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"Ahhhh, fuck Daddy! Just right there! Ah fuck!" I yell as my daddy pounds into me from behind whilst gripping my hips to propel harder with each thrust. "Fuck my tight ass" I purr

Kai groans and grabs my ponytail before jerking my head backwards sharply with causes my to sick my tongue out and giggle. "You like my dick rocking your insides out? Huh?" I do my best to nod as a wave of immense pleasure flushes troughout my body when his cock hits my spot.

"Daddy! Right there! Fuck me just right there! Ahhhhhh!" I scream "Keep ducking me what your dick!" Kai gropes my breasts before reaching forward, but then he pushes me fault onto the bed. I feel him press his his torso on my back and continues his thrusts while leaving hickeys on my neck. "I want to fucking ride you after you fill me with your cum" I say between intense moans.

He just grunts and his thrusts get sloppier so I can tell that he si about to cum "Shit baby, I'm about to cum" With that we both release at the same time. I feel his ropes of jizz painting my insides which only adds to the pleasure. Once my walls has milked him for everything, he pulled out and lay flat on his back so I straddled him before guiding his tone hard dick to me entrance and lowering myself slowly.

We both moaned at the feeling, Kai could reach deeper in the position so I was preparing myself for the godly pleasure that I was about to experience.

"You're so big Kai" I say seductively as I start to grind slowly on him, feeling his tip poke around in new areas which makes me whip my head back and grip my own breasts firmly.

"Fuck yeah, ride my hard dick" Kai growls so I speed up with my reciprocating. I feel his skin rubbing against my ass as I grind harder and harder.

"Oh! I can feel you pulsing inside me daddy!" I moan to which Kai grabs my hips and assists me in bouncing on his 10 inch length, making my boobs bounce generously with each movement which seems to have turned Kai on even more.

"You like the way my boobs jiggle like this, huh?" I question him and all he did was nod. After a few minutes, my movements get sloppy when a familiar feeling stirs in my stomach and I collapse on Kai's torso as I continue to bounce my ass so he is still going deep inside me.

He leans in close to my ear and nips the lobe "Let go baby, he whispers and with one last yelp my juices coat his shaft and onto the bed sheets we are on.

Without giving me time to cone down he flips me onto my back and rams straight in me.

My moans of pleasure radiates throughout the house, I never felt so good in my life.

"Shit! I love it when you dominate me daddy" I grunt as he jackhammers my pussy mercilessly, his hips slamming off my ass is all that can be heard when we are not moaning. "Stretch my tight little hole! Just like that!" The words flew off my mouth and Kai seems to be enjoying every bit of it.

"Please daddy, I love the feeling of your cum coating my insides" I moan. This is all it took for me to let go of my juices all over Kai's dick as he released all of his sperm into me in large bursts. As he slowed down and allows us both of us to ride out our high, I sigh deeply and smile at the panting mess on top of me.

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