Our undefeated love

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Chloe's life was never easy. She a abusive father until she was sixteen . When her father left the way he did he broke her. Now Chloe finished college. For once Chloe thinks she's going to be normal. Out of the blue the only person she can depend on is murdered. The murderer made it clear he was coming next for her. Josh has got everything going for him. He a millionaire owning one of the most successful business in the United States with his best friend. The only thing that's missing is the perfect women to complete him. When Josh finds chole he tries to keep her demons away and protect her but they can't stop falling head over heels for each other Watch as chole and Josh fight choles past with their undefeated love.

Erotica / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter one - need to survive


Choles pov

Choose my father shouts at my mother choose Kira do you wanna be with this little shit or you can live with me in a big house with everything you need. I can't hunter my mom cries I can't. Kira I will give you until night to think about it today's night either I leave or you leave with me he say in a stiren voice and leave the room my mom slides down to the floor crying. Honey she says I will stay with you don't worry I'm here I won't leave she say. All I could think at that moment was nothing. If my mom went I would be nothing but she's choosing me over him. I can't wait until my father leaves. My mom goes to work an hour later. I go up stairs to my room and try to nurse the cuts my dad gave me with his belt yesterday.

I hear a door open and close. It sound like my dad and someone just came into the house. I hear footsteps going up the stairs and my dad opens my door in a second I see his friend standing next to him. Hi there his friend says .i just keep my head down. You little shit come here my father's says slowly I come towards them. This is my friend his going to teach you how to be a good girl. He says and his friend steps in my room. Yes he says I'm going to teach you how to behave .

He pulls my hair back and looks into my eyes

He slaps my face multiple times and let's go of my hair. He comes forward well aren't you a pretty toy he says he rips my shirt into two I push him with all my will but I'm to weak. He stumbles back and laughs and says you shouldn't have done that. He come towards me and grabs both of my wrist and pins my hand to the wall. We're going to have fun today's won't we princess. He starts squeezing my boob's and I cry our when he pinches my nipples. The next I know he took all my clothes of. He's clothes are off to. But I don't fight I don't even try. And then he rappes me. I don't move I don't cry just silently let him do what he wants. It felt like a day. At some point my father comes and says tell your mother I left I never want to see you two again he says and slams the door. I don't know what time it is but I'm still naked right where he left me. I hear footsteps coming to my room. Chole baby where are you my mother askes.

She opens my bed room door and walks in . Oh my God chole she says shock in her voice. Oh chole he didn't he could'nt have done that oh my girl I'm sorry I'm sorry I wasn't here she cries trying to get me up in a siting position. There's blood all over my legs. He left mom I says he's gone.


Authors note:

Hi guys this is my frist book ever. I have been drawing this book in my mind for months. I hope I did good and I hope you guys like it .


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