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Punishment for kitten

It was sooooo boring staying at home, master left two hours ago and I was annoyed.

Then an idea popped in my mind, why not play a bit?

I took the vibrator under the bed and put it in my pussy at the maximum.

"Uhhh, fuck!" I played with my breasts, moaning profanities, I could feel that I was near... But then the oh-so good feeling vanished...

Master sat in front of my open legs in boxers, with the vibrator in his hand.

"Didn't I feel you to not pleasure yourself? This is the second time kitten... I think you deserve a punishment"

Oh, here is when he goes hard on me...

"Now, I want you to count every time I slap you, if you moan, you know what will you get kitten."

"Yes, master"

He started slapping my clit










Then he stopped, I bet that I am so fucking red now.

"Kitten... I know you moaned... So now get on your knees and suck"

Ahhhh, I could see his cock springing out, so big!

I began playing with his balls with my hands, sometimes giving little licks on his precum.

"Stop teasing and just suck me kitten!" He exclaimed slapping me.

So I did it, I sucked him good, swirling my tongue around him.

"Uhhh, yea, just like that baby. Oh, yea, suck it like that... Mhhmm" Master moaned while I sucked him good. I played whit his balls a bit while sucking harder every time.

I could feel his dick throbbing, meaning he was cumming.

"Kitten... Uh, I'm cumming.... Ohhhh, fuck yes!"

He came in my mouth, I swallowed all of his tasty cum, licking clean every single spot.

"Good job kitten. Have you finally learned your lesson?"

"Yes master."

"Good, you deserve a reward, come here"

I sat on his crotch and started riding him

"Ahhhh, fuck" I moaned, his dick hitting my spot so perfectly.

I continued riding him, while touching my breasts. Master was holding my hips.

Suddenly he exchanged positions, now he was on top.

He kissed me roughly "Mhmmm" I moaned in the kisses

Then he started thrusting so fast, I fought I was going to explode

"Gah! Ahhh fuck, master!"

"Didn't I fuck you enough? You are still so tight"

He kept thrusting and put two fingers in my mouth, I sucked them while playing with my breasts.

"Master, I think I am near!"

"Hold it kitten"

Just a few thrusts and I could finally cum.

"Now kitten"

Our seeds mixed while we shared another kiss.

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