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Inside the Huntington Manor

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Inside the Huntington Manor From the outside the Huntington Manor is the picture of perfection. The inside, however, is far from perfect. I should know. I work there. Lies, deceit and secrets are just some of the things the Huntington’s don’t want the outside world to know. Let Isla enlighten you... Warning: This book is written for adult readers. It contains explicit sexual content.

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Chapter 1

From the outside the Huntington Manor is the picture of perfection. The inside however is far from perfect. I should know. I work there. Lies, deceit and secrets are just some of the things the Huntington’s don’t want the outside world to know.

My name is Isla and I am the staff manager at Huntington Manor. I started working there as a maid 5 years ago and quickly worked my way up to staff manager. I am 26 years old. And boy do I have a story for you….

The Huntington Manor is set on 150 acres of orchards, stables and beautiful rolling green hills. It boasts 3 huge levels. The first level is strictly business. The Huntington’s have run a very successful investment business for the past 100 years. Offices, a kitchen, staff room, 4 bathrooms, 2 sitting rooms and 3 board meeting rooms take up the bottom floor of the house. This is where I first started five years ago. It was my job to empty the bins and mop the floors and to make sure the kitchen was always stocked with coffee, biscuits and fruit. I only held that job for about six months when I was allowed on the second floor. The second floor is the private dwelling for the Huntington’s. I’ll introduce them to you soon. There is the south wing and the north wing on the second floor. The south wing consists of 5 bedrooms all with bathrooms and private balconies. The north wing is more open with only 2 bedrooms, a huge kitchen, dining room laundry, fully equipped gym, bathroom and a sitting area the size of my childhood home. The third and final floor of the Manor houses the oldest of the Huntington’s. They are in there early 90’s and don’t venture downstairs very often. They have a live-in nurse who takes care of their every need. This floor is out of bounds for majority of the staff. If we are caught up there it is instant dismissal. I’m not game to go up there even though my curiosity level is so high, I need this job. It pays well and offers free accommodation. Which brings me to the staff quarters. We basically have our own house which is attached to the main manor but only accessible from the outside. There are three of us who live there free of charge including myself. Mr. Williams who has been the caretaker around here for almost 70 years. He is in his late 80’s but still manages to get around just fine. He is slowly begging to lessen his duties though and I find he spends most of his spare time asleep. Then there is Joel Simmons. A thirty-two-year-old hunk of a man who seems to have a different girl in his bed every night. I mean he is absolute perfection – 6’3, blue eyes, light brown hair and a perfectly sculptured body so I can understand all the girls throwing themselves at him but it can get annoying listening to them have sex every night. Joel is the gardener here at the manor.

I’ve told you about the manor and the staff house so now it is time to introduce you to the Huntington’s. We will go from oldest to youngest. I’ve mentioned the oldest already and I’ve only seen them about 5 times in my whole time here, so I don’t know much about them. Next is Thomas and Mary Huntington. Married for almost 35 years (though not happy). Thomas runs majority of the company; nothing goes past him. He’s a very strict man who doesn’t smile very much. He is secretly having an affair with one of their client’s daughters. Mary is an alcoholic who spends her days sleeping and her nights drinking. She doesn’t have anything to do with the business side of things except for spending money which she does a lot of every night online. They have 3 sons; Jack, William (Will) and Alex. Jack, the eldest at 32 is a hard worker. He follows his father around majority of the day learning the ropes in order to run the company on his own. He is a quiet, respectful man who has a great sense of humor. Will is 30 years old and is not very interested in the company. He will do the tasks assigned to him but no more. He is a serial womanizer and a sex addict. He has hit on me a few times, but I have not and will not go there. Lastly Alex. He is 26 years old and gay. Only no one else knows except for some of the staff. He pretends to date girls in front of his family and his family is none the wiser. Alex is also a hard worker though tends to do better communicating to the clients than the paperwork/computer side of the business. He is charismatic and handsome.

I know that is a lot of information, but you need to know all of that to understand what I am about to tell you……

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