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It was another day for the Smith family: Mr and Mrs Smith were in the kitchen, while the twins were in their room.

The smell of Mrs Smiths cooking filled the kitchen, while Mr Smith was reading the newspaper, sometimes making a deep breath to take in the delicious smell of the eggs, bacon and sausages. The twins instead...

Well, Jacob and Rita were in their room, having a hot make out while Jacob was massaging Rita's breasts and she was running her hands trough his hair. Mumbled moans could be heard if you listend with a lot of attention, but fortunately there was a lot of distance between the kitchen and the twins room, which was on the 2nd floor.

Mr. Smith was getting a little suspicious of the twins, they would always be late for something...

"Darling, I'll go check on the twins, okay?" He asked his wife "Yeah, and please make sure to wash your hands when you come back, the breakfast is almost ready"

Mr. Smith was starting to get up from his seat, little did he know what the twins were doing...

In fact Jacob now was sucking his sisters clit with passion, tasting her sweet pussy.

When Mr. Smith opened the door, he didn't expect such thing, he didn't even expect the feeling that he felt, the feeling to fuck join them... He could feel his dick hardening.

He couldn't help but to go in unnoticed and slowly undress himself while watching his son sucking her daughter while she was moaning so hard.

Rita had her eyes closed in ecstasy while Jacob was only focusing on her pussy and making her cum and moan.

Suddenly the boy felt something in harsehole, his fathers dick was making him moans too now.

Profanities, moans and slapping sound could be heard from the kitchen now, in fact Mrs. Smith, being the dirty woman she is, decided to join too. Now she was toying with her daughters breasts, sometimes sucking them.

When both the twins cummed, they stopped for a moment, then resumes fucking.

Now Jacob was anal fucking his mother (who was eating her daughters pussy) with a vibrator at the maximum level in his arse; and his father was also fucking his daughter in doggy position.

"Ahhhh, yes, fuck daddy, fuck my arse good and hard"

"Ohhhh, Jacob, yes, fuck me there!!!"

"Mommyyy!!! Yes! Ahhhh, it feels sooooo good Ahhhh"

All kinds of profanities could be heard in all the house.

Everyone was only focusing on fucking each other, when that all cummed... Well, it didn't stop there...

Now Rita was riding her father while Mrs Smith was busy giving a blowjob to Jacob.

Oh it was a beautiful scene. Mrs Smith wanted to taste so badly her son's cum in her mouth so she sucked him good.

While Rita was having her time, tacking her Father's cock in her pussy so slow to enjoy the feeling more, Mr Smith was sucking the full breasts of her daughter, making her moan harder "Ohhhh, soo good, ah yes..." Rita would moan, while her twin would say to his mother "Oh yes, suck me harder, Ahhhh, yes, you like to suck my hard cock? Don't you you horny slut? Yeah, suck it, yeah, Ohhhh, just like that"

Oh how they enjoyed fucking... They enjoyed it so much to decide to fuck each other every evening...

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