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This time, the dark elven master gets the lesson on why not to go into the forest at night....... (Dark themes/sexual content 18+)

Erotica / Fantasy
Miss Swoonfeather
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Chapter 1

City of Elisen


One could play her song amidst a hurricane and it would still feel like summer. Exploring the uncultivated mountains once more; Camille was able to breathe soundly again. She was the resilient sound of a day time elf owl, one of the few remaining Lunastra, with muddy red pointed ears laced with fur at its crest and lips tinted with fresh honeydew each morning. A spry elf owl she was, with youth buried freely in her gaze. Whose voice could captivate those would who listen.

Always on the prowl, it was her perpetual duty to find adventure. To roam the mountain's forest of Elisen, her hidden Fae kingdom bursting with life and various realm creatures, was a privilege each day but one she did alone. The Elisen community deeply relied on her protection from the dangers of the lands surrounding.

The sun watches her every move; yet the moon knows all her secrets.

And as the blazing orb settled below the trees, that once innocent gaze begins to heat at a furious tempo. There is something a bit different about elf owls, or rather Lunastra females, a true reason they reside in the forest only. Upon facing the moonlight's luminous glow they tend to be confronted by their true inner wrath. During the day a docile, quiet being only to turn into a perilous creature by nightfall. And yet it is only their nature.

Camille was one of the strongest of her kind- Lunastra females were born with both feather and fire in their veins. To stumble upon one at night will have a predictable outcome for most.

Unfortunately, one male didn't quite know the dangers of these elf owls.

Certainly, he must not of known. Had his knowledge been refreshed, perhaps the moon would have had different plans for him that night. But as it were, Tolith trod through the forest as every Elven warlock in Elisen did at this time- with heavy footsteps wearing nothing but confidence, leather and weapons. The heavy metal sword tucked next to his pelt beamed under the moon's gaze.

She caught his scent as it wafted gently into her face whilst perched on a tree high above the forest floor. It nearly wrenched her entire body off the branch she was balancing on, the force of wild male scent sending trails of hot desire all the way down to her feathered toes. An unfamiliar sensation; one that was about to be chased.

“A dreamer is one who can find his way into the moonlight with ease,” she whispered in the wind as she began to sing her nightfall melody.

Tolith gazed around the woods in bewilderment; suddenly guided by luscious smells that lavender flowers could not even mask the scent of. The sound of her voice sent waves of anticipation weaving down his spine like wild ivy, yet he could not find the source of the song. Each note was timed to match the pace of the dusk birds chirping, and then at once he felt a stoic moment of peace.

“However; stories of imagination tend to upset those without one,” her voice rang out clearly once more. “Our imagination flies- we are merely in its shadow.”

A ringing laugh of malevolence followed her careful words. This laugh sent the birds fluttering away in fear and caused the forest to come to a stand still. Not even a rustle could be heard. With petite hands she conjured a gust of wind to follow his footsteps and launched off the tree to begin her chase.

He was originally set out to slay the well known forest siren; nowhere in his plans did it entitle being the one hunted. His brothers had warned him of potentially being captured by her essence and right they were. Tolith suddenly wished he had more defense embodied on his stature, brown leather straps that kept his sword and pelt in place were about all he had decided to bring with him due to ego.

For many hours she delved into the hunt- sometimes allowing him space only to toy with him by catching up again. All the while his heartbeat amplified to match each thud his leather shoes made in the dirt. It was only when Tolith reached a clearing that he began to slow. He could no longer hear the whispers of her feminine divulgence whirling through his ears, she was ancestry to the well known Sela- the past day demonic elf shifters who destroyed towns by the dozens upon the wild scent of male. And he had nearly forgotten that he had yet to be fully trained as a warlock.

Tolith attempted to rid himself of her sweet harmonious song. No more would he be indulged by her enchantment, although he couldn't help but to imagine ravishing her. Her, an elf he had not yet even encountered or physically seen. But nerves tend to entice even the most dormant of energies.

Camille's aura seethed down the trees and sauntered silently across the leaves below. Hearing the crunching of leaves suddenly behind him, Tolith gasped aloud and spun to face the aura of his Lunastra. Her fragrance startled him almost more than her appearance, for she had finally decided to swoop in, redolence ever so spellbinding. With a snarling glare he raised his eyes to meet hers.

Spellbinding, sure, but he had been set out to slaughter her very existence. And here he was so eagerly caught up in her hazy musk. The air around Camille danced with anticipation as her lips turned into a twisted smile at her long awaited prey.

"Had you only caught me during the day time....." she trails off huskily, giving a small chuckle at his discomfort.

