trousers, I could already see his boner, now my juices are starting to come out.

"Off with the clothes, now" he says while taking off his shirts
I did what he said, now remaining only in bra and panties.

I admire his abs while he walks towards me, "Sit on the table for me kitten" I did what he said, showing off the things from the table, leaving it empty.

Now he started to slowly lick my pussy, teasing me "Ahhhh, Daddy, just eat me"
"So needy are we, kitten?" He then started sucking me soo good, making me moan loudly
"Ahhhh, yes, fuck!!! Ahhhh, don't stop"
"Mhhmm, so sweet"

He made me cum in a matter of minutes, then licked clean my pussy.
He then sat on the table, I faced him.
We had a hot make out session then he entered me roughly "Ah! Fuck! Daddyyy!"
"Yeah, bae, moan for me"
"Ah, ahhhh, fuck me harder, ahhh!" Namjoon continuously hit my g-spot.

"Can I join?" Suddenly asked Jin, another friend of mine, making us scared.

We stopped embarrassed, Namjoon nodded his head, muttering a "yes", Jin quickly took off his clothes and positioned himself behind me.

Then both of them pounded in me, I was in complete ecstasy, Jin was massaging my breasts with his hands while kissing my neck, and Namjoon roamed his hand through my body while kissing me, muffling moans.

Soon the room was hot and filled with our moans and slaps, it was soo good.

" Ah, God, I am almost... " I moaned
"Yeah.... Us too"

Soon we cummed simultaneously, our juices mixing each other.

We rested our bodies against each other, still panting, and I still had their dicks inside me!

"Can someone explain this?!!"

Oh shit.....
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