Tolith had planned to stay silent and attack at the first available chance however that idea was trampled as her powerful hold on him rendered him unable to move.

"Faster or falter, is it?" he scoffed, words suddenly difficult to form.


At once, her creature dispersed through the air like descended wind. Now he was unable to move and could no longer see her figure through the haze. Tolith was one of the strongest from the Ora tribes with prominent features not even found on most of his other elven brothers. They lived north of the Ellinsay River just a ways past the Fae city of Elisen and did not often have much relations with city folk. To have the head of a Lunastra dangling from his pelt would have his brothers greet him with honor and respect. To be made warlock leader would become of it no doubt, so long as he could defeat this creature of the night.

"I can't promise I won't hurt you. It's simply in my nature and I do hope you can understand," her glee tinged voice tickled his ear. "Either way, you were warned."

Now perched behind him, Camille elicited a satisfactory yowl upon retaining her prey. This was the first wild man scent she had ever discovered. Each night her Lunastra evolved into a hungrier beast, to the point she could barely control her own self. But now here in the flesh was this impulsive energy vexed from deep down, daring Camille to spill her secrets and rub them into his vibrating flesh. He instinctively tilted his head back, breath slicing through the thick air making both minds foggy. And in that one fleeting moment, they seemed to create a seemingly flawed balance between fire and frenzy.

And then she hungrily bit his neck.

"Geez-" his shout echoes in the clearing but it only encouraged her. With intricate fingers she traced the pattern of his skin all the way down his arms only stopping at his torso while her teeth scraped the shell of his earlobe.

"Please tell me what you're doi-," once again his puzzled shouts were muffled this time by Camille's finger lightly encircling his nipple before pinching. When his back arched into her awaiting body, a certain storm took over her then.

Camille ached from deep within a certain longing to be filled. She had never encountered an untamed elven male on her territory before and had no clue what exactly it was she desired to do to him. All that she had control of was what the Lunastra inside of her wanted to experience.

Tolith elicited a moan from parted lips as she rolled his nipple between shaking fingers. He could not help but be consumed by primal desires from her mere touch. Camille's fingers left his nipple and dragged her pointed nails down the remaining torso as she admired the definition lines that led down to his covered regions. Further down she crouched as hands trailed all the way down his hips over smooth, hard thighs. Within seconds Camille used her spellbinding to untie the leather ropes that held his loin cloth together revealing nothing but skin.

"You must stop. I don't even know your name," he panted.

"And yet; you were here to kill me."

Swiftly her hands reached for his hardened manhood and Tolith gazed down at her with hooded eyes.

"Are you about to-" and then he was taken in her mouth.

He thrust his hips forward at the sudden contact of her lips encapsulating his most primitive area. A strangled groan escaped Tolith as her delicious lips traveled all the way to the base of his cock. He didn't even have time to be surprised at how quick she was able to get him hard. While Camille simply could not believe how thick he felt going down the depths of her throat. She gagged a little when reaching the hilt which only caused him to jerk against her mouth even more.

Never in her life had she done something so bold. During the day time she scurried after forest critters and carefully helped curate their environment. Only the moon knew who she was at night.

And yet, she found herself swirling her tongue over the head of his cock eagerly lapping at the scent of an untamed man. His cries of protest eventually turn into moans of pleasure, and as drops of his sweat exuded down onto her she quickened the pace with encouragement. The raw heat of his skin pressed against her was already an unfamiliar sensation that she could grow quite fond of. His hard abdominal muscles flexed and another gasp ensued when she placed her hand where her mouth had been.

Camille stroked down the length of his iron hard manhood slowly this time. She started at the tip and caressed him all the way down. Tolith could not resist the nerves she evoked down his body like the crackling flames that sparked from a warm campfire back home. He could not hold back the waves of ecstasy his body rode when she replaced her hand with lips again. Encased by a heavenly mouth like this was every elven male's fantasy.

It was when she increased speed and started making smacking noises did he really lose himself.

"I'm about to-" his words traveled off into the night air.

And then Tolith's body trembled like the frost from a mid-winter's day. He didn't know what was happening only that he needed release from the build up she had created. With one last thrust of her mouth, he arched and emptied into her.

She lapped and sucked him until he was nothing but a quivering mess beneath her touch. Tolith was unable to form coherent sentences to even have a response to her actions. He just openly stared at her in awe as she began to sing again. The wind picked up and rustled her vivacious auburn hair.

“You are not the last dream my soul will conquer, ” her words only confused him deeper as she sung him into fragile darkness.


Should I continue, my lovelies? Let me know <3

~Miss Swoonfeather~

